MJPRU Exam Scheme 2021: The Controller of Examinations of Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU) Bareilly has postponed all the UG/PG Main Exam due to the rise in Covid cases. The revised exam dates will be released after analyzing the Covid scenario in the state and as per the orders of the UP State Government. Therefore, all the students must check the MJPRU Revised Exam Scheme. It is available in the updates section of this article. The Examination Council conducts its entrance exam for admission into various UG and PG courses. Candidates who are willing to pursue any course from this university need to update themselves with the MJPRU Main Exam Scheme and prepare for the entrance exam.

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The Exam Council of the University releases the official dates of the entrance as well as semester exams. The students who are preparing for the examination must check the MJPRU Main Exam Scheme 2021 from the official website. Students can also check the Eligibility Criteria, Admit Card, Result, and other details in the MJPRU Admission 2021. They can apply for various UG/PG/MPhil. courses in any particular discipline. In this article, we have given all the latest regarding the exam time table of MJPRU, Main semester/ regular exam date sheet, admit card, result, etc.

Latest Updates

  • MJPRU UG / PG Main Exam  Postponed. Click Here to get the latest updates.

MJPRU Main and Supplementary Exam Scheme 2021

The exam council also releases the exam pattern and the syllabus for the entrance exam for various courses. However, the aspirants have to fill the MJPRU Online Examination Form 2021 in order to be eligible to sit for the examination. In this article, we are giving all the details of the exam scheme of MJPR University. It includes the exam dates, syllabus of the examination, duration of the paper, eligibility, etc. Candidates can read the article further to know the latest details of the MJPRU Improvement Exam Scheme.

MJP Rohilkhand University Exam Scheme 2021

The university conducts an entrance exam for giving admissions in various courses. However, for some courses, there is no entrance test for getting admission. The candidates who are interested to get admission must be aware of the Exam Scheme of MJPRU and the important updates on the examination. The university also conducts the semester exam at the end of each academic session in order to check the progress of the students. The exam scheme of the semester exam is also available on the official website of the university before the exams.

Candidates can download the Revised MJPRU Scheme in PDF form for UG/PG courses such as BA/ B.Sc/B.Com/B.ed/ MA/M.Sc/BUMS and other courses. The MJPRU BEd. Exam Scheme 2021, helps the student to get an idea of exam pattern in maintaining time management in their studies. Here are a few important dates for various courses in Rohilkhand University under the semester scheme of the curriculum. However, the given dates are tentative and they are subject to change as per the updates of the university. Therefore, candidates must re-verify the datasheet from the official website of the university or they can read our article MJPRU Exam Date Sheet 2021. Here is the tabular form of the tentative dates for various courses.

Semester Exam Scheme

Exam  Date7 AM to 10 AM11 AM to 2 PM3 PM to 6 PM
to be announcedB.Com I Gr. A-IB.A. I Arabic I

B.A. I Persian I

B.Sc. I Chemistry I

B.Com. II Gr. A IB.A. II Arabic I

B.A. II Persian I


B.A. II Foreign Trade I

B.A. II Fashion Designing I

B.A. II Functional Hindi

B.A./ B.Sc. II Defense Studies I

B.Com. III Gr. AIB.A. III Arabic I

B.A. III Persian I

B.Sc. III Chemistry I

B.A. I Urdu IB.A. I Sanskrit I

B.A./B.Sc. I Defense Studies I

B.Sc. II Chemistry IB.A. II Urdu I

B.A. II Sanskrit I

B.A. III Urdu IB.A. III Sanskrit I
B.Com I Gr. A IIB.A. I Arabic II

B.A. I Persian II

B.Sc. I Chemistry II

B.Com II Gr. A –IIB.A. II Arabic II

B.A. II Persian II


B.A. II Foreign Trade- II

B.A. II Fashion Designing II

B.A. /B.Sc  II Defense Studies II

B.Com III Gr. A IIB.Sc. III Chemistry II

B.A. III Arabic II

B.A. III Persian II

B.A. I Urdu IIB.A. I Sanskrit II
B.A. / B.Sc. I Defense Studies II
B.Sc. II Chemistry IIB.A. II Urdu II
B.A. II Sanskrit II
B.A. III Urdu IIB.A. III Sanskrit II
B.Com I Gr. B IB.Sc. I Chemistry III

