JEE Main Student Reaction 2020: National Testing Agency (NTA) conducted the examination of JEE Main 2020 from 6th January 2020 to 9th January 2020. The 1st Shift of the examination was between 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m & the 2nd shift was from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm. Candidates have to take the examination at the various JEE Main Exam Centre across the country. Here the reaction of the candidates will be provided after the examination. You will get to know about the various things about the examination such as – Type of questions, the Difficulty level of the exam, expected cut off marks, etc.

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JEE Mains 9th January 2020 (Shift 2) Student’s Reactions

Shift 2 of the 9th January Exam has started at 2:30 pm. Let’s see what the students have to say.

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  • Kushagra says there were no such tough sections (PCM). However, Physics was moderate. Chemistry was the easiest. Maths was lengthy. Questions came from Thermodynamics on temperature-dependent. There was a question from Electrostatistics, “One cube was given, it was kept on the co-ordinate axes, find the flux from both sides?” Organic Chemistry had a lot of questions from NCERT. Another Maths question was of 3D, “there are 2 planes, 1 line is passing through, there is another plane passing through the line, find the distance from the line?” He says this is Question 11 from NCERT. One question from vector was, “B.C is given, mod A and mod B is given, find Mod C? And, then find AxBxC?” His expected cutoff is above 100.
  • Another student says Chemistry was easy. Questions were mostly from NCERT. Physics was the toughest section according to him. In comparison to previous shift JEE Main exams, she felt that the Physics section was tougher in the 9th January Evening Shift. There was 1 tricky question from Bio-Molecules. The expected cutoff should be more than 100, according to her.
  • Guneet says Physics was the toughest. Maths was lengthy. There were a lot of questions from 3D & Probability. In maths, the weightage of the Class 12th syllabus was more. And, in Physics, the weightage was given to Class 11th Syllabus. Chemistry was easy (more theory-based). One question from Physics i, “2 planets are given, Planet A mass is m and radius is r, Planet B’s mass is m/2 and r/2, velocities were given n/4, find n?” One maths question from Probability was, “there were 10 balls and 4 boxes, find the probability of that 2 out of the 4 boxes contain 2 and 3 balls?”
  • Praveen says Physics was tough. He felt that the weightage of Class 11th Syllabus was more in Physics. One question was, “There is a pulley, 2 masses were hanging on the sides of the pulley, find the moment of inertia?” He felt that the weightage of Inorganic Chemistry was more in Chemistry portion. He also mentions that the Sequence & Series, as well as Set questions, were tough in Maths. In physics, Force related questions were not easy.
  • Gagan says Maths was tough as it is his weak subject. One Maths Question was of AP, “there are 2 APs, find the common terms between both the APs?” Chemistry section had more questions from Inorganic. Organic part was easy, NCERT based. His exam writing strategy for the candidates is to start with the strongest subject and finish it faster.

JEE Mains 9th January 2020 (Shift 1) Student’s Reactions

The Shift 1 of 9th January Exam is over. Let us hear what the students have to say.

  • Omdeshwari says the level of Physics was quite difficult. The chemistry section was easy. There were a lot of NCERT based questions. Both Organic & Inorganic Chemistry had equal weightage. No questions from Polymers and Biomolecules.
  • Harsh says Mathematics was the toughest. Today’s exam was comparatively tougher than the 7th January Exam, as he tells us. One question from Chemistry was, “If a certain material is in liquid state at a certain temperature and it’s non-conducting, so what is that material?There were 2 questions from Vector Algebra. He also says Maths section had a lot of questions from Calculus. In Physics, Eletrostatistics had good amount of questions. And, in Chemistry, the weightage of Inorganic was more. Upon asking about the verification process time as soon as the candidates enter the venue, he says it takes only 5 minutes. Also, the verification process is not included in the exam time. He is preparing for VIT, SRMJEEE, and BITSAT as well. The expected cutoff for an average student is 80-85 according to him. His tips for attempting the exam for other students is that they should attempt the Maths section at last as it is quite lengthy. One question was from Mathematical Reasoning, “2 statements are given, find the negation?”
  • Another student says that the exam was fine. Chemistry & Physics were a little tricky. Maths was easy, according to him. He says there were many questions from Organic Chemistry. There were 6 to 8 questions from Inorganic. In Physics, there were more questions from Heat & Thermodynamics.
  • A candidate says there were good amount of questions from Co-ordinate Compounds. One question of Maths of Binomial Expression was “(1+x+x2)10, find the coefficient of x4?” According to him, the Maths paper was not lengthy.
  • Priya says the exam was easy. She tells that the Physics section was tough. Maths was moderate. And, Chemistry was very easy. In Chemistry, more weightage was given to Class 12th Syllabus. Organic & Inorganic Chemistry had equal weightage. In Physics, more weightage was given to Class 11th Syllabus. Numerical Based questions that are introduced this year were okay. She says Maths numerical questions were lengthy.
  • A student says that the exam was fine. According to him, the Physics portion was hard. Chemistry section was easy even for an average student. Maths was moderate. His tip for the upcoming JEE main candidates is to finish the Chemistry section first. Then, move on to Physics.

