BITSAT Preparation Tips 2020: In order to crack the BITSAT exam, candidates should follow the top-notch strategies. They should consult the best books available in the market and keep themselves up to date regarding the important dates of the exam. BITSAT, which stands for Birla Institute of Technology And Science Aptitude Test, is the entrance test to get admission in BITS Pilani. Second to IITs, BITs Pilani is the most sought after private college for engineering and higher studies. Primarily because, it offers an excellent ambience, where students from diverse places come together to form a family, along with highly qualified faculty, this renowned institute is also known for its well-built infrastructure.  It is a dream for many to get into this prestigious institution. Lakhs of students prepare for this exam in order to get an admission. Therefore, to know more about the information pertaining to preparation tips for BITSAT 2020, keep on reading the article.

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BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

Confused about how to prepare for BITSAT 2020? Do not worry, In order to get the optimal result in the BITSAT exam, candidates are advised to follow the best preparation tips. Therefore, we have provided some of the best preparation tips to crack BITSAT 2020:

  1. Make notes wherever required
  2. Solve previous years’ exam papers
  3. Check the updated syllabus before preparing
  4. Focus on things which you don’t understand
  5. Increase your work ethic

Make Notes Wherever Required

Be sure to make short notes covering all the important points and concepts wherever it seems applicable. This will help you in not only recollecting information faster but also in making connections between different topics in less time. Hence, giving you more time to prepare.

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Solve BITSAT Previous Years’ Exam Papers

As the saying goes, practice makes a man perfect, therefore the more you practice, the better you will perform in the exam. Solving previous years’ paper will familiarise you with the paper pattern. You will be able to judge yourself better after solving each paper and subsequently work on your shortcomings. The more papers you will solve, the more confident you will become.

Check Syllabus Before BITSAT Preparation

Make sure that you check the updated BITSAT syllabus from time to time before you start preparing for the exam. If there is even a slight change in the syllabus, you need to be up-to-date about it, so that you know which areas to focus on in order to reap maximum benefit.

Focus On Things You Don’t Understand

It is important that you focus on the difficult subjects and concepts while also preparing the easy topics. Working on your weak points will make you stronger, in the long run, so don’t leave concepts which are hard to understand, but give the topic more time to fully grasp the crux of the concept.

Increase Your Work Ethic

When preparing for any exam, it is imperative that you work on building your work ethic. Perseverance goes a long way in determining a candidate’s success. Challenge yourself each day to work harder than you did the day before. You are your own competitor, outrun your previous scores and then surely, you will ace this exam.

BITSAT Preparation Books

The BITSAT exam tests candidates’ knowledge of Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and Logical Reasoning. The exam focuses more on candidates’ speed and accuracy in the exam, rather than testing their in-depth knowledge of a topic. It is recommended that you should consult fewer books, but make sure they should be the best books, in order to get admission in BITS. Therefore, we have provided below, BITSAT preparation books along with BITSAT preparation guides:

  • While preparing for Maths, you can consult books like, Engage JEE main or RD Sharma, R.S. Aggarwal, Cengage Maths, Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta.
  • In Chemistry, there are two sections; Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. For Organic Chemistry, you may refer to, Arihant Publications and for Inorganic, you may refer to O.P. Tandon. Also, make sure that you consult Modern ABC, but first refer to Chemistry NCERT to build on your base first.
  • Physics should be prepared from HC Verma and DC Pandey. If there is sufficient time, you may also refer to Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker.
  • Also, it is highly recommended that you buy the latest edition of BITSAT guide by Arihant, which comprises of all the topics: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English and logical reasoning.
  • Another book, Comprehensive guide to BITSAT Online Test by Disha Experts is also recommended.


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