IGNOU Assignment Cover Page 2020: Students who are writing the IGNOU Assignment must have their front page in a specific format. The IGNOU FrontPage serves as an impression for the student. The evaluator might give you good grades on the basis of your cover page other than your answers. The IGNOU Assignment Coverpage is a mandatory sheet/page that must be included in your assignment sheet pdf. The Indira National Open University is responsible for conducting the assignment process. Students have to follow strict rules in order to submit their IGNOU Assignment for the 2020-21 Session. However, the submission of the work was extended until 31st October 2020 (Dec 2020) and 10th October (June 2020). So, students make sure that you follow all the guidelines correctly and submit your assignment before the deadline date. Also, students who submit their assignments will be eligible to appear the IGNOU TEE Exam 2020.

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In this article, we have provided complete details regarding the IGNOU Front and Cover Page pdf details such as Word Format, submission process, etc. Therefore, go through the article carefully.

Latest Updates of IGNOU Assignment 2020

  • The January 2020 TEE Assignment Submission Dates have been extended to 15th December 2020. Download IGNOU Assignment Question Paper here.
  • Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, students have to submit their IGNOU Term End Exam Assignment online in a prescribed format. The instructions for writing down the assignment are provided below. Students can check the Official Notice from IGNOU below.

IGNOU Assignment notice

IGNOU Assignment Submission Dates

The IGNOU Assignment Submission takes place for two sessions- June and January. Students are advised to visit the website frequently for the latest updates, and changes in the IGNOU Schedule. However, in this section, you can check out the IGNOU Assignment Date for both the session (2020-21).

EventsDecember 2020
IGNOU Assignment Submission Last Date31st October 2020
Submission Last Date for IGNOU M.A Gender and Development Studies10th October (June 2020) and 31st October 2020 (December 2020)
IGNOU PGDSS Submission Last Date10th October (June 2020) and 31st October 2020 (December 2020)
Updation of the IGNOU Assignment Status20 to 25 days after the last date of the submission
Term-End Examination
Declaration of the Results

IGNOU 2020-21 Assignment Front Page pdf

Before you start writing down the answers for the assignment questions, it is very important that you go through the Instructions carefully. Now, most of the students have this confusion of how and what to write down on the IGNOU Assignment First Page pdf. Well, to sort out that confusion, we have provided each and every detail that you just need to know about the assignment.

What is IGNOU Assignment Cover Page?

The IGNOU Assignment Cover Page is basically the front page that comprises of all the details of the student and the assignment of the course submitting. It serves as an impression for the evaluator regarding their performance and dedication in submitting the assignment. Students must remember that the IGNOU FrontPage must be impressive.

Details Required to be Mentioned on IGNOU FrontPage pdf

The IGNOU Assignment Coverpage 2020 is mandatory. No assignment paper will be accepted by the University if it does not have a cover page on it. Now, most of the students must be having questions of what to mention on the IGNOU First Page pdf. Well, we have listed out the required details that you need to mention on your First Page.

  • Name of the Course Programme
  • Course Code
  • Course Title
  • Assignment Code
  • Study Center
  • Session (Month and Year)
  • Mobile Number
  • Enrollment Number
  • Name of the candidate
  • Residence Address
  • Signature of the candidate
  • Date of the submission

Specific Instructions for Writing Down IGNOU Cover Page/First Page

You will have to submit the scanned copy of their handwritten assignments via e-mail id provided by your respective IGNOU Regional Study Centers. The guidelines are uploaded on each regional IGNOU Website. However, we have jotted down all the IGNOU Assessment instructions that you must know while preparing the ignou.ac.in first-page pdf.

  • The enrollment number, name, full address, signature, and date must be on the top right-hand corner of the IGNOU front Page pdf.
  • The program title, course code, assignment code, and the name of your study center must be on the left-hand corner of your page.
  • You can get the Course Code and Assignment Code from the IGNOU Assignment Question Paper.
  • The sample format of the IGNOU Assignment Cover Page is provided below.
  • The IGNOU front page Word Format must be in a simple font and size.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page Sample

Students must know that the IGNOU Cover Page pdf must be in a particular format and must be attractive. The IGNOU Enrolled students have to submit their assignments in PDF Format and names in Unique Format of “Enrollment Number and Course Code”. Check out the sample of IGNOU First Page below-



So, on the basis of the above format, students have to make their cover page. Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, the students have to submit the IGNOU Assignment June 2020 online. Hence, the assignment should be submitted in PDF format.

