MHT CET Preparation Tips 2024: The Maharashtra Health and Technical Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) is conducted by the State Common Entrance Test Cell, Government of Maharashtra. MHT CET is organized annually for admission to engineering courses in various institutions in the state of Maharashtra. MHT CET 2024 is one of the big exams, after exams for admission to undergraduate courses. Hence, the competition level is high as well. So, the next important question which arises to the candidate is “how to prepare for MHT CET 2024?” and for this, we are here to rescue you. In order to get an optimal result in MHT CET 2024, the candidates must follow the best tips & tricks. Therefore, in this article, you get to know about different aspects to strategize your studies. Read further to learn more about MHT CET 2024 Preparation Tips in order to get optimal MHT CET results.

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How To Prepare For MHT CET 2024 Exam?

In general, there are a few things that every candidate must know to study efficiently. Preparation can be easily carried out by small yet effective steps. These steps being, having the knowledge of the MHT CET 2024 Exam pattern, syllabus, important topics, best books, CET sample paper, and other such tips. Though the preparation strategy highly depends on the candidate to candidate, reading, and putting tips provided in this article to practice will help you yield maximum results.

Let’s discuss these MHT CET 2024 Preparation Tips one at a time.

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  • Know about the exam events.
  • Be aware of the exam pattern.
  • Learn about the syllabus.
  • Make a timetable.
  • Write notes.
  • Revision important topics
  • Practice Sample papers/ previous year paper.
  • Best books.
  • Time Management.

Know about MHT CET 2024 exam dates & events

It is important to be aware of all the events and exam dates regarding MHT CET 2024. This will help you to keep track and prepare for the exam properly. Any change in exam pattern or syllabus shall be announced on the official website. Hence, keep visiting the MHT CET 2024 official website for regular updates.

Understanding MHT CET 2024 Exam Pattern

The candidates must be well aware of MHT CET 2024 Exam pattern. The question paper pattern is the layout of the questions and sections in the exam. Exam pattern will help you to know the total number of questions, total marks, number of sections, time duration, MHT CET 2024 Marking Scheme, etc. In return, this will help one to know how many questions one must attempt in the given time frame with the least errors.

Learn about MHT CET 2024 Syllabus

The candidate must go through the CET Exam Syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation for the same. The syllabus will help the candidate to know what to expect in the MHT CET 2024 Exam Question Paper. Therefore, the candidate must and only study according to the syllabus. One should cover each and every topic mentioned in the syllabus to score well in the exam. The syllabus won’t only help save the time in which candidates sometimes waste on irrelevant topics but also provides a clear idea of the exam topics.

Make Time-table

A strategic study a time- table play a vital role. Making a timetable will not only help one cover the MHT CET syllabus on time but will also help in keeping the studies systematic. Make a timetable and follow it religiously to get a good MHT CET Result 2024. It’s highly recommended to make the timetable according to your own comfort and caliber. Don’t set unachievable goals on the very first day as it will only build unnecessary pressure. The timetable should be attainable yet yielding.

Write Notes

While covering the topics according to the prescribed MHT CET 2024 Syllabus one should make notes along the way. Notes can be anything that you find relevant as per the CET exam. Making notes help to memorize the topic quicker. Moreover, it’s tried and tested that making notes with colored pens, images, bullet points, etc. stays in the memory for a longer duration. Additionally, one should jot down all the MHT CET Maths short tricks and formulas in a separate sheet. It will not only be easily accessible but will also save the time of shuffling through the pages.

Revision of MHT CET 2024 Important topics

Once the candidate has gone through the entire MHT CET syllabus he/she must revise all the important topics again. Now you must be wondering what are the important topics. So, the MHT CET important topics are those from which the questions are frequent in the MHT CET Exam. In addition to that, there are certain topics which carry more weightage than the others. Hence, the topic with more weightage than the others and frequently asked subsequently becomes an important topic for the exam. Consequently, this technique will make you score well and clear the MHT CET Cutoff 2024. & as well as the MHT CET merit list.

Practice MHT CET Sample papers/ MHT CET Previous Year Papers

Practicing the MHT CET sample papers or MHT CET previous year question papers is the most beneficial thing of all in order to get optimal MHT CET Results. Taking these tests will let you know your strong areas as well as the areas in which you need to focus more. One must invest more time in overcoming the weak points. Plus, Setting a timer while taking the test will help you manage time. Time- management won’t be an issue at the time of the exam if you have already been in practice. The candidate must practice as many possible MHT CET Model Question Papers as he/ she can from the official website.

Best Books for MHT CET 2024 Exam Preparation

The books a candidate is preparing for play an important role in the performance in the exam. Good books are a must for preparation along with MHT CET Preparation Tips. Candidates should not be preparing for the MHT CET 2024 from just any book but the best books available in the market.

  • Pradnya’s Objective Mathematics by C.S. Patil- Nikita Publication, Latu
  • Chemistry for MHT CET (MCQ) by Mayur Mehta and Chitra Joshi- Marvel Publication.
  • Marvel Physics for Medical & Engineering Entrance Exam by A.J. Bapat- Marvel Prakashan.
  • MH-CET Engineering Solved Papers 2015-2004 with five complete mock tests- Arihant Publications.

Time Management

All the candidates must learn to manage the time effectively. Every competitive requires the candidate to solve the questions in a limited time so as to attempt maximum questions. Hence, it is important for them to practice MHT CET Mock Tests, previous year’s question papers, etc. This will not only help the candidates to manage the time but also track their knowledge and preparation. Hence, after revision, ensure to solve the mock tests, papers, etc. Also, by doing this, the candidates will gain a level of confidence and positivity.

MHT CET Preparation Tips 2024 Exam Day

A few important tips to keep in mind during the MHT CET exam preparation.

  • The candidate should keep track of time. Don’t spend too much time on one question or section. If a question is not clear move on to the next one instead of wasting time trying to solve it.
  • Manage time for each section. As sectional MHT CET cut-off is important, one must keep in mind to attend the minimum question required to clear the sectional cut-off.
  • Read the MHT CET questions thoroughly. Take time to go through the question paper properly.  Further, answer only if you are sure about it.
  • Stay calm during the MHT CET exam. A hassle-free mind always performs better.

If you have any more queries or doubts related to MHT CET Preparation Tips, then comment down below.


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