JEE Mains 2020 8th January (Shift 2) Students Reactions

JEE Mains 8th January 2020 2nd Shift got over at 5:30 pm, Here’s what the students have to say.

  • Akshay says Physics was very difficult. Chemistry was easy. And, Maths was of basic level, more weightage was given to the 11th Class syllabus in the Maths section. Organic Chemistry questions were more compared to inorganic. There were a considerable amount of questions from Set, Relations, and Functions.
  • Sahil says Maths was difficult as this is not his strong subject. Physics is strongest subject so it was easy for him. Chemistry was 70% from NCERT, as per his statement. One Maths question was to find the variants, the observation was misread, so students had to find the variant. Upon asking about whether one could wear jacket inside the examination hall, he said yes.
  • Anchit says the exam was good. According to him, Physics section was tough. Maths was quite lengthy. Numerical based questions that are introduced this year were easy, as he tells us. Also, equal weightage was given to Organic & Inorganic Chemistry. There were many MCQs from Co-ordinate Compounds. In Physics, there were a lot of questions from Electromagnetism. Inorganic Chemistry was comparatively less than Organic. There were good questions from Modern Physics. And. in Maths section, the questions were equally balanced from all the topics. He says that water bottles are not allowed inside the exam hall. The exam committee will provide the same upon asking. Pens are also not allowed.
  • Abhishek says that Physics was difficult. Chemistry was of NCERT level. And, maths section was moderate.
  • Nitin says that the exam was quite easy overall. Physics was the toughest section according to him, then Maths, and lastly Chemistry. He said Chemistry was quite easy. Also, Nitin mentioned that Inorganic Chemistry had more weightage. There were questions from Metallurgy. One Physics Question was “Logic gate circuit was drawn, inputs were given, find the output? Another Maths question was “Area of circle and parabola is given, students had to intersect both and find area x the curve. One Maths Question was from Statistics, “variants and mean were given, and there was an error in the observation, candidates had to find the new variants.” 2-3 questions were from Electrostatistics. 3-4 questions were from the Conic section.
  • Subhanshu says Maths and Chemistry sections were easy. Physics was tough according to him. One question from Physics was “n moles were of Helium, 2n moles of oxygen were given, find the value of CP upon CV if both are put in the same container?”

JEE Mains 2020 8th January (Shift 1) Students Reactions

The 8th January 2020 (Shift 1) Exam is done. Let us take a look at the student’s reactions and analysis.