B.A. I Functional Hindi

B.Com III Gr. B-IB.A. III Urdu III
B.A. I Education IB.A. I Psychology I

B.A. I Philosophy I

B.Sc. II Chemistry IIIB.Com II Gr. B – I

B.A. II Home Science I

B.Sc. III Chemistry IIIB.A. III History I
B.Com I Gr. B IIB.A. I Home Science I

B.Sc. Sports & Physical Education

B.Com II Gr. B IIB.A. / B.Sc. II Geography IB.Com III Gr. B – IIB.A. III Home Science I

B.Sc. III Zoology I

B.Sc. III Physics I

B.A. I Education IIB.A I Psychology II
B.A. I Philosophy II
B.Sc. II Zoology IB.Sc. II Physics I
B.A. II Environment
B.A. III History II
B.Sc. I Zoology IB.Sc. I Physics I

B.Com. I Gr. C I

B.A. I Home Science II

B.A./ B.Sc. II Geography IIB.Com II Gr. C-IB.Com III Gr. C,D,E,F IB.A. III Home Science II

B.Sc. III Zoology II

B.Sc. III Physics II

B.Com I Gr. C-IIB.Sc. I Zoology II
B.Sc. I Physics II
B.A. I Environment
B.Sc. III Zoology IIIB.Sc. III Physics III
B.Com III Gr. C, D,E,F-II
B.A. III History III
B.A. I Sociology IB.Sc. II Zoology IIIB.Sc. II Physics III

B.Com II Gr. C-II

B.A. II Sports & Physical Education

B.A. III Drawing & PainingB.Sc. III Botany I

B.A./ B.Sc. III Mathematics II

B.A. I Drawing & PaintingB.Sc. I Zoology III

B.Sc. I Physics III

B.A./ B.Com. I Gr. G, H- I

(Advertising & Sales Management/ Office Management & Secretarial Practice)

B.Com. II Gr. C-IIIB.A. II Drawing & Painting

B.Sc. II Sports & Physical Education

B.A. III Persian IIIB.A./B.Sc. III Defense Studies I

B.Com III Sports & Physical Education


B.Sc. I Botany IB.A./B.Sc. I Mathematics I

B.Com. I Gr. G, H –II

B.Sc. II Botany IB.A./B.Sc. II Math I

B.Com II Environment

B.A. III Philosophy IB.Sc. III Sports & Physical Education

B.A./ B.Com III Gr. G,H-I

B.A. I Sociology II
B.Sc. II Botany IIB.A./B.Sc. II Math II
B.Sc. III Botany IIB.Com. III Environment
B.A./B.Sc. III Math III
B.Sc. I Botany IIB.Com I Environment

B.A./B.Sc. I Mathematics II

B.A. III Sociology IB.Sc. III Botany III
B.A./ B.Sc. I Economics I
B.A. II Political Science IB.A. /B.Com II Gr. G,H –I
B.A. III Sociology IIB.A./B.Sc. III Defense Studies II
B.A. /B.Com III Gr. G,H-II
B.A./ B.Sc. I Mathematics IIIB.Sc. I Botany IIIB.Sc. II Botany IIIB.A. / B.Sc. II Math IIIB.A. III Hindi Lit. I
B.A. I Hindi Lit. IB.A. II Political Science IIB.A./ B.Com II Gr. G,H –IIB.A. II Political Science IB.Sc. III Environment
B.A./ B.Sc. I Economics IIB.A. II Sociology IB.A. III English Lit. I
B.A. I Hindi Lit. IIB.A. II English Lit. IB.A. III Political Science IzI
BA/ BSc I Geography I
BA II Sociology II
BA III Hindi Lit II
B.Sc. I Biotechnology IB.Sc. I Environmental Science I

B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application I

B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry I

B.Sc. I Microbiology I B.A./B.Sc. I Statistics I

B.A. I Music B.A. I Choreography

B.A. II English Lit. – IIB.A. III English Lit. – II
B.A./B.Sc. I Geography IIB.Sc. III Biotechnology IB.Sc. III Environmental Science I

B.A./B.Sc. III Computer Application I

B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry I

B.Sc. III Microbiology I

B.A./B.Sc. III Statistics I

B.A. III Music I

B.A. III Choreography

B.A. I Gen. Hindi – IB.A. II Gen. English – IB.A. III English Lit. – III
B.A. I Gen. English – I
B.A. II Gen. Hindi – IB.Sc. II Environment
B.A. III Sociology III
B.Sc. I Biotechnology IIB.Sc. I Environmental Science II

