JEE Main Security Pin 2021: What is the security pin in JEE Main is the latest query of the students appearing for the exam. The security pin is asked to the candidates while login into the account while processing the admit card, result, answer key, etc. Each time when candidates need to log in their account, they have to enter the security pin i.e Captcha mention in a box. Candidates just have to enter the characters mentioned in the space provided.  Queries related to the JEE Main captcha are:

Check Eligibility For NTA JEE Main Exam

  • Forgot security pin for JEE Main
  • What is the captcha in JEE Main?
  • How To get a security pin for JEE Main Exam?

The explanation of all the above questions is very simple. Read the article to get to know about the security pin for JEE Main.

Where To Put The JEE Main Security Pin?

Candidates won’t be able to login to the account without entering the security pin. To move further in the process, the candidates have to enter the security pin. In order to login to the account, candidates have to enter the application no. & password/D.O.B and the security pin. It is mandatory for the candidates to enter the NTA JEE Main Security Pin. The no. of times security captcha is asked in the JEE Main process such as

  1. JEE Main Login Id
  2. JEE Main Admit Card
  3. Result of JEE Main

JEE Main Security Pin Registration, Login, Admit card

Check The Process To Enter The JEE Main Security Pin

In order to enter the security pin of JEE Main, candidates have to follow certain procedures.  All the above process (JEE Main Login/ Admit Card/ Result) includes the JEE Mains Security Pin. The process is same for all the above topics, let’s look into the topics to understand the use of security pin.

  • Visit the official site of JEE Main
  • A home page of the website will appear in front of the screen
  • Locate JEE Main Login/Admit Card/Result ( seek at the time of the event) and click on it.
  • Enter the credentials required such as ” Application no. “, “Password/D.O.B” and “Security Pin”.
  • Click on the submit button and move further in the process.

Forgot Security Pin For JEE Main?

This is an automatic process that is provided to the candidates in the process. Since this is not a permanent pin so candidates do not have to remember it. Candidates have to enter the security pin as appearing on the image. So even if the candidates enter the wrong security pin, within a moment a new security pin will be generated.

What Is Security Pin In JEE Main 2021?

First of all, understand the concept of the security text in JEE Main before heading to the explanation. Security Pin is used to preventing bots from automatically submitting forms with SPAM or other unwanted content. This is additional information which the candidates have to enter in order to process further. JEE Main Security Pin Captcha has the 6 random characters that include the alphabets (Capital & Small) and numbers

Why JEE Main Security Pin Is Necessary?

Security Pin is necessary  because of the following reasons:

  • Browsing of the websites takes place in a programmatic way.  The program codes captures human actions such as scrolling, clicking, saving images, filling forms, etc. In this course of action, wrong things might take place such as brute-forcing passwords or overloading a website by sending a lot of automated requests.
  • JEE Main 2021 security captcha is a small little aid which is put on webpages to identify if a human is browsing it or a program and eventually obstruct the automated program-browsing.
  • Security Pin confirms that you are a real human being and not any kind of machiner.

Importance of Security Pin In JEE Main 2021?

In simple terms, the security pin differentiate whether the user is a human or a computer

  • NTA JEE Main website uses the Login Pin/ Captcha to avoid abuse from “bots,” or automated programs or Scripts generally written to generate spam. Images mention in the security pin can only be read by human beings and not computer-generated programs.
  • Security and accessibility are the two main issues that a CAPTCHA must satisfy.
  • Security Pin also avoids dictionary attacks. These are the type of attacks under which an automatically generated scripts or computer program tries random passwords on login forms in the case of unsuccessful login.
  • It helps search engines to prevent crawling the spam contents that may be harmful to keeping database safe or sensitive data of being exploited.


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