Pondicherry University Exam Time Table 2020: for October 2020 Session is now available. Candidates can appear their semester exam on the respective dates. Candidates can check the official dates below. Pondicherry University is a central university located in Puducherry, India. Every year the University conducts PU Admission as well as semester exams. The candidates who wish to seek admission into the Pondicherry University can fill the application form and sit for the entrance test. PU offers a wide variety of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The time table for the entrance examination and semester examination will be available on the official website.

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The time table informs the candidates about the time and date of the examination. Pondicherry University is yet to release the time table for the 2020-21 session. Read the article to know more about the Pondicherry University Time Table 2020.

Latest Updates

  • Pondicherry University has released the Semester Exam Time Table of UG Arrear Oct-2020. Click Here to check the University Semester Date Sheet pdf
17/10/2020A/N1FC E1CSEN1(1)ENGLISH-I0311001
16/10/2020A/N1FC A1CSLA1(1)ARABIC-I0431001
16/10/2020A/N1FC A1(C)CSLA1(C)ARABIC-I0431002
16/10/2020A/N1MI LB1CSLB1(1)BENGALI-I0351001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LTL1CSLE1(1)TELUGU-I0361001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LF1CSLF1(1)FRENCH-I0321001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LF1CS(C)LF1(C)FRENCH-I0321002
16/10/2020A/N1MI LH1CSLH1(1)HINDI-I0331001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LM1CSLM1(1)MALAYALAM-I0341001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LM1CS(C)LM1(C)MALAYALAM-I0341002
16/10/2020A/N1MI LS1CSLS1(1)SANSKRIT-I0411001
16/10/2020A/N1MI LT1CSLT1(1)TAMIL-I0301001
28/10/2020F/N2FC E2CSEN2(1)ENGLISH-II0312001
27/10/2020F/N2FC A2CSLA2(1)ARABIC-II0372001
27/10/2020F/N2FC A2(C)CSLA2(C)ARABIC-II0372002
27/10/2020F/N2MI LB2CSLB2(1)BENGALI-II0352001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LTL2CSLE2(1)TELUGU-II0362001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LF2CSLF2(1)FRENCH-II0322001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LF2CS(C)LF2(C)FRENCH-II0322002
27/10/2020F/N2MI LH2CSLH2(1)HINDI-II0332001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LM2CSLM2(1)MALAYALAM-II0342001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LM2CS(C)LM2(C)MALAYALAM-II0342002
27/10/2020F/N2MI LS2CSLS2(1)SANSKRIT-II0421001
27/10/2020F/N2MI LT2CSLT2(1)TAMIL-II0302001
28/10/2020A/N3FC E3CSEN3(1)ENGLISH-III0313001
27/10/2020A/N3FC A3CSLA3(1)ARABIC-III0373001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LB3CSLB3(1)BENGALI-III0353001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LTL3CSLE3(1)TELUGU-III0363001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LF3CSLF3(1)FRENCH-III0322001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LH3CSLH3(1)HINDI-III0333001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LM3CSLM3(1)MALAYALAM-III0343001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LM3CS(C)LM3(C)MALAYALAM-III0343002
27/10/2020A/N3MI LS3CSLS3(1)SANSKRIT-III0413001
27/10/2020A/N3MI LT3CSLT3(1)TAMIL-III0303001
08/10/2020F/N4FC E4CSEN4(1)ENGLISH-IV0314001
07/10/2020F/N4FC A4CSLA4(1)ARABIC-IV0424001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LB4CSLB4(1)BENGALI-IV0354001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LTL4CSLE4(1)TELUGU-IV0364001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LF4CSLF4(1)FRENCH-IV0324001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LH4CSLH4(1)HINDI-IV0334001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LM4CSLM4(1)MALAYALAM-IV0344001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LM4CS(C)LM4(C)MALAYALAM-IV0344002
07/10/2020F/N4MI LS4CSLS4(1)SANSKRIT-IV0413001
07/10/2020F/N4MI LT4CSLT4(1)TAMIL-IV0304001

Steps to Obtain Pondicherry University Time Table 2020

In order to view and download the time table of Pondicherry University, candidates need to head to the official site. On the website, candidates will get complete details about Pondicherry University Admission as well as semester exams. University will release the time table for all the UG & PG courses. Follow the steps given below.

For Semester Exams:

  • Go to the official website of Pondicherry University
  • On the homepage, you will see a ‘Time table’ option
  • You will be redirected to a page with all the list of courses
  • Check the time table of your course
  • Download it or note it down for future uses

For Entrance Exams:

  • Visit the University website
  • Go to the Admission Portal
  • You will see the new session important dates and the complete schedule
  • Either download the time table or note it down for future uses

Information Present in the Time Table 2020

The time table contains important information regarding the examination. With the help of the time table, the candidate can get to know the exact timing and schedule of the entrance examination as well as the semester examination. Below is the list of the information that is given on the time table of Pondicherry University 2020.

  • Date of the Examination
  • Time of the Examination
  • Subject Code
  • Subject Names

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Details regarding the Pondicherry University Time Table 2020

The time table will be available in online mode. Candidates can get the time table on the official website. The time table is in PDF format, therefore, it is easier for the candidates to download it. Pondicherry University conducts the semester exams in the month of April/ May. So, the time table is usually released before 2-3 weeks of the entrance examination.

If you have any more queries or doubts regarding the Pondicherry University Exam Time Table, then comment down below. We will assist you shortly.


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