JKCET Question Paper 2020: JKCET stands for Jammu and Kashmir Common Entrance Test. The JKCET 2020 is going to take place on 19th April 2020. Therefore, the candidates must begin the preparation as soon as possible. One of the most important steps in the preparation process is to solve the practice papers. In addition to this, the candidates must be aware of the entire JKCET syllabus in order to study.

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In this article, we will talk about the importance of JKCET Question Paper as well as a few PDFs of previous years’ question papers.

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Importance of JKCET Question Paper (Previous Years’ Question Papers)

There are various reasons why practice papers are important. In this section, we are going to list a few points that will tell about the importance of practice papers.

  1. A candidate will become familiar with the exam pattern by solving the practice papers.
  2. Solving the practice papers increases the candidate’s speed and accuracy.
  3. Practice papers will help the candidate to analyze their performance.
  4. In addition to the above-mentioned points, practice papers also help the candidates in boosting their confidence.
  5. By solving the previous years’ question papers, the candidates will be able to guess the common topics that come every year.

JKCET Question Paper Download

Here are some question papers for different subjects. The candidates can take the help of these papers in order to attain good marks in the exam.

  1. JKCET Physics Paper PDF-2011
  2. Download JKCET Chemistry Paper PDF 2011
  3. JKCET Maths Paper Download PDF 2011
  4. JKCET Physics Paper PDF Download 2012
  5. Chemistry Paper PDF 2012
  6. Mathematics Paper PDF 2012
  7. JKCET Biology Paper PDF 2012
  8. Physics Paper PDF 2013
  9. Chemistry Paper PDF 2013
  10. Mathematics Paper PDF 2013
  11. Biology Paper PDF 2013
  12. Physics Paper PDF 2014
  13. Chemistry Paper PDF 2014
  14. Maths Paper PDF 2014
  15. Biology Paper PDF 2014
  16. Physics & Chemistry Paper PDF 2015
  17. Mathematics Paper 2015
  18. Biology Paper 2015

JKCET Syllabus 2020

Along with the practice papers, the candidates need to be sure that they are aware of the correct JKCET syllabus. Therefore, we have prepared this section in order to provide the correct syllabus to the candidates.

Physics Syllabus

1Physical World and Measurement
3Laws Of Motion
4Work, Energy and Power
5Motion Of System Of Particles And Rigid Body
7Properties Of Bulk Matter
9Behaviour Of Perfect Gas And Kinetic Theory
10Oscillations And Waves
12Current Electricity
13Magnetic Effects Of Current And Magnetism
14Electromagnetic Induction And Alt. Currents
15Electromagnetic Waves
17Dual Nature Of Matter And Radiation
18Atoms And Nuclei
19Electronic Devices
20Communication System


Chemistry Syllabus

1Chemical Arithmetic & Atomic Structure
2Chemical Equilibrium
3Chemical Kinetics
5Chemical Thermodynamics
6Redox Reactions And Electrochemistry
7Solid State & States Of Matter
8Surface Chemistry
9Periodic Properties
10Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure
11Chemistry Of Representative Elements
12Transition Elements Including Lanthanides
13Coordination Chemistry
14Nomenclature and Basic Concepts in Organic Chemistry
16Organic Chemistry Based on Functional Group-I
17Organic Chemistry Based On Function Group-II
18Organic Chemistry Based On Functional Group-III
19Molecules Of Life


Mathematics Syllabus

1Sets, Relations and Functions
2Complex Number; Linear Inequation; Linear Programming
3Sequence and Series, Permutation and Combination & Binomial Theorem
4Trigonometric And Inverse Trigonometric Functions
5Matrices And Determinants
6Limit, Continuity and Differentiation
7Integration and Differential Equations
8Straight Lines And Conic Sections
9Statistics and Probability
10Vectors And Three Dimensional Geometry


In case, there are any changes in the syllabus, the candidates will be informed prior to the examination. In case you have any issues regarding the article, feel free to drop your comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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