CUCET Cutoff 2024: The official authority of the Central University of Rajasthan will release the CUCET 2024 Cutoff. The cutoff of CUCET is the minimum marks which an individual requires to qualify for admission. In addition, the admission authority will grant admission to only those who satisfy the cutoff. Various central universities release the CUCET 2024 cutoff UG separately. Central Universities Common Entrance Test Cutoff 2024 is expected to be announced after the exam. The cut-off list of CUCET is released on the basis of the marks obtained by candidates in the exam. Candidates who want to pursue their education in Integrated/Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research programmes must meet this cutoff. The cutoff marks of CUCET is an important event which the students must check in order to check their eligibility for admission.

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Furthermore, the concerned authority invites aspirants for online/offline counselling only if they meet the cutoff. Although the present year cutoff will be published after completion of the CUCET 2024 exam. Students can check the CUCET 2024 previous year’s cutoff on the official website. It will be available only via online mode. However, the cutoff is prepared by considering various factors that are mentioned in the article below. Students can check the last year cut off list from the official website. Applicants can go through the CUCET previous year’s cutoff as given below.

Factors Determining Cutoff of CUCET 2024

The exam conducting authority takes into account various factors while preparing the CUCET PhD cutoff 2024. One must download the previous year cut off list to determine the probability of their selection. These factors include the following:

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  • Total number of application received
  • Number of candidates who have taken the exam
  • The difficulty level of the entrance test
  • Total number of seats available for a specific course
  • Category of the candidate
  • Performance of the candidate in an examination
  • And lastly, trends in previous year’s cutoff

Key Points Of CUCET Cutoff

  • The central university that is responsible for conducting the exam will release the Central Universities Cutoff Entrance Test (CUCET) 2024 Cutoff on the official website
  • The cutoff will be available soon after the declaration of CUCET Result 2024.
  • The cutoff is determined by the score obtained in the entrance exam.
  • CUCET 2024 Cutoff will vary for each of the central universities. Additionally, the university will release category-wise and course-wise cutoff.
  • CUCET Authority will not shortlist applicants for the counselling process if they do not meet the cutoff.
  • The allotment of seats will depend upon the candidate’s preference of the university and course.

CUCET Previous Years’ Cutoff

Taking a look at previous year’s cutoff let students know about many crucial things which consist of :

  • They will get an idea about how much score is required to qualify for the exam. As a result, they will come to know about their chances of admission to a particular programme.
  • For predicting the present year cutoff
  • They will come to know about how the concerned authority prepares the cutoff.

Given below are tables encapsulating the previous year’s cutoff of CUCET 2024. Applicants must go through them for a general reference:

CUCET Cutoff of the Year 2019

Cutoff of Central University of South Bihar

Name of the ProgrammeOpenOBCSCST
M.Sc Physics20201010
M. Sc. Chemistry1515AllAll
M. A/ M.Sc Psychology1515AllAll
M. A History1010AllAll
M. A. Economics1010AllAll
M. A. English806946.2531.25
M. A Development Studies101077
M. A Political Science101077
M.A Sociology101055
M.A Social Work15151010
M.A Communication and Media Studies2525AllAll
M.A/ M.Sc Mathematics10101010
M.Sc Statistics1010AllAll
M.Sc Computer Science10101010
M.A Hindi15151010
M.A English1515AllAll
M.Sc Environmental Science25251515
M.Sc Biotechnology35353535
M.Sc Bioinformatics25252525
M.Sc Life Science35353535

Cutoff of Central University of Rajasthan

Name of the ProgrammeUROBCSCST
Integrated M.Sc. Biotechnology71.25585552.5
Integrated M.Sc. Biochemistry6054.54736.5
Integrated M.Sc. Microbiology73.2554.255240
Integrated M.Sc. Chemistry69.25585058.75
Integrated M.Sc. Environmental Science71.7546.537.539.75
Integrated M.Sc. Computer Science59.2543.7544.2532.5
Integrated M.Sc. Statistics64.543.542.528.25
Integrated M.Sc. Mathematics73.7557.554.536.75
Integrated M.Sc. Economics714133.7544.25
Integrated M.Sc. Physics75604338.5
M.Sc. Biotechnology55.2532.7542
M.Sc. Biochemistry55.2541.535.7527.25
M.Sc. Microbiology27.538.537.2529.25
M.Sc. Chemistry56.254941.7531
M.Sc. Computer Science54.2513.75
M.Sc. Statistics77.2559.511.25
M.Sc. Mathematics68.5554035.25
M.A. Economics55.2514.7527.25
M.Sc. Physics46.2533.7532.7518.25
M.Sc. Atmospheric Science262015.5
M.Pharm (Pharmaceutics)57.7550.2543
M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry26.543.2513
M.A. Hindi43.258.7525
M.A English64.541.525.7534.25
M.Sc. Computer Science (Big Data Analytics)59.529
M.Sc. Yoga Therapy70.555
M.Tech Computer Science (Cyber-Physical System)50.75
M.A SOCIAL WORK4814.7526
M.A. PPLG30.7523.2521.7511.25
Integrated M.Sc. B.Ed Chemistry4345.536.2523.5
Integrated M.Sc. B.Ed Economics45.757.7532.25
Integrated M.Sc. B.Ed Mathematics71.2556.7542.2520.75
Integrated M.Sc. B.Ed Physics2440.538.2518.25

