Paramedical Courses 2021 are among one of the most popular programs nowadays. Not everybody can be a doctor. There is a whole other group of people who help doctors do what they do. Be that in an emergency room, trauma center, or even an operation theatre. Paramedical is a field of science that deals with the pre-hospital emergency. Moreover, the Paramedical trained professionals like Radiologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Lab technicians, Orthotic Engineers, Occupational Therapists, etc who diagnose a disease of the patients with the help of blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, etc. Hence, the aspirants of Paramedical Courses 2021 must go through this article. Aspirants can get information about the admission process, courses available, and career scope in this article.

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Paramedical Courses 2021

If you want to pursue a career in the medical field but are not sure about what exactly is it that you want to do then we are here to help you. Through this article, it is our objective to make young aspirants like yourself to be more aware of their options. Hence, in this article, we ARE providing you complete details regarding Paramedical Nursing Courses. Also, the admission process of different institutes can vary. Hence, do check the respective institute’s paramedical admission process carefully.

Eligibility Criteria of Paramedical Courses

The candidates, looking forward to pursuing the Courses of Paramedical must make sure to possess enough eligibility as per the prescribed criteria. In addition, the prescribed eligibility conditions are as follows:

  • Any paramedical course can be pursued after the completion of one’s senior secondary education (10+2) or after graduating the college.
  • These courses can be in the form of a degree, diploma, or certificate course. However, for the certificate paramedical courses, it is both 10th and 12th  grade passed students who are equally eligible to apply.

Spinal injury management, bun- management, general accident evaluation, and obstetrics are some of the major branches of Paramedical Sciences. Other popular Paramedical courses have been listed below.

Types of Paramedical Courses 2021

There are different types of paramedical courses available for students. In addition, the courses are divided on the basis of the duration of the course. Candidates wanting to complete in a short period of time can go for the Certificate Paramedical Courses. Further, wanting to do a proper course, can go for the degree courses. The three types of Para-Medical Courses are further explained below.

  • Degree Paramedical Courses – These paramedical courses are long term. Their duration could vary from 2 years to 4 years.
  • Diploma Paramedical Courses – These are short term courses. The duration of these courses can be from 1 year to 3 years.
  • Certificate Paramedical Courses – These are also short term courses. Their duration varies between 6 months to 1 year.

After the completion of the diploma and degree courses, the students are ready to serve in hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Some placements are even by the colleges as well.

Paramedical Courses List After 12th Class Completion

There are various Paramedical courses that one can pursue after the completion of their 10+2 education in the science stream with physics, chemistry, and biology as the major subjects. Below listed are the renowned paramedical courses that students can go for after the completion of their 12th-grade education –