  • A student says that the exam was moderate (not very good not very bad). Physics was the toughest section according to him. Maths was lengthy. He analyzed the 7th January Paper 1 exam and claims that today’s paper was tougher. He says that the 11th class syllabus was given more weightage in Physics section. And, Maths had more emphasis on 12th class syllabus. Chemistry had equal weightage to 11th & 12th syllabus. There were more questions from Organic. His advice to the other JEE Main appearing candidates is that they should solve easy questions first (the ones that can be solved on fingertips), Maths is quite lengthy so it needs more time.
  • Indra says Chemistry was tough as there were more questions from inorganic. Physics level was good, as he tells. If you remember all the concepts, then Physics would be easy for you. There were 1 or 3 questions from Modern Physics. He says that the Class 12th Syllabus was given more weightage. One question from probability was on balls (certain number of balls were given), you need to find the probability of drawing a certain color of ball?
  • Ishan says Maths was the difficult section today. The chemistry section was easy as direct questions were asked. There were fewer numericals in Physics. One question from Environmental Chemistry was, “Which are the greenhouse gases?” Options were given, students had to choose one option. 2 questions came from Ionisation Enthalpy (Inorganic chemistry), such as “Which has more 3rd ionisation enthalpy?” One Maths question was from AP, “one binomial expression was given then function and again binomial expression was given, find out the minimum value of function?” Another Parabola question was to “find the locus of the point, 1 co-ordinate was given, 1 parabola was given, using the section formula, find the locus of the point between the two?” He also says that the verification process in the exam centre took around 30 minutes.
  • Ayushman says that the exam paper was moderately difficult. Physics was tough. However, Maths & Chemistry were easy according to him.
  • Pratyush says that the paper was fine. The questions that came in the exam were not that tough but they were lengthy instead.

JEE Mains 2020 7th January (Shift 2) Student Reactions- Maths Lengthiest

JEE main 2020 7th January Paper 1 exam has been finished successfully. You can read the student reactions below to get an idea about the Shift 2 exam.

  • A JEE aspirant said that the exam was of moderate level. And, maths section was quite lengthy. Physics, according to him was quite difficult. Chemistry section was quite easy. In the Chemistry section, 3 questions from the beginning were of Inorganic Chemistry. Organic chemistry had less weightage this time compared to previous years’. One question from Physics was on the basis of area of continuity of Fluid Dynamics, students had to find out the v minimum and v maximum ratio (radius were given). Another question from Maths was based on Probability. The question is “if the probability one train going out-of-service is 1/4 and in a day there are atmost 2 trains that are out of service, the probability given was 3/4k3, find the value of k? Maths section has 2-3 questions from conic chapter. The weightage was given to the Class 12th Syllabus.
  • Another JEE main appearing candidate says that the Mathematics part was the toughest. One question from Physics was related to Doppler’s effect. She also said that equal weightage of Class 11th & 12th Syllabus was given in the question paper.
  • Vedant says that the most conceptual section was of Physics. Maths section more of formula-based. And, Chemistry was quite as easy. Thermodynamics in Chemistry had approximately 3 questions. Electrostatistics and current electricity had around 5 questions in total. Conic part from Maths had 4 questions and 1 numerical based question. He is also going to appear for BITSAT 2020.
  • Nishita says that the exam was nice. According to her, Physics Section was the toughest. According to her, JEE mains 2020 had more conceptual based questions compared to previous years’. Maths section had more questions from 11th Class Syllabus.

JEE Main 7th January 2020 (Shift 1) Memory Based Questions

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Physics Solved Questions 1 to 5

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JEE Main 7th January 2020 Paper 1 (Shift 1) Student Reactions

Have a look at the students’ reactions:

  1. Mohit Yadav says his exam went well. He felt that all the sections (Physics, chemistry, and Maths) were equally tough. He also mentioned that the Physics section had more questions from Thermodynamics. There was 1 question from Electrostatistics. He remembers one question from electrostatics, “2 plane surfaces are inclined at 30 degrees, find the electric field?”
  2. Aman says that the exam was average. The mathematics section was the toughest. Physics section was moderate. One of the chemistry questions was “Which is the purest form of iron (commercially)?” There were questions from the integer section in Maths. The 11th Class syllabus was more dominating than the 12th Class syllabus.
  3. Nishita says that her experience was nice overall as it was her 1st attempt. She says that the Physics section was the most difficult. According to her, chemistry section was easy. One question was “if quantum number is 5, what will be the number of orbitals? A maths question was “Matrix order is given, find A31?” & the other question was about parabola & the area enclosed by parabola. She says 12th Class Syllabus was more than the 11th Class.
  4. Naveen says his exam was pretty good. And, the physics section was the toughest amongst all. On the other hand, Chemistry was the easiest. Maths was moderate. One of the Maths questions was “The area enclosed by the circle which is not common with the y=x & y=x2″ 
  5. Ansh says that the exam was pretty easy compared to previous years’ papers. Ansh felt that the Chemistry part was tough and Maths was easy. 1st question from Physics was of Thermodynamics. He also mentioned that the integer numerical based questions in Chemistry were quite tough.
  6. Another JEE main aspirant told a question from Maths that the “Triangle co-ordinates are given. Find the length from a certain point to another point.”