IGNOU Assignment Front Page pdf download

As, the format of submission of the IGNOU Assessment is online, therefore students can download IGNOU First Page below.

IGNOU Front Page Download pdfHow to Write IGNOU Assignment Answers?

Once you are done with your IGNOU Assessment FrontPage, it’s time to write down the answers to the questions. The Indira Gandhi National Open University has made some specific rules while submitting the assignment. The assessment should be submitted as per the prescribed format by the University. So, to make it easy for you we have listed all the guidelines required to write the assessment.

Important Instructions to Write IGNOU Assignment

  • Read all the IGNOU Assignment Questions and Instructions before writing.
  • Go through the units on which the assignments are based.
  • Make a rough outline of your answers. The IGNOU Assessment Answers must be logical, to the point, and must have clear connections with the sentences and paragraphs.
  • Answers should be relevant to the questions. Once you are satisfied with the answer, write down the final answer neatly and underline the main points.
  • Write your answers using a blue/ ball ballpoint pen. We advise the students to write down the assignment in a ruled paper.
  • Use a foolscap /A4 size paper for writing down the answers. Leave a 4 cm margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer. This will help the evaluator to write down the feedback for your answers.
  • Number the pages of the IGNOU Assignment properly. This will help the evaluator to read out the answers.
  • All the answers should be handwritten. Do not print or type the answers. Once you are done with the writing scan all the assignments.
  • Do not produce the answers from the units sent from the university. Doing this will get you poor marks in the assessment.
  • Also, do not copy the response from the other students. Plagiarism will be checked and if found, then the assignment of such students will be rejected.
  • Write down the Question Number with each answer.
  • You will have to mail your assignments to your respective regional study centers.
  • Make sure that you submit the assignment in one folder in one mail. If the file size exceeds, then you submit another mail as well.
  • The file name should carry your enrollment number and course code.

So, these are the complete instructions that you must follow while writing down IGNOU June/January Assignment 2020.

What After the Submission of the IGNOU Assessment Paper?

After the submission of the assignment, you will receive an acknowledgment from the study center. In case you have requested a change of IGNOU study center, you should submit your assignments only to the original study center until the change of study center is affected by the University.

The University Exam Co-ordinator checks all the assessment papers of the students. The IGNOU Assignment Marks will be calculated in your final result. Therefore, make sure that you take your assignments seriously.

Marks and Weightage of Assignment Question Paper of IGNOU TEE

The IGNOU assignments carry 30 percent weightage in a course and it is mandatory to secure at least 40 percent marks in the assignment in order to complete the course successfully. Students must go through all the instructions carefully before you start doing the assignment. Also, you must note that the submission of the IGNOU 2020-21 Assignment is mandatory to submit. Otherwise, you will not be able to appear in the Term End Examination.

Thus, students who successfully submit their assignments before the deadline date will be eligible to appear the exam.

IGNOU Study Centers

Students have to submit their assignments to their respective IGNOU study centers where they have enrolled themselves. In case you have requested a change of the study center, you should submit your assignments only to the original study center until the change of study center is affected by the University. The Study Centers of IGNOU are divided into regional study centers. Check Your Near IGNOU Study Center.

So, these are the complete details regarding IGNOU Cover Page 2020. If you have any questions regarding the assessment program, then please comment on the section below.

IGNOU Assignment Cover Page 2020 FAQs

Question- Is the IGNOU Assessment submission compulsory?
Ans- Yes, the submission of the IGNOU Assignment PDF is compulsory. The marks scored in the assessment will be calculated in your final exam.
Question-What are the details required on the first page?
Ans-The front page must include the following details- Name of the Course Programme, Course Code, Course Title, Assignment Code, Study Center, Session (Month and Year), Mobile Number, Enrollment Number, Name of the candidate, Residence Address, Signature of the candidate, and Date of the submission.
Question- Is it mandatory to add the IGNOU Cover Page?
Ans- Yes, the first page of IGNOU is compulsory. 
Question- Which paper is used for IGNOU Assignment?
Ans- Use a foolscap /A4 size paper for writing down the answers. Leave a 4 cm margin on the left and at least 4 lines in between each answer. This will help the evaluator to read your answers. 
Question- What if I'm unable to submit the assignment on time?
Ans- If you are unable to submit your IGNOU Assessment Response on time then you will have to wait for the assignments meant for the next batch. 
Question- Can I submit the IGNOU Assignment online?
Ans- Yes, due to COVID-19 the IGNOU has made the submission of the assignment online. Make sure that you submit the assignment in one folder in one mail. If the file size exceeds, then you submit another mail as well.



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