B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application II

B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry II

B.Sc. I Microbiology II

B.A./B.Sc. I Statistics II

B.A. II Gen. English – IIB.A. III Hindi Lit. – III
B.A. I Gen. English – IIB.Sc. II Biotechnology IB.Sc. II Environmental Science I

B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application I

B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry I

B.Sc. II Microbiology I

B.A./B.Sc. II Statistics I

B.A. II Music B.A. II Choreography

B.A. III Political Science III
B.Sc. I Biotechnology IIIB.Sc. I Environmental Science III

B.A./B.Sc. I Computer Application III

B.Sc. I Industrial Chemistry III

B.Sc. I Microbiology III

B.Sc. I Statistics III


B.A. I Foreign Trade I

B.A. I Fashion Designing I

B.A./B.Sc. II Economics IB.A./B.Sc. III Math IV
B.A. I Gen. Hindi – IIB.Sc. III Biotechnology IIB.Sc. III Environmental Science II

B.A./B.Sc. III Computer Application II

B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry II

B.Sc. III Microbiology II

B.A./B.Sc. III Statistics II

B.A. III Music II

B.A.I Political Science I
B.A. II Gen. Hindi – II
B.Sc. III Environmental Science IIIB.Sc. III Bio-Technology III
B.Sc. III Industrial Chemistry III
B.Sc. III Micro Biology III
B.A. I History IB.Sc. II Biotechnology – IIB.Sc. II Environmental Science – II

B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application – II

B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry – II

B.Sc. II Microbiology – II

B.A./B.Sc. II Statistics – II

B.A./B.Sc. III Geography IB.A./B.Sc. III Statistics III
B.A.I Political Science IIB.Sc. I EnvironmentB.A./B.Sc. II Economics IIB.A./B.Sc. III Economics I
B.A. I English Lit. – IB.A./B.Sc. III Geography – IIB.A. III Fashion Designing


B.A. III Foreign Trade – I

B.A. I History IIB.Sc. II Biotechnology IIIB.Sc. II Environmental Science III

B.A./B.Sc. II Computer Application III

B.Sc. II Industrial Chemistry III

B.Sc. II Microbiology III

B.Sc. II Statistics III

B.A./B.Sc. III Economics – IIB.A. III Functional Hindi – I
B.A. I TTM IIB.A. I Foreign Trade II

B.A. I Fashion Designing II

B.A. II Hindi Lit. – IIB.A. III Philosophy – IB.A. III Psychology – I
B.A. I Sports & physical Education
B.A. II History I
B.A. III Education IIB.A. III Philosophy – II
B.A. III Psychology – II
B.A. II Education – IB.A. II Philosophy – I

B.A. II Psychology – I

B.A. III Education IIIB.A. III Psychology III (Gr. A – C)
B.A. II Education – IIB.A. II Philosophy – II

B.A II Psychology – II

B.Sc. III Defense Studies IIIB.A. III Environment
B.A. II History IIB.A. III Sports & physical Education
B.A. II Education – III (Only for Pvt. Stu.)
Check – MJPRU UG and PG Syllabus Click Here

MJPRU Entrance Exam Schedule 2021

The admission into a few courses is done on the basis of a written entrance exam. The offline entrance exam is in pen and paper mode and the candidates have to site for the entrance exam on the date of the entrance test. Therefore, it is important for the applicants to know Improvement Exam Scheme of MJPRU for the students who could not secure passing percentage in the examination. The exam scheme will help the candidates to understand the exam pattern, syllabus and duration of the entrance exam. Here are the details of the course-wise entrance exam of Rohilkhand University which the candidates can go through before appearing for the entrance exam.

B.Sc Nursing

Exam Pattern

B.Sc. Nursing is a 4 years course and admission to the course will be done on the basis of the candidate’s performance in the entrance exam. The entrance exam will comprise of 100 Multiple Choice Questions from Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, and General Knowledge sections (20 questions in each section). 1 mark will be awarded for every correct response. There is no provision for negative marking. The test will be of two hours duration.


  • General Knowledge
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English of the class 12th level.


