West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Board (WBJEEB) will be the authority in charge for deciding the West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Cut offs. Candidates, who will be appearing in the WBJEE 2020 Exam and clearing with a minimum required percentage to further into the admission process, will be included in the WBJEE Cut offs 2020. Candidates often get confused as to the real designation of fact asserted up on the utterance of the term, cut off; since it contains two senses. WBJEE Cutoff is released in the format of opening and closing ranks.

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In this article, read about the WBJEE 2020 Cutoff, its release dates, viewing procedure, previous year tends, and other related information.

WBJEE Cut off 2020

  • West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam Board (WBJEEB) is the deciding body for the WBJEE Cut off 2020 Exam.
  • WBJEE Cut off 2020 are prepared on the basis of several factors such as difficulty level of exam, previous year trends, total number of applicants, total number of seats available, and so on.
  • Cut off for WBJEE 2020 admissions will be released in the form of opening and closing ranks.
  • The WBJEE Cut off will be released separately for different courses, categories and institutes.

WBJEE Cut off 2020 – Release Dates

Usually, the cutoff will be released after the release of WBJEE Result 2020 and candidates will be able to view the list from the official website of WBJEEB. Moreover, WBJEE admission aspirant are advised to be aware of the complete dates and schedule of the WBJEE 2020 Exam so as to not miss out any important details.

S. No.Events Dates
1Result Declaration2nd week of July 2020
2WBJEE Cut off 2020 ReleaseTo be announced

WBJEE Cut off 2020

The WBJEE Cutoff 2020 will be released in the official website of WBJEEB by West Bengal JEE Board. Candidates will have to check the list there itself. However, a direct list will also be updated here for the convenience of the candidates.

To view the WBJEE Cut off 2020, candidates can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the official website of WBJEEB.
  • Candidates, at this point, will have to locate the link for the WBJEE Cutoff
  • Up on accessing the Link, the WBJEE Cutoff will be displayed
  • The cutoff will be listed out separately for the different categories, courses and institutions.

Determining Factors of WBJEE Cut off 2020

It is not an easy task to justify the release of a career deciding list of numbers and as a matter of fact, the WBJEEB makes sure that they make do justice to release of WBJEE Cut off by following certain number of determining factors to guide their work. The WBJEE Cut off 2020 is determined by the following set of factors.

  • The most important factor will be the difficulty of the question paper.
  • Coming down in the order of reducing importance, number of candidates.
  • Then follows the availability of seats within the institutions.
  • Followed by the previous year trends.
  • Finally, the overall performance of the candidates.

Admission Cutoff and WBJEE Result Cutoff

There will be two ways to interpret the term ‘cutoff’. The first one we can refer to the minimum marks that the candidate will have to score in order to clear the examination. This means that, when the WBJEE Result 2020 comes, the candidate will have to clear a certain standard that will be decided by the West Bengal JEE Board in order to clear for the further admission process.

Now when the candidate clears the minimum required Cutoff, he/ she will be included in the preparation of WBJEE Merit List/ Rank List. A WBJEE Cutoff 2020 will be prepared on the basis of the Rank List which will be in the form of opening and closing rank. This cut off lists are for the purpose of allotting seats to candidates through WBJEE Counselling 2020.

Institute Wise Previous Year WBJEE Cut off

The WBJEE Cut off are released for each institutions separately. Candidates will have to be within the specific range of ranks in order to get admissions in the particular college/ institute/ university. Given below is the WBJEE Cut-off for the admission session of 2018.

For Jadavpur University

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)OBC A (Opening & Closing)OBC B (Opening & Closing)
Chemical Engineering150 to 9531786 to 867720622 to 305121863 to 3266923 to 2130
Civil Engineering437 to 9133327 to 82553075 to 203971754 to 26711161 to 1750
CSE/ CST1 to 134177 to 21553229 to 8051100 to 527132 to 348
Electrical Engineering89 to 564396 to 53258420 to 18635435 to 1980750 to 1161
ECE/ ETE53 to 242278 to 39515479 to 12482527 to 819242 to 835
Information technology134 to 5371265 to 718012482 to 204131893 to 2979801 to 1296
Mechanical Engineering18 to 603576 to 606912498 to 21207819 to 1863668 to 1251

For Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University Of Technology

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
CSE/ CST522 to 20485330 to 1411015003 to 22990
Information Technology1202 to 363613037 to 1981137769 to 55749

For Haldia Institute Of Technology

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
Civil Engineering2743 to 1122326644 to 8815266264 to 93659
CSE/ CST481 to 7139316684 to 8643438297 to 91811
Electrical Engineering4147 to 1116918052 to 8255583989 to 100839
Information Technology3890 to 7937128726 to 6261380924 to 93659

For Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswa Vidyalaya

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)OBC A (Opening & Closing)OBC B (Opening & Closing)
Agricultural Engineering1474 to 46845348 to 1280215977 to 229075891 to 77674415 to 5881

For Heritage Institute Of Technology, Kolkata

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
Biotechnology5101 to 590822085 to 1488260165 to 74618
Chemical Engineering3055 to 662212905 to 1493348594 to 77642
CSE/ CST574 to 535115468 to 7194813419 to 61545
Civil Engineering1433 to 9372118055-1919857236-83125

For Kalyani Government Engineering College

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
CSE/ CST370 to 15614292 to 941210858 to 31722
Electrical Engineering449 to 26456372 to 1071222411 to 31667
ECE/ ETE581 to 22354862 to 1109722907 to 36997
Information Technology1197 to 34318151 to 1461321207 to 40418
Mechanical Engineering738 to 26575752 to 1125922706 to 32449

For Academy Of Technology, Adisaptagram, Hooghly

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)OBC A (Opening & Closing)OBC B (Opening & Closing)
Electrical Engineering7265 to 42075
Information Technology7560 to 33664
Mechanical Engineering6410 to 47724

For University Institute of Technology, Burdwan

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
AEIE/ EIE1667 to 1447520462 to 3404568803 to 95236
Civil Engineering1790 to 727611272 to 3013530836 to 79841
CSE/ CST1047 to 473415745 to 2757741120 to 60168
Electrical Engineering1548 to 806414721 to 2715145791 to 83989
ECE/ ETE1969 to 829014188 to 3013366147 to 69460
Information Technology2426 to 977821522 to 3138760168 to 86890

For Narula Institute of Technology, Kolkata

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)OBC A (Opening & Closing)OBC B (Opening & Closing)
Civil Engineering12215 to 79203
Electrical Engineering12788 to 60563
Information Technology6524 to 40912
ECE/ ETE9841 to 45096

For Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, Jalpaiguri

CoursesGeneral (Opening & Closing)SC (Opening & Closing)ST (Opening & Closing)
Civil Engineering2740 to 575611278 to 160134548 to 50025
CSE/ CST735 to 36296320 to 1528136918 to 45424
Electrical Engineering1948 to 45479049 to 1589332399 to 47371
ECE/ ETE2367 to 511410625 to 1595645000 to 54097
Mechanical Engineering894 to 44276628 to 1528329776 to 49025
Information Technology2863 to 635214287 to 1841845424 to 61113

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