Madras University Model Question Paper 2020: Madras University is the university of excellence. Each year lakhs of application is submitted for admission in various courses granted by the university. Hence entrance exam is being held for the admission procedure and thus on the basis of merit, admission takes place.

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Exams are stressful whether it is an entrance or semester exam. Thus previous years question papers guide the students and give a glimpse is how to prepare for the entrance exam. However, the semester question also gives an idea as to what type of question comes under the respective subject.

How to Download Madras University Previous Year Question Paper

The Previous Year Question Paper of all the Courses and Programs are available on the official website of Madras University. Hence, the step by step process to check the Madras University Previous Year Question Paper pdf is as follows-

  • Visit the official website of the University-
  • Look for ” Examinations” Tab on the official page.
  • Options will appear and then click on “Previous Question Papers”
  • A new page will be directed where visitors are asked to enter the subject code and click on the search button.
  • A list of previous years’ question papers will be displayed along with various sub-subjects.
  • Click on the respective subject. Eg: English. Mind that subject appears along with the subject code.
  • View the question papers and download them.

Exam Pattern of Madras University Semester Question Paper

The Exam Pattern of the Semester Question Paper of Madras University is as follows-

  • The Exam will take place offline in the University.
  • The maximum marks of the question paper are 100 marks.
  • Time Duration of the exam is 3 Hours
  • The Question Paper is divided into three parts – A/B/C.
  • Part A comprises of 10 short questions carrying 3 marks. Hence, the total marks of this section are 30 marks. The Answer must not be more than 50 words.
  • Part B comprises of 7 questions out of which you will have to answer any 5 questions. The total marks for this section are 30 marks. Each question carries 6 marks.
  • The Part C comprises of Long Questions. The total marks for this section are 40 marks. However, the answer should not exceed more than 500 words.

Importance of Madras University Model Question Paper

The question paper is of great importance who wants to appear for the entrance as well as the semester exam. Thus following are the importance to have prevision years question papers:

  • It gives a blueprint about the topics covered syllabus wise.
  • One has an idea about the importance of chapters as not all topics have equal importance.
  • Students have a clear concept about the total marks of examination.
  • Different subjects have different question paper.
  • Practicals subjects do not include in the question papers of the subject. Separate marks are given for the papers.
  • It helps the students to be aware of the syllabus.
  • It brushes up the knowledge, whatever the students or candidates have acquired to date.
  • There is a saying that Practice makes a man perfect thus rigorous practice helps the candidates and students to overcome the fear of examination and makes a difference in their performance.
  • The question paper also teaches about time management. Thus each section carries a different weight. So it is very important to know which question need less or more time to cover it.
  • It helps in making an examination strategy.

How To Have Full Use Of Madras University Model Question Paper

  • Refer to the sample booklet of the subject.
  • Prepare a chart of your daily routine and practice on a regular basis.
  • Have time management for each subject and sub-subject, don’t waste time on question which is the least important or of no use.
  • Practice religiously and don’t make an excuse.
  • Have a gap in between the course of solving and studying. This provides refreshment and thus boost the mind.
  • Don’t look for the solutions directly. Have an attempt then consult them only if you are unable to solve a particular question.
  • After successfully solving a question look into the solution thus it will give students a better learning and different approach towards the same question.
  • Honestly solve the question paper, Cheating will make participants worse.

For distance education

  • Visit the official page of the university.
  •  In homepage look for the Distance Education
  •  The option will come “ Old Question Papers
  • It will direct to a new page, where they have to select the degree, branch and question paper of a particular subject.
  • On a screen, University will display the list of previous years’ question papers.
  •  The question paper is of pdf format and thus downloads it.

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