Paramedical Undergraduate Degree Courses

Name of the CourseDurationFees per annum (approx.)Description of the Course
BPT – Bachelor of physiotherapy
4 years50,000/-
  • BPT or Bachelor of Physiotherapy is a 4-year undergraduate course, including compulsory 6 months of clinical internship, and involving the science of physical movement aimed at preventing disease and disability.
B.Sc in Anesthesia Technology
3 years40,000/-
  • The main objective of B.Sc. in Anaesthesia Technology course is to equip students with the knowledge of anesthetic equipment, their usage and how to monitor the patients.
B.Sc in Opthalmic Techniques
3 years50,000/-
  • Ophthalmic Techniques deal with the medical specialty which diagnoses and treats the diseases and disorders of the eye by using modern technologies.
B.Sc (Nursing)
4 years50,000/-
  • The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing) is an undergraduate medical program. Nursing education is monitored by the Indian Nursing Council (INC).
B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology
3 years80,000/-
  • This program is suitable for students who are seeking to expand their horizons and pursue a career field related to medical research & development or technological research in companies that lead to a breakthrough in diagnostic imaging.
Bachelor Naturopathy and Yoga Science
3 years60,000/-
  • This is an undergraduate program in Indian Alternative Medicine, which covers the study of both Naturopathy Medicine and Therapeutic Yoga.
  • Naturopathy is a system of treatment that recognizes the existence of the important curative force within the body.
BOT – bachelor of occupational therapy
3 – 5 years70,000/-
  • This is a 4-5 year-long undergraduate course designed to produce efficient Physiotherapists that can help the physically or mentally challenged people enjoy their life without any hindrance. in Nuclear Medicine Technology
3 years48,000/-
  • This is an undergraduate Chemical Engineering program.
  • It is a branch of medicine dealing with the use of radioactive materials in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.
Bachelor in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (BASLP)
4 years80,000/-
  • This is a four-year degree course, is a multidisciplinary one with core subjects of Speech Pathology, Language, and Audiology.
B.Sc in Medical Record Technology
3 years70,000/-
  •  This is generally known as degrees in health information management or administration, which prepare students to manage electronic medical record systems. A few programs are combined with health informatics.
B.Sc in Perfusion Technology
3 years80,000/-
  • B. Sc. Cardiac Perfusion Technology (CPT) is an Undergraduate Program offered for Cardiovascular perfusion studies which are the science of providing extracorporeal circulation to artificially support and temporarily replace a patient’s respiratory and circulatory systems.
B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology
3 years40,000/-
  • B. Sc. in Medical Laboratory Technology is an undergraduate Medical Lab Technology program. Medical Laboratory Technology program also called Clinical laboratory science is an allied health profession that is concerned with the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of disease through the use of clinical laboratory tests.
B.Sc in OTT (Operation Theatre Technology)
3 years40,000/-
  • Operation Theatre Technology (OTT) is a two-year academic program designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of discipline ethics layout and equipment in Operation Theatre.
B.Sc in Critical Care Technology
3 years60,000/-
  • In this course, the students are trained to take care of the equipment and the monitoring devices that are used by patients requiring intensive care or are in a critical condition.
  • They ensure that the equipment and the life support system attached to a critical care patient are all functioning correctly.
  • Most of these medical devices such as CAT scanners, dialysis machines, etc. are set by critical care technologists. In case of any malfunction or error in such machines, the critical care technologist repairs as well as perform maintenance checks and calibrations, if required.
B.Sc in X-Ray Technology
3 years60,000/-
  • Radiography is a medical subfield, dealing in the diagnosis of diseases and ailments related to the internal or hidden parts of the body, with the use of X-Rays.
B.Sc in Optometry
3 years40,000/-
  • B. Sc. Optometry is an Undergraduate Program and is a health care profession that deals with the examination, diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases and disorders of the visual system. It is a vision care science.
B.Sc in Radiography
3 years40,000/-
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in  Radiography is a medical subfield, dealing in the diagnosis of diseases and ailments related to the internal or hidden parts of the body, with the use of X-Rays.
Bachelor of Radiation Technology
3 years40,000/-
  • Bachelor’s program in Radiation Technology combines both theoretical and clinical instructions covering topics such as physiology, anatomy, radiation physics, radiation imaging, radiation protection, positioning of patients, radiographic techniques, medical terminology, and patient care procedures.
B.Sc in Renal Dialysis Technology
3 years55,000/-
  • B. Sc. in Renal Dialysis Technology is a 3- year undergraduate degree in engineering.
  • The course is designed to prepare students to administer hemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure, under the supervision of a nurse or physician.

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Paramedical Undergraduate Diploma Courses