JEE Main 6th January 2020 Paper 2 (Shift 1) Analysis

JEE main 2020 6th January 1st Slot has been completed. Around 11 lakhs students are going to appear for the January session in total. The 1st shift of the exam got over at 12:30 pm. On the basis of the student reactions, it is quite visible that the Mathematics section was the toughest amongst all.

It is not possible to give an exam analysis right away. The students have to wait for some time to know the JEE Main January paper 2 exam analysis. Also, the 2nd shift of 6th January exam begins from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

JEE Main 2020 Students Reactions

As we all know, the exam has started on 6th January 2020. The first day of the exam will take place for Paper 2 (B.Arch & B.Planning). We will update the student’s reaction and exam related information on this page. It will be easy to understand the new exam pattern of JEE Main from a candidate who will take the exam. Also, the difficulty level of the questions can be determined with the help of the JEE Main student reaction. This page has the students’ reactions to JEE Main for 2019 session. Check the videos and comments available in the below section in order to get to know about last year question pattern and difficulty of the question paper.

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JEE Mains Paper 2 (2nd Shift) Students Reactions- 6th January 2020

The students have finished their JEE Main 2nd Shift Exam (6th Jan 2020). You can read the student reactions below.

  • Shivam said that his exam went well. He mentioned that the Maths questions were more from 11th Syllabus compared to the 12th. He said he is also going to appear for B.E/B.Tech Exam.
  • Sharan says that the Mathematics section was tough. He appeared for the B.Planning exam. A few questions that he remembers from the B.Planning exam (Geography based) are ‘Who made the building (building name)?’ And similarly, in the Aptitude, the questions would be ‘if the top view of the building is given, then what will be the side view. Also, he is going to appear for the B.Tech Exam as well.
  • Another JEE main aspirant said that the Aptitude section was tough as it has logical reasoning questions. A question from Maths was “There is a parallelopiped, the vector equations of side & volume of the parallelopiped were given and you have to find the co-ordinate of vector equations of sides”. The Planning section had a question “who are the architects of LIC Building?’ She also mentioned that the staff inside the exam centre were very supportive as well as there were no technical issues during the exam.
  • Another Student told that a question was asked, ‘if you open an object, how will it look in 3D?’ One preparation tip given by him to other students for Mathematics is that the students should prepare the basic formulas really well. According to him, Maths was really tough and aptitude was quite easy. He is also going to sit for the B.Tech exam on 7th January 2020.
  • Mukesh told that the Maths section was the difficult one. Rest others were easy. He said the 11th Syllabus Maths questions were comparatively tough than 12th Class. He is going to attempt the B.Tech exam as well on 7th January 2020.

JEE Mains Paper 2 Students Reactions 6th Jan 2020 (1st Shift Over)

The JEE Main January 1st Shift Exam is over. Read the students reactions’ regarding the 1st shift exam.

  • Harshit Pruthi says that the Drawing section was the most difficult one amongst all. One of the questions that he remembers is ‘Make anything using cylinders only’. And, he tells us the Math questions that came in the exam. He also says that weightage was more of the 12th syllabus in comparison to 11th Syllabus. Other than this, he also said that the Integration & Differentiation questions were comparatively less this time.
  • Vanshika says that her exam was ‘Okay’. The drawing section had questions based on imagination. She is also going to appear for the B.Tech exam in the January session. Also, they will attempt the April Session Exam also.

JEE Main 6th January 2020 Reactions Paper 2 (1st Slot) By DoubtNut

The JEE Main 6th January Exam 2020 has started from 9:30 am (1st Slot). Here are a few student/parents’ reactions.

Question: Since you are appearing for the 1st slot, what if you gave the exam on the 2nd or 3rd Day of JEE Mains? Would there be any advantage?