Exam Pattern

B.El.Ed. is a 4 years course. The entrance test for the exam consists of 150 Multiple Choice Questions in both Hindi and English languages. Questions will be based on General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Teaching Aptitude, and Subject Competence. 1 mark will be given for the correct answer and no mark will be deducted for an incorrect one. The test duration will be for two hours.


  • Teaching Aptitude, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, and subject competence (as per Higher Secondary Level)


Exam Pattern

100 Multiple Choice Questions are to be attempted in 1-hour duration. 1 mark will be allotted for every right response. The questions will be of Multiple Choice Type. Tests of sports proficiency and physical fitness will also be conducted after the entrance test. Each test will be 50 marks each.


  • Current Affairs, General Knowledge, Basic Health Education, Fundamentals of Physical Education, Knowledge of Games Rules, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Sociology, and History of Sports.


Exam Pattern

200 Objective Type questions will be asked. Each question will be 4 marks. There will be a negative marking of 1 mark for each wrong answer.


  • Jurisprudence, Law of Torts & Crimes, Law of Contract, Constitutional Law, International Law, and Present Day (Law).


Exam Pattern

M.Sc. Entrance Test will be conducted for different subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Industrial Chemistry, and Environmental Science. 100 Multiple Choice Questions are to be attempted in 2 hours duration.


  • Candidates have to follow the syllabus of the B.Sc. course (as per the Rohilkhand University) for the subject preferred for the M.Sc. course. Candidates can check out complete details at the official website.


Exam Pattern

200 Multiple Choice Questions will be asked in the entrance exam. 4 marks will be awarded to every correct answer and 1 mark will be deducted for the incorrect response.


  • General knowledge, Current Affairs, Teaching Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Philosophical, Educational Technology, Emerging Problems of Indian Education System, and Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education.

M.Phil. History

Exam Pattern

50 questions of Multiple Choice Type are to be attempted in a 1-hour duration. There will be no negative marking for incorrect answer.


  • Topics from UG and PG level syllabus from the subject preferred for M.Phil.

M.Phil. Economics

Exam Pattern

The entrance test will be of 1-hour duration where candidates are to attempt 50 Multiple Choice Questions. There is No negative marking system.


  • Subject related topics from UG and PG syllabus.

How to Check the MJPRU Exam Scheme 2021

The candidates who are appearing for the exams at MJP Rohilkhand University should check the exam scheme from the official website of the university. Also, the candidates who are appearing for the improvement exam in any of the papers can check the MJPRU Exam Dates BA Part 2 from the official website. It is important for the aspirants to download the MJPRU Question Papers 2021 for scoring good marks in the examination. However, we are giving the steps to check the exam scheme of MJPR University in an easy way. Follow the below-given steps to check the exam Scheme of MJPR University:

  • Candidates, in the first step, need to visit the official website by clicking on the link www.mjpru.ac.in
  • In the next step, they need to click on the option “Online Entrance Exam 2021” which will redirect the candidates on a new page.
  • On this page, candidates can find a list of courses and their admission process.
  • Candidates can quickly read the list of courses and click on the course of which they want to know the exam scheme. For example, if they want to know MJPRU BEd. Exam Scheme they can click on the link for BEd. Course.
  • After clicking on the link for the particular course, candidates can see all the details of the admission of that course.

Details Given in the MJPRU Exam Scheme

The exam scheme includes a list of important details which the candidates must know before appearing for the entrance exam. The exam scheme contains all the important instructions including the Date sheet of MJPRU  as well as the Time table of MJPRU 2021 of the respective courses, semesters and years. Students can visit the official website of the university and thus can download the exam scheme from the link provided for further references in the long run. Here are the details in the exam scheme of different courses of MJPR University Bareilly:

  • Eligibility for Admission
  • Application Procedure and Fee
  • Admission Criteria
  • Mode of the Entrance Test
  • Entrance Test Procedure
  • Exam Pattern
  • Number of Questions
  • Negative Marking
  • Merit List

MJPRU Bareilly Exam Scheme: Overview

Exam NameMJPRU Entrance Exam 2021
Exam Conducting AuthorityMahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly
Official Websitemjpru.ac.in
Application ModeOnline
Exam ModePen-and-Paper Based (OMR Sheet Based)
Question TypeMultiple Choice Type
Negative MarkingNot Applicable
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