NEET Mock Test 2021: Candidates should start solving NEET-UG Mock Tests daily as the exam date is announced. The entrance exam will be conducted on 12th September 2021. The students preparing for the NEET Exam should solve as many test papers as possible. It helps in the preparation process and increases your chances of clearing the exam. Moreover, these mock tests shall be available in the same format and pattern as that of NEET 2021. Further, NEET Mock Test 2021 is released in both online and offline mode. The mock tests are designed to be solved within 3 hours only. Candidates’ thus be able to figure out whether they are able to solve the paper in the given time or not. In addition, to download test papers, and for exam pattern, the benefits of solving papers, read further.

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NEET Mock Test 2021

The students can also solve previous years’ papers apart from mock test papers. By solving the NEET Mock Test, you can find your weak areas and further can work upon them. Moreover, students should start solving the mock tests, a month before the exam. It shall help you in brushing up on all the topics properly and boost up your confidence. The application and exam dates are mentioned below. Candidates should have an idea about the exam activities schedule so that they do not miss out on any of the important events.

EventsDates Scheduled 
NEET Online Form 2021
NEET UG Exam Date 202112th Sep 2021

What is a Mock Test?

NEET Mock Tests are exactly the same as the NEET Final Test Paper. These test papers are in exactly the same format. Candidates’ can thus get experience of solving the exam paper. Moreover, mock tests are available subject-wise as well. Thus, if you want to check your preparation for a particular subject, then you can solve mock tests of that subject. Furthermore, a complete 3-hour paper shall also be available.

National Test Abhyas

The National Testing Agency (NTA) along with the Health Ministry has launched a mobile application called National Test Abhyas. This application is developed for allowing NEET aspirants to take Daily tests and prepare in the most effective manner. It is an intelligence-driven personalized adaptive learning platform. NEET aspirants can further download it on both the Android or iOS systems. Aspirants can further get to practice from this app with real-time personalized reports. National Test Abhyas app advanced analytics is what shall help the students in knowing their weak areas and working on them.

Moreover, the Mock Tests are prepared by an experienced faculty. Hence, it shall definitely boost the preparation.

Download Aakash NTA NEET Online Test Papers

S. No.Test NameQuestion PaperSolution
01Aakash NEET Test PaperDownloadDownload
02Aakash NEET TestDownload
03Aakash NEET TestDownloadDownload
04Aakash NEET TestDownloadDownload
05Aakash NEET TestDownload
06Aakash NEET TestDownloadDownload
07Aakash NEET TestDownloadDownload
08Aakash NEET TestDownloadDownload

Further, you can visit the NTA Official Website as well to take the mock test. They have a lot of test papers available for allowing students to practice them. – Take Up NTA NEET Mock Test

NTA NEET 2021 Exam Pattern

The mock tests are also made as per the NEET Exam Pattern 2021 as the question paper is prepared following it. It basically defines the structure of the question paper, from the no. of questions to the marks a section carries. Thus, it helps students in the preparation process. Moreover, the National Testing Agency (NTA) prescribes the exam pattern. The exam pattern of NEET is further as follows:

  • The NEET Exam is conducted in offline mode, i.e it is a pen and paper-based test.
  • Candidates get 3 hours to complete the paper.
  • There shall be 180 questions in total
  • The exam is further of 720 marks in total.
  • In addition, the question paper is divided into 3 sections (Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Zoology & Botany))
  • Wherein, the Physics, and Chemistry section carries 45 questions, and Biology contains 90 questions. However, for the 2021 session, 20% more questions can be included for giving candidates a choice. 
  • For each correct answer, 4 marks are awarded. Further, as negative marking is applicable, so 1 mark is deducted for each incorrect answer.
  • Furthermore, the standard of the questions shall be the same as that of class 11th and 12th. The syllabus is thus the same.

How To Attempt NTA NEET 2021 Mock Test?

NEET Online Free Mock Tests are available on various different websites. Candidates’ can thus visit them all and solve as many papers as they want. However, to ensure that students do not face any difficulty while solving the test paper. The step-by-step procedure of attempting the paper is mentioned below. Note that by following these steps, you can solve the papers made available on the official website.

  • Visit the official website from where you want to take the mock test, such as the NTA Official Website –
  • On the homepage, click on the link to the “NEET 2021 Mock Test”.
  • Then click on the start mock test icon and you are redirected to the mock test.
  • Wherein, first, you should read all the instructions carefully before starting the exam.
  • Further, click on continue and the questions then start appearing on the screen.

Therefore, following these steps, you can successfully give a mock test. Other than NTA, there a number of institutes, which have provided online mock tests.

NTA NEET Mock Test Apps

There are a lot of NEET Mock Test Apps as well, which allows students to take the test easily at any place. You just need to download the application on your phone or tablet, and then you can simply solve the papers. In addition, the best part is that these apps are absolutely free. Hence, you just need an internet connection to download it and then solve the papers. Many such apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple application centre. Furthermore, some of the best apps available are as follows:

  • NTA’s National Test Abhyas
  • Resonance App
  • Aakash iTutor
  • Unacademy
  • Career Orbits
  • HashLearn NEET App
  • Physics Galaxy
  • AskIItians

Best YouTube Channels for NEET 2021 Preparation

Other than mobile applications, students can also get good content for preparation from youtube channels. Thus, some of the YouTube channels you can refer to are as follows:

  • Unacademy – It is known as India’s largest free education initiative. Candidates can access thousands of highly qualitative educational videos on the Unacademy youtube channel. They have detailed videos on all the topics. Thus, if you face difficulty in any of the topics, then you can check out their channel. Candidates’ can also leave a comment below the video, which is addressed by the professionals of Unacademy.
  • Exam Fear Education This YouTube channel has a lot of videos on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. Moreover, this channel was established in 2011. Hence, they provide genuine content.
  • Khan AcademyIt is a channel with a great reputation for providing quality content. Their videos provide complete details about the picked-up topics. Further, they also have videos on problem solving and questions frequently asked in the exam.
  • NEET Prep It is one of India’s most successful NEET Preparation YouTube channels. Moreover, they also have a mobile application. Their channel further has over 500+ hours of video lectures. Their videos are detailed and thus students can easily understand the topics.

What are the Benefits of Taking NEET Mock Tests?

There are a lot of benefits to solving the NEET Mock Test 2021. It plays a key role in the preparation process. By solving papers, you can find your weak areas. Further, some of the benefits of solving test papers are listed below.

  • It gets you acquainted with the exam pattern and the syllabus.
  • In addition, it also contributes to increasing your time management skills. By solving these papers you can figure out whether are able to complete the paper within the given time period or not.
  • You can also check which section is consuming most of your time.
  • Furthermore, solving papers frequently also boost up your confidence to attempt the paper.
  • You can make a plan of action for the exam day, as to how you are supposed to solve the paper and which section to start from and focus on.

NEET Mock Test 2021 FAQs

Ques: What should be the frequency of solving NEET Mock Tests?
Ans: Candidates should start solving the papers topic-wise. Thus, after completing a section, you can quickly solve a mock test. Further, try to solve at least 2 papers every day, a month before the exam.
Ques: Are Mock Tests enough for cracking the NEET Exam?
Ans: NEET is a national level exam and thus it is not easy to crack this exam. Wherein, mock tests are just a part of the preparation process. It definitely adds more value to the preparation process. But it is equally important to complete the syllabus and focus on finishing the complete syllabus as soon as possible.
Ques: Does NTA has mock tests available on its official website?
Ans: Yes, a lot of mock tests are available on the official website of the National Testing Agency. The link for the same is given in the article.


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