Cutoff of Mahatma Gandi Central University

Name of the Programme






M.Sc Physics63.0163.01AllAll31.91
M.Sc Chemistry60.0460.0436.3236.32All
M.Sc Biotechnology75.8375.8345.0445.0443.77
M.Sc Zoology79.4479.4455.1755.1732.17
M.Sc Botany71.4571.4554.9554.9544.48
M.Tech. Computer ScienceAllAllAllAllAll
M.A. Political ScienceAllAllAllAllAll
M.A. SociologyAllAllAllAllAll
Master of Social WorkAllAllAllAll64.10
Master of Business Administration55.9855.98AllAll62.16

M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics

M.A. HindiAllAllAllAllAll

M.A. English

M.A. EconomicsAllAllAllAllAll

CUCET Cutoff of the Year 2018

Cutoff of Central University of Punjab

Name of the ProgrammeOpenOBCSCST
M.Sc Life Sciences (Specialization in Animal Sciences)44.7542.253844
M.Sc Food Science and Technology48.54434.7522.5
M.Sc Life Science (Microbial Sciences)48.7538.7535.2541
M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Biochemistry)4533.535.7535.5
M.Sc. Chemistry50.2543.253529.25
M.Sc. Chemistry (Specialization in Applied Chemistry)37.536.7514.2515.5
M.Sc. Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)35.7541.7525
M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics)34.541.2525
M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Bioinformatics)41413129
M.Sc. Mathematics58.2555.2540.2536.75
M.Sc. Statistics63.7544.541.7515
M.Sc. Chemical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)40.2533.751515.75
M.Sc. Physics4240.531.7521.75
M. Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Plant Sciences)43.2539.53235.75
M.Sc. Environmental Science and Technology45.25393242
M.Sc. Geology46.7546.537.532.75
M.A./M.Sc. Geography48.54342.7539
M.A. Political Science17.2518.7518.7518.75
M.A. History29.7540.530.7528.5
M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Human Genetics)4230.253219.25
M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Molecular Medicine)43.543.7533.2527.25
M.A. English45.541.7526.2538
M.A. Hindi12.7521.2525.5
M.A. Punjabi17.252133.25
M.A. Economics49.75274.515.75
M.A. Sociology1331.53531.75

Cutoff of Central University of Rajasthan

Name of the ProgrammeOpenOBCSCST
M.A Economics40.75411.59
M.A English4040.57.55.25
M.A Hindi404239.7525
M.A Social Work40.2540.58.7524.5
M.A Atmospheric Science424212.2517.75
M.Sc Computer Science4040118.5
M.A Biochemistry40408.758.5
M.Sc Biotechnology40405.758.5
M.Sc Chemistry4040.25-0.753.75
M.Sc Computer Science40409.54.25
M.Sc Environmental Science40404.511.75
M.Sc. Mathematics404014.7513.5
M.Sc Microbiology4040510
M.Sc Physics4040-2.253.25
M.A/ M.Sc Statistics40.2541.25138.75

Cutoff of Central University of Haryana

Name of the ProgrammeOpenOBCSCST
M.A History and Archeology36.75811.2532.5
M.A. Economics21.510.75814
M.Sc Chemistry3537.529.2522.75
M.Sc Mathematics5324.529.531.75
M.Sc Biochemistry4136.2532.2522.75
M.Sc Biotechnology4136.538.5
M.Sc Physics38.2533.526.519.5
M.A Sociology181723.5
M.A Political Science11.253.753.51
M.A Hindi27.517.527.7527.5
M.A English28.51416.2516.25
M.Sc Geography38.520.751113.75

Cutoff of Central University of Kashmir

Name of the ProgrammeOpen
Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Physics40.75
Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Biotechnology34.75
Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Zoology41.25
Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Mathematics26.75

CUCET 2017 Cutoff

Cutoff of Central University of Kashmir

Name of the ProgrammeRound 1Round 2
M.A Mathematics9269
M.A English13159
M.A Economics16170
M.A Political Science18588
M.Sc. Mathematics188133
M.A. Urdu208151
M.Sc. Zoology219170
M.Sc. Physics219164
M.Sc. Biotechnology219163

