JBAS College Dress Code is very important for all the students who are admitted in this college. Students will have to follow the dress code of JBAS college throughout the entire course. Any defaulter will have to bear the consequences. The Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College for Women was established in 1955 with the aim of imparting higher education to women. The institution is maintained by the Southern India Education Trust and was founded by Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed. The students must follow the JBAS Dress Code while attending the lectures. They must wear decent clothes in the college premises. Dress Code is important to maintain the decorum of any educational institution. Therefore, one must strictly adhere to the Justice Basheer Ahmed Sayeed College For Women Dress Code.

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The official authorities of the college decide the Dress Code for JBAS College For Women. Dress code is important to maintain discipline within the college campus. There is no particular outfit for the examination day but the presence of frisking at the time of exam has raised the concern. There are certain wearable items that are banned in the examination center. Therefore in this article, we are giving details regarding the clothing and attire of the women’s college. The students must check the JBAS Dress Code from the notice board in the college. However, there is no defined dress code for college students. However, during the examination, the candidates must maintain not carry anything which is prohibited.

JBAS Dress Code

The official authorities have given strict rules for the students to come to college covered in Hijab. The officials ask the students to come in decent clothing. The JBAS Dress Code must not expose too much of the skin of the students. Therefore, the students must try coming in such clothes that cover the most part of their skin. Also, the dress must be comfortable for the students. They must not feel uneasy wearing something which goes against their comfort. Therefore, the officials must not impose any strict rules regarding the dress code.

JBAS Exam Dress Code

During the examination, the students have to go through strict checking. This is to avoid any kind of frisking. Candidates must not use any unfair means during the exams. If they carry anything which is strictly prohibited, then the candidate may get debarred from giving the examination. The students who have submitted the JBAS Application Form 2021 can sit for the examination. However, in order to give the examination, they must follow the dress code. They have to come to the examination venue in the clothes which may help them in using unfair means. The dress should have a minimum number of pockets. Also, avoid the accessories in the examination hall. The girls must not get their hair highlighted. They must come to the college with a minimum of fancy dresses.

Important Instructions For JBAS Dress Code

The students who are already pursuing the course must follow the strict dress code. The candidates must note the following points:

  • Have clothes with no or fewer pockets
  • Do not wear accessories and try to have light and small earrings
  • Avoid body-fitting clothes and have some loose clothes as per comfort level.
  • The candidates must wear a comfortable dress.
  • Avoid any kind of fancy items.
  • Try to have half sleeves clothes
  • Have a simple hairstyle and wear simple belts
  • Avoid metallic items in clothes
  • Any kind of jewelry and other accessories
  • Do not wear long-sleeved clothes or attires/trousers
  • Avoid clothes with too many pockets/deep pockets.

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