Name of the CourseDurationFees per annum (approx.)Description of the course
Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology
3 years42,000/-
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology (DMLT) is a Medical Lab Technologist Diploma course.
  • Medical laboratory technology is the branch of medical science responsible for performing laboratory investigations relating to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.
GNM (General Nursing Midwifery)
3 years45,000/-
  • Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) is a three-year program aimed to prepare students to work effectively as members of the health team.
Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology
2 years50,000/-
  • Diploma in Operation Theatre Technology (DOTT) is a two-year academic program designed to introduce students with the fundamentals of discipline ethics layout and equipment in Operation Theatre.
  • The curriculum focuses on subjects like Anatomy & Physiology Basic Principle of Elementary Nursing of Patients
ANM ( Auxillary Nurse a Midwifery Course)
2 years45,000/-
  • It is a 2 years long Diploma program related to the field of nursing.
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
2 years30,000/-
  • DNCA is a paramedical course.
  • After completing the course, one will be able to land entry-level nursing assistant/aide jobs at hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.
Diploma in Dialysis Technician
2 years50,000/-
  • Diploma in dialysis technician is a two-year diploma program for training a well-informed and duly trained dialysis technicians for working efficiently in hospitals, medical clinics, dialysis centers, paramedical teaching, and training institutions.
Diploma in X-Ray Technology
2 years40,000/-
  • Diploma in X-Ray Technology is an undergraduate radiology course that trains students about electromagnetic radiation that penetrates within the human body and creates an image of those structures on a photographic film.
  • Radiological Technology is the production of medical images better known as X-rays.
Diploma in Physiotherapy
2 years40,000/-
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy (D.P.T.) is a 12th standard medical nursing course.
  • This course trains students to become competent health science professionals who possess the knowledge and ability to manage and prevent problems affecting the physical functioning of the human body and to maximize the performance of the human movement.
Diploma in OT Technician
2 years55,000/-
  • Diploma in operation theater technology is a two-year diploma program for training a student into a  qualified professional who will assist medical professionals in the operation theater of hospitals, intensive care units as well as emergency departments.
Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
2 years60,000/-
  • Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology is a Diploma Medical Lab course. Medical Imaging Technology is a process of creating visual images of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical purposes.

Paramedical Certificate Courses

These paramedical courses are relatively short – term and are most suitable for the students seeking early employment opportunities in the field of Paramedical field of Sciences. Candidates have a few options here as well. For candidates reference the list of certificate courses is provided. Hence, the list of the certificate courses that can be pursued by the candidates-

List of the Certificate Courses
X-Ray TechnicianNutrition and Childcare
Rural Health CareDialysis Technician
HIV and Family EducationHome-Based Health Care
Lab Assistant/TechnicianECG and CT Scan Technician
Operation Theater Assistant

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Based on their choices and preferences, the students can opt for any type of paramedical course listed above. In addition, the students should read all the information about the course carefully before enrolling in it. Some of the universities do conduct entrance tests and some admit based on 10+2 scores.

Top Institutes that offer Paramedical Nursing Courses

There are a lot of institutes across the country that offers paramedical courses. Candidates can apply for institutes that are in their own state or outside as well. Moreover, the admission procedure of the institutes may vary. Further, the list of the top colleges, offering undergraduate paramedical courses is given below –

  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences – [AIIMS], New Delhi
  • Armed Forces Medical College – [ AFMC], Pune
  • Christian Medical College– [CMC], Vellore
  • DIMS, Dehradun
  • Max Skill First, New Delhi
  • UIHMT, Dehradun
  • Sai Institute of Nursing, Dehradun
  • Delhi Institute of Technology and Paramedical Sciences, New Delhi

List of Post Graduate Paramedical Courses

After completing one’s graduation in the paramedical sciences, students can opt for the Masters or the Post–Graduation courses available all over the country offered by various colleges. The most popular post-graduation paramedical courses are listed below –

Name of the CourseDurationFees per annum (approx.)Description of the course
M.Sc in Child Health Nursing
2 years50,000/-
  • This is a postgraduate Nursing course.
  • This course is typically for registered nurses who provide health care to adolescents and children.
Post Basic B.Sc  Nursing
2 years65,000/-
  • This is a three-year degree program for training in-service nurses.
Post Graduate Diploma in Perfusion Technology
1 year1,00,000/-
  • It is a one-year postgraduate program in perfusion technology.
  • A Perfusionist is an important team member in the surgical team.
  • They are also known as Clinical Perfusionist or Cardiovascular Perfusionist.
M.Sc Medical Lab Technology
2 years60,000/-
  • This is a 2-year postgraduate course.
  • This field is majorly concerned with the treatment, diagnosis, and prevention of diseases through clinical laboratory tests.
PG Diploma in Anesthesiology
2 years50,000/-
  • This is a postgraduate Anaesthesia course.
  • The duration of the course is two years. Anesthesia is the study of the use and effects of various kinds of anesthetics on human beings.
Master in Physiotherapy (MPT)2 years90,000/-This is a Post Graduate Academic Degree for a course or program in the field of Physical Therapy, more popularly known as Physiotherapy.
Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Radio-diagnosis [D.M.R.D]
2 years90,000/-
  • This course imparts in-depth knowledge of Radiology which is a division of medicine.
  • Radiology uses imaging techniques such as X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.
M. Pharma
2 years1,00,000/-
  • The Master of Sciences of Pharmacy is the postgraduate degree program in Pharmacy.
M.Sc in Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing
2 years50,000/-
  • M.Sc in Obstetrics and Gynaecology nursing trains the students about fields of nursing where the practitioners deal with the reproductive health of women.
M.Sc in Pediatric Nursing
2 years50,000/-
  • M.Sc Pediatric Nursing is a two-year postgraduate course that is there to train students about child care needs.