Cutoff of Central University of Kerala

Name of the ProgrammeCutoff
M.Sc. Mathematics162
M.A Malayalam170
M.A Hindi177
M.Sc. Physics181
M.A Public Administration & Policy Studies185
M.Sc. Chemistry188
M.Sc. Computer Science211
M.A Economics214
B.A International Relations226
M.A English241
M.A International Relations185

Cutoff of Central University of Haryana

Name of ProgrammeRound 1Round 2
M.Sc. Maths12799
M.A English183
M.A History133
M.Sc. Statistics13460
M.A Political Science164
M.A Hindi156
M.Sc. Physics157115
M.Sc. Microbiology159129
M.A Economics202
M.A Psychology17481
M.Sc. Biochemistry174133
M.Sc. Biotechnology181131
M.A Sociology95
M.Sc. Chemistry188122

Cutoff of Central University of Karnataka

Name of the ProgrammeRound 1Round 2
M.Sc. Mathematics155155
M.A History160160
M.Sc. Physics185154
M.Sc. Chemistry188153
B.A+M.A  Economics225
M.A Psychology225177
M.A English Language226179
M.A English241
M.A Hindi243150
M.A Economics225182

Cutoff of Central University of Jharkhand

Name of the ProgrammeRound 1
M.A English Studies226
M.A International Relations187
M.Sc. Mathematics186
M.Sc. Chemistry234

CUCET Cutoff 2016

Cutoff of Central University of Punjab

Name of the ProgrammeOpenOBCSCST
M.Tech Computer Sciences and Technology1471069254
M.Tech Cyber Security1471069754
M.Sc Bioinformatics192153139111
M.Sc. Human Genetics199163148111
M.Sc. Medicinal Chemistry1431188047
M.Sc. Chemistry157137118106
M.Sc. Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)14211880
M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics)15712451
M.Sc. Plant Science170144122111
M.Sc. Mathematics1551159051
M.Sc. Statistics1331047446
M.Sc. Molecular Medicine185163148111
M.Sc. Physics18514411189
M.A Sociology202163162116
M.A./M.Sc. Geography202125120111
M.A. in Political Science154108101105
M.A. History1321067494
M.Sc. Environmental Sciences and Technology189155128132
M.A. English2021579950
M.A. Hindi156646624
M.A. Education156405367
M.A. Punjabi1949952
M.A. Economics2221798970
M.Sc Microbial Technology192159148109

Cutoff of Central University of Jharkhand

Name of the Programme

M.A Vocal1291261
M.A Theatre Arts and Films17628126
M.A Folkloristics1423281
M.A Tribal Law and Governance10310759220
M.Sc Geoinformatics162115140158
M.A Human Rights and Conflict Management161128120165

CUCET Participating Institutes 2024

There are a number of central universities situated across the country that accepts the score of entrance exam and provides admission to students. Given below are names of these central universities:

  • Central University of Haryana
  • Central University of Punjab
  • Central University of Jharkhand
  • Central University of Andhra Pradesh
  • Central University of South Bihar
  • Central University of Kashmir
  • Central University of Tamil Nadu
  • Central University of Karnataka
  • Central University of Rajasthan
  • Central University of Jammu
  • Central University of Kerala
  • Bengaluru Dr. BR Ambedkar School of Economics

CUCET Counselling 2024

The authority will not conduct any centralized CUCET Conselling 2024. However, various participating institutes conduct their own counselling. Hence, aspirants must check the notification of counselling for every university. The counselling will be specifically based on the performance of an individual. Candidates also have to pay a counselling fee which will differ as per the university. Therefore, they have to check this fee separately for each of the universities. During the CUCET 2024 counselling, applicants have to produce original documents for verification.

CUCET Seat Matrix

Various institutes offer a certain number of seats for admission. The seat matrix of CUCET is given below for M.Tech programme

UniversitiesM.Tech (Specializations)Seat Intake
Central University of JammuComputer Science and Technology24
Central University of KashmirInformation Technology35
Central University of JharkhandWater Engineering and Management10
Energy Engineering10
Central University of RajasthanComputer Science10
Central University of PunjabComputer Science and Technology24
Computer Science and Technology
(Cyber Security)
Central University of Tamil NaduMaterial Science24
Central University of South BiharComputer Science18

CUCET Seat Matrix of the Year 2019

UniversitiesNumber of Seats
Central University of Haryana600
Central University of Jammu90
Central University of Jharkhand154
Central University of Karnataka120
Central University of Kashmir215
Central University of Kerala340
Central University of Punjab275
Central University of Rajasthan292
Central University of South Bihar315
Central University of Tamil Nadu296
Bengaluru Dr B R Ambedkar School of Economics50


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