IIT Jodhpur Cutoff:  Indan Institute of Technology Jodhpur, commonly known as IIT Jodhpur or IITJ was founded in 2008. It is a public institute which is being set up by the Govt. of India under The Institute of Technology (Amendment) Act 2011. However, IITJ is operating from its permanent campus since August 2017. The campus is spread over 852 acres of land.

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The institute basically provides admission to candidates who meet the prescribed IIT Jodhpur Cutoff. IITJ admits aspirants through JoSAA counselling only if they have secured a valid rank in JEE Advanced. In addition, it also offers admission to applicants on the basis of performance in class 12th. The rank or marks obtained by the candidate must meet the cutoff of IITJ. Applicants can opt any B.Tech branch aong the 11 branches available in the institute which includes the following:

  1. Biosciences and Bioengineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Chemistry
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Computer Science & Engineering
  6. Electrical Engineering
  7. Humanities & Social Sciences
  8. Mathematics
  9. Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
  10. Mechanical Engineering
  11. Physics

IIT Jodhpur Cutoff

Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT Jodhpur or IITJ) publish the cutoff of IITJ every year on its official website www.iitj.ac.in. Candidates can access and download this cutoff using their login credentials. The least marks required by the candidate to apply for admission is known as the cutoff. IIT Jodhpur Cutoff consist of ranks for admission namely opening and closing ranks. The institute specifically offers admission to applicants who meet the prescribed cutoff. Hence, applicants satisfying the cutoff have higher chances of getting admission. In contrast, candidates who do not meet the prescribed cutoff are not considered eligible to apply for admission. IITJ Cutoff is published separately for different category of applicants and B.tech branches.

Factors of IIT Jodhpur Cutoff

A number of factors help the concerned authority to decide and prepare the cutoff of Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. The cutoff is prepared accordingly by considering all the below-listed factors:

  • The total number of candidates applying for admission in the IITJ
  • The total number of available seats for accepting admission
  • And lastly the previous years cutoff trends

Last Year Cutoff of IIT Jodhpur

Candidates can go through IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2018 in order to gain an idea about what the cutoff is or to have information regarding it. The last year cutoff provides all the necessary details and through applicants come to know about the opening and closing ranks. Most importantly aspirants can estimate their chances of admission in the institute. Further candidates can also predict IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2019 even before it gets released.

The cutoff of last year is represented in the tables given below for the 4-year B.Tech course. The cutoff is for various categories and branches. In the table, The suffix P is used to denote Preparatory Ranks.

IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2018 for General Categories

Name of the BranchOpening RanksClosing Ranks
Bio-Technology – Gender Neutral707811224
Bio-Technology – Female Only1146414326
Computer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral20922997
Computer Science and Engineering – Female Only33075240
Electrical Engineering – Gender Neutral32055902
Electrical Engineering – Female Only61918323
Mechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral43597039
Mechanical Engineering – Female Only890710157

IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2018 for General Categories

Name of the BranchOpening RanksClosing Ranks
Bio-Technology – Gender Neutral29864599
Bio-Technology – Female Only60196365
Computer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral8181226
Computer Science and Engineering – Female Only21822633
Electrical Engineering – Gender Neutral20732567
Electrical Engineering – Female Only38054460
Mechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral18792766
Mechanical Engineering – Female Only43485828

IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2018 for General Categories

Name of the BranchOpening RanksClosing Ranks
Bio-Technology – Gender Neutral17882261
Bio-Technology – Female Only2784712P
Computer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral715849
Computer Science and Engineering – Female Only12751275
Electrical Engineering – Gender Neutral9911422
Electrical Engineering – Female Only21042398
Mechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral11241594
Mechanical Engineering – Female Only25432543

IIT Jodhpur Cutoff 2018 for General Categories

Name of the BranchOpening RanksClosing Ranks
Bio-Technology – Gender Neutral28P244P
Bio-Technology – Female Only264P264P
Computer Science and Engineering – Gender Neutral323454
Computer Science and Engineering – Female Only724724
Electrical Engineering – Gender Neutral413557
Electrical Engineering – Female Only871871
Mechanical Engineering – Gender Neutral445554
Mechanical Engineering – Female Only146P156P

NOTE –  The cutoff of IITJ varies for each of the B.Tech branches. For example, consider the opening and closing ranks of the following branches for Females only:

  • For Bio-Technology the opening rank, as well as the closing rank, was 264P.
  • While in the case of Computer Science and Engineering, the opening and closing rank was 724
  • And finally, the opening and closing ranks of Mechanical Engineering were 146P and 156P respectively.
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