Answer (Student): As the exam is in online mode, so the only advantage would be that I could ask the questions that have come in the exam from my friends. Other than that, there is no such benefit.

Question: Was there any problem in reaching the exam centre since it is so cold outside?

Answer (Parent): No, my son & I were prepared for the exam beforehand. We kept the JEE Main hall ticket & ID proof ready yesterday in order to avoid any last-minute hassle.

JEE Main 12th April 2019 Students Reactions (Shift 2) by Aglasem

As the Shift 2 paper is over now with this JEE Main examination for the year 2019 has been successfully conducted. The gate has been opened and candidates were seen making their way out after giving the exam. Here are the reactions of some of the candidates:

Aryan felt that the exam was easy and he found Physics and Mathematics were moderate and Chemistry was relatively easy. He told that in Physics there were more topics covered from the class 11th syllabus. There were a lot of questions from Soundwaves and fewer questions from Optics. In Mathematics sections there were many questions from 3D. He also told that there were no repeated questions. He has appeared in Jan session too in which he attempted 42 questions and scored 93.6%. This time he has attempted 51 questions and expects to get a higher score than the previous session examination. He is also going to appear in Manipal, BITS, VITEEE and SRMJEEE.

Ram said that his exam went good and was according to his preparation. To him, the Organic part from Chemistry section seemed to be tough. He found Physics and Mathematics were moderate but lengthy. He expects to get 150 plus score and attempted more than 40 questions. In January he obtained 85%.

Bhavishya said his exam was very good and found Physics to be hard and Chemistry and Mathematics moderate. In Physics there were 7-8 questions from Mechanics and all the questions were tricky. He also told that some topics were similar as that came in the previous session like Boolean Algebra, Mathematical Reasoning, and Refractive Index. He is further preparing for JEE Advanced. He was asked about his preference related to online and offline mode and he said that he prefers online mode as this mode allows students to change their answers till the last moment which is not all possible in offline mode. He faced some technical issue as his computer was not connecting to the server but then he was allotted a new system.

Apurva said that her exam was moderate and told that the difficulty level was similar to the January session. She found Maths tough. In physics, there was 1 question from Mechanics, 2 questions from Optics, 1 from EM Waves, and 3 from Thermodynamics. In Chemistry, there were few numerical based questions and equal weightage was given to Organic and Inorganic part. In the Mathematics section, there was 1 question fromComples Numbers, 2 from Probability and Statistics, 1 from Sequence and Series and 2 from Trigonometry. She has also appeared in January exam and scored 96 percentile and now she expects to get 99 percentile.

JEE Main 12th April 2019 Student Reaction (Shift 1) by Aglasem

Pooja has also appeared for the January examination. According to the level of the examination was the same as the previous session. She found Physics to be the toughest section.

Prikshit said that the difficulty level was similar to that of the January exam. He personally felt Physics was difficult. He attempted the previous session and scored 90 percentile in it. This time he is expecting marks above 150 and also told that he is preparing for JEE Advanced too.

Shivam said that his exam was good but it was lengthy. He told that there was not much difference but the exam was slightly difficult in comparison to the January session. o him, Physics seemed to be moderate and Mathematics was lengthy. In Physics, there were many questions from Mechanics, 2 from Optics, 1 from Electrostatic and 2 fro. Thermodynamics. In Mathematics, there were a lot of questions from Calculus topic. He also told that more weightage was given to class 12th syllabus. He has appeared in January exam and obtained 85%.

Arya found that this session exam was easier than the previous one as he has appeared in the previous session examination also. He told that Chemistry was really very easy and most of the questions were from NCERT and Mathematics was okay. In Mathematics, Calculus and Coordinate Geometry topics were easy, Algebra was tricky and there were no questions from Permutation and Combination and Probability instead in place of these topics the other topics included was Sequence and Series, Binomial, AOI and Integration. According to him, the Physics sections was the toughest and contained most of the questions from class 11th syllabus such as from Mechanica and Thermodynamics. In Chemistry, the way to approach the questions was somewhat similar as in the January exam. He told that there were no repeated questions. He is further preparing for BITSAT and VIT. In January exam, he had scored 98.6 percentile. In this session exam, he has attempted 76 questions and expects to get marks between 265 to 280.


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