Lady Irwin College Cut Off 2021: The Admission Council of Lady Irwin College will release the first, second, third, fourth, fifth Cut Off List for various Undergraduate Courses. Therefore, the candidates who have applied for DU Admission 2021 must fill the DU Application Form 2021. They must check the Lady Irwin First Cut Off List from the official website. The cut off list of Lady Irwin College will be released as soon as class 12th results are announced. Therefore, the candidates must visit the official website to get the latest updates. Lady Irwin College is located in Central Delhi and affiliated to the University of Delhi. It releases a category-wise cut-off mark on the basis of class 12. The cut-off mark includes best of four subjects.

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The candidates who meet the required Lady Irwin College Cut Off 2021 are granted admission to this college. Every year it releases multiple cut-off lists for admission to different undergraduate courses. To know the steps that are to be followed after the publication of Lady Irwin College Cut Off 2021, the applicants must refer to the “DU Cut off list”. To know about the cut-offs for admission to the academic session 2021-22, read the full article.

Dates for publication of Lady Irwin College Cut Off 2021

The candidates will have to make sure that they are updated with the latest release of the cut off list. The dates will be published on the official website of the University. Candidates will have to keep visiting the official website of Delhi University for any of the latest notification. The officially released schedule will provide all the important events of the admission procedure that the candidates need to follow. It is important that once the officially released dates of Lady Irwin College are available, the applicant will have to save and download it so as not to miss any of the important dates and the events.

Find the schedule of Lady Irwin college cut off from the tabular format below. The officially released dates are available once it is announced by the University.



St Stephen’s College first cut offtp be announced
Delhi University first cut-off list

Admission against First cutoff list

Last date of fee payment
Second cut off list of DU 2021

DU Admission cut off against Second Round

Last date of fee payment
Third cut off list

Admission against Third cutoff list

Last date of fee payment
Delhi University Fourth cut off list

Admission against Fourth cutoff list

Last date of fee payment
DU Fifth cut off list

Admission against Fifth cutoff list

Last date of fee payment
Session commences
Special cutoff list

DU admission cut off against special round

Last date of fee payment

Lady Irwin College Cut Off 2021

The cut off of Lady Irwin College will be available in an online mode on the official website of the University. Candidates who have successfully submitted the Application Form will be able to check the cut off marks. The cut off list will provide the minimum of the marks to be secured by the applicant in their qualifying marks. The cut-off list will provide the cut off marks as per the category. It must be noted that the candidate must go through the cut off marks as per the course and the stream for which they have applied. The applicant must be careful while filling the Application form and the details provided in the form must be valid and correct. The information provided will be cross-checked at the time of the final admission by the college authorities. The availability of the cut off list will be as per on the date as mentioned in the officially released schedule. Candidates are advised that they must save and download the cut off list for future references.

Procedure to check Lady Irwin College Cut Off List 2021

The Applicants can go through the procedure of checking the cut off list of Lady Irwin College. It is important that the candidate must avoid any form of error while checking the cut off list which will be available in an online mode.

  • Visit the official website of the University and go to the admission portal.
  • The link of the cut off list along with the name of the College will be available.
  • Click on the link of the college for which the candidate has applied.
  • The list will appear on the screen in a PDF format. Go through the cut off marks as per the category which will be mentioned in the list.
  • Candidates are advised that they must save and download it for future references.

Lady Irwin College Cut Off (2019, 2018, 2017)