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Top Colleges that Offer Post Graduate Paramedical Courses

So, here are the list of the top colleges offering Post-graduate Nursing Paramedical courses is given below –

  • Quantum University, Roorkee
  • Sai Institute of Paramedical and Allied Sciences, Dehradun
  • Kasturba Medical College- [KMC], Mangalore
  • Uttaranchal PG College of Bio-Medical Sciences and Hospital, Dehradun
  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, Delhi
  • Xavier’s College, Mumbai
  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute, Bangalore

Paramedical Nursing Courses – Admission

Candidates, who are aspiring to take admission in a Paramedical Field, should be very well aware of the admission process. Admissions in the Paramedical Institutions and Colleges are done either based on the marks secured in the qualifying board examinations in 10+2 or, sometimes colleges prefer to conduct their separate entrance examination. A valid score in any state/ national level medical entrance test is also acceptable in some colleges.

Students who are seeking admission to Paramedical Colleges should keep the following points in mind:

  • Sometimes the entrance test may be followed by an interview (vary from college to college) or counseling.
  • Candidates must meet the eligibility criteria of the program.
  • Students must fill the examination form before the deadline.
  • Candidates are expected to register themselves [online or offline] by downloading the form (depending upon the college to college).
  • The application process for the Paramedical courses starts in July and/ or August every year. Applicants are expected to be well updated on the important dates of paramedical admissions for the university or college they are targeting.

Why Choose Paramedical Sciences?

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries offering more and more job opportunities every day. There are jobs in both the public and private sectors. The salary package in the paramedical sector starts from Rs. 2,00,000 and goes up to as much as Rs. 10,00,000 per annum. The salary increases with experience.

Career Scope In Paramedical Nursing Field

Top jobs that are available after completing a Degree/ Diploma/ Paramedical Course are mentioned below. There are a no. of fields of employment for paramedical graduates. Hence, candidates can definitely make a good career in this field.


A Physiotherapist is a paramedical professional whose job is majorly concerned with the patient’s physical disability and bringing the stability of the physical motion of the patient. This is done by performing various exercises and therapies like heat, radiation, water, electricity, and massage to cure muscles, joints, and bone or bone damage. Physiotherapists can get employment in hospitals in ICU to any government hospitals or pediatric care.


This is one of the highly respected and demanding job profiles in the Paramedical sector. Nurses are the most socially inspired professionals in India. According to a report, there is a high number of nurses from Kerala who are working across the world.

Geriatric Manager

The job is to care for and coordinate with elder people who are suffering from any kind of mental /physical impairment.

Lab Technicians

In this profession, the job is actually to help doctors in examining the patients.  They conduct different tests prescribed by the doctors and also provide test reports to the doctors based on which they diagnose the actual problem.


These healthcare professionals are an integral part of the Paramedical sector. Their job is to dispense the prescribed medicines to the patients and provide their expertise in the safest use of prescriptions. Their primary duties include filling prescriptions, verifying instructions from physicians on the given amount of medication to the patients.

Occupational Therapists

They are healthcare professionals who take care of physically handicapped and mentally retarded persons. Their job is to help in making people’s life more comfortable by working on their cognitive, physical, and motor skills. This way people can enhance their and can live their life in a better way.

So, if you are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and helping those who are in discomfort, then this is an appropriate career path for you. It gives you a chance to work in a fast-paced environment and mingle with people with different backgrounds of life.


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