1B.Sc (Hons) Food Technology948878787878
1B.Sc.(Pass) Home Science847570707075
1B.Sc (Hons.) Home Science847874747478
2B.Sc (Hons) Food Technology93.586Closed757578
2B.Sc.(Pass) Home Science827265656572
2B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosed7470707074
3B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed727277
3B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed72Closed606271
3B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosed69656573
4B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed717075
4B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed646072
4B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed7264596070
5B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed605971
5B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed686974
5B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed555569
6B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed6878
6B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosed595970
6B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosed545468
7B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6878
7B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed606070
7B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed606068
8B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed55ClosedClosed
8B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed75Closed50ClosedClosed
8B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosedClosedClosed
1B.Sc (Hons.) Home Science847874747478
1B.Sc (Hons) Food Technology948878787878
1B.Sc.(Pass) Home Science847570707075
2B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosed7672727276
2B.Sc.(Pass) Home Science817368686874
2B.Sc (Hons) Food Technology93ClosedClosed757777
3B.Sc (Hons) Food Technology91ClosedClosed707575
3B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed6865656570
3B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosed7469696570
4B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed657074
4B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed6361616169
4B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosed7267656169
5B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosed6058586071
5B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed626074
5B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed636981
6B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6781
6B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5874
6B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed555871
7B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5674
7B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6581
7B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed535671
8B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6381
8B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed515471
8B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5474
9B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed505371
9B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6281
9B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5374
10B.Sc.(Pass) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed495271
10B.Sc (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5374
10B.Sc (Hons) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed6281
4B.A (Hons) PsychologyClosed95.759495ClosedClosed
4B.A. (Hons.) JournalismClosed9492.5918791
4B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosedClosed58515353
4B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosed92.2594.58891
4B.A. (Hons.) SociologyClosedClosedClosed9188.589
4B.A (Hons) EnglishClosedClosed89.7590.258488
4B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy9285828280Closed
4B.A (Hons) HindiClosed80Closed757675
4B.A (Hons) HistoryClosed939093.258289
4B.A Programme93.5928988.5Closed86
4B.Com (Hons.)Closed92.587.7582.758390
4B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosed94.2590.586.758391.5
9B.A (Hons) EnglishClosedClosedClosed857587.25
9B.A (Hons) HistoryClosed9082917686.5
9B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosedClosed89Closed72Closed
9B.A. (Hons.) PhilosophyClosed8072Closed7582
9B.A. (Hons.) SociologyClosedClosedClosed88.5Closed87.25
9B.A. (Hons.) JournalismClosed8987.58683.5Closed
9B.A ProgrammeClosed8784848583.5
9B.A (Hons) PsychologyClosed9491.7589.5Closed95
9B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosedClosedClosed474855.5
9B.Com (Hons.)ClosedClosedClosed757787.25
9B.A (Hons) HindiClosedClosedClosed6572.575.75
9B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed85.588.5
10B.A (Hons) HindiClosedClosedClosed637275.5
10B.A. (Hons.) JournalismClosed8886.58583Closed
10B.A (Hons) Political ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed85.2588
10B.A (Hons) PsychologyClosed93.7591.2588.5Closed94.75
10B.A (Hons) HistoryClosedClosed80907586.5
10B.A (Hons) EnglishClosedClosedClosed847387.25
10B.A. (Hons.) PhilosophyClosed7870Closed7382
10B.A. (Hons.) SanskritClosedClosedClosed454755.5
10B.A. (Hons.) SociologyClosedClosedClosed88Closed87
10B.Com (Hons.)ClosedClosedClosed7476.587.25
10B.A ProgrammeClosed8582828483.5
10B.A (Hons) EconomicsClosedClosed88Closed70Closed
1B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology928576767680
1B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science837874747478
1B.Sc. (Pass) Home Science837570707075
2B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology91ClosedClosed757480
2B.Sc. (Pass) Home Science817070707075
2B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science827272727278
3B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosed7268687072
3B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed747374
3B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed7065656570
4B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed666670
4B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosed717172
4B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed7062606068
5B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed70Closed
5B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed646465
5B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed7060585865
6B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed606265
6B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed70Closed505665
6B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed68Closed
7B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosed586063
7B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed70Closed505463
7B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed65Closed
8B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceNAClosedClosedClosed5862
8B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyNAClosedClosedClosed63Closed
8B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceNA70Closed505262
9B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyNAClosedClosedClosed62Closed
9B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceNA70Closed505160
9B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceNAClosedClosedClosed5760
10B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed70Closed505060
10B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5660
10B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed61Closed
11B.Sc. (Hons.) Food TechnologyClosedClosedClosedClosed60Closed
11B.Sc. (Pass) Home ScienceClosed70Closed505060
11B.Sc. (Hons.) Home ScienceClosedClosedClosedClosed5560

DU Colleges Cut off 2021

Colleges Location
Indraprastha College for WomenNorth Delhi
Indraprastha College for WomenNorth Delhi
Maharaja Agrasen CollegeEast Delhi
Miranda HouseNorth Delhi
Ram Lal Anand College (Day)Dhaula Kaun
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Day)South Delhi
Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Evening)South Delhi
Vivekananda CollegeCentral Delhi
Zakir Husain P.G. college (Evening)Central Delhi
Acharya Narendra Dev CollegeSouth Delhi

List of courses offered via class 12 marks

S. NoProgrammes
1.B.Sc. (Hons.) Food Technology
2.B.Sc. (Hons.) Home Science
3.B.Sc. (Pass) Home Science

Contact Details

Lady Irwin College,
Sikandra Road, New Delhi – 110001
Email ID: [email protected]
Phone N.o: 23323257
Fax: 23711222

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