KIITEE Question Paper 2020: The practice of KIITEE’s previous years’ question papers is very important. The candidates who are going to sit for KIITEE 2020 must solve the practice papers, mock tests, sample papers, etc to get an idea of the KIITEE Exam Pattern and the standard of questions. Moreover, continuous practice increases the candidate’s accuracy and speed. Therefore, there are several advantages to practicing the question papers.

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Along with the KIITEE question papers, the candidates are advised to check the KIITEE Syllabus as well. The candidates need to be well-versed with the syllabus in order to practice the question papers. Now, let’s read about the importance of questions papers.

Importance of Sample Papers/Mock Tests/Previous Years’ Question Papers

On the basis of the scores gained by the candidates in KIITEE 2020, they will get admission into the college and courses of their choice. Therefore, in order to get the course of their choice, the candidates must prepare well. Here a few advantages of solving the question papers.

  • The candidates will become familiar with the KIITEE Exam Pattern
  • Practice will make them understand the weightage given to a certain topic
  • Practice will increase the speed and proficiency of the candidate
  • The candidates will be able to analyze their progress

KIITEE Question Paper 2020 Download

For B.Tech

  1. KIITEE Physics Paper PDF Download
  2. Download KIITEE Chemistry Paper PDF

For Biotechnology Dual Degree (B. Tech – M. Tech) – Maths And Biology

  1. PDF Of KIITEE Biology Paper PDF
  2. KIITEE Physics Paper PDF Download
  3. Download KIITEE Chemistry Paper-PDF

KIITEE Syllabus 2020

Now that you are aware of the importance of the practice papers, let’s go through the syllabus of KIITEE 2020.


1Units and Measurement
2Description of Motion in One Dimension
3Description of Motion in Two and Three Dimensions
4Laws of Motion
5Work, Energy and Power
6Rotational Motion and Moment of Inertia
8Solids and Fluids
11Heat and Thermodynamics
12Transference of Heat
14Current Electricity
15Thermal and Chemical Effects of Currents
16Magnetic Effects of Currents
18Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
19Ray Optics
20Wave Optics
21Electromagnetic Waves
22Electron and Photons
23Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei
24Solids and Semi-Conductors Devices


1Some Basic Concepts
2States of Matter
3Atomic Structure
5Chemical Energetics and Thermodynamics
6Chemical Equilibrium
7Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
8Rates of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Kinetics
9Surface Chemistry
10Chemical Families Periodic Properties
11Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
12Chemistry of Non-Metals -I
13Chemistry of Non-metals-II
14Chemistry of Lighter Metals
15Heavy Metals
16Chemistry of Representative Elements
17Transition Metals Including Lanthanides
18Coordination Chemistry and Organo Metallics
19Nuclear Chemistry
20Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds
21Some Basic Principles
23Organic Compound Containing Halogens
24Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
25Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
26Synthetic and Natural Polymers
27Bio-Molecules and Biological Processes
28Chemistry In Action
29Environmental Chemistry

1Sets, Relations, and Functions
2Complex Numbers
3Matrices and Determinants
4Quadratic Equations
5Permutations and Combinations
6Binomial Theorem and Its Applications
7Sequences and Series
8Differential Calculus
9Integral Calculus
10Differential Equations
11Two Dimensional Geometry
12Three Dimensional Geometry
13Vector Algebra
14Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

1Diversity in Living World
2Cell: The Unit of Life; Structure and Function
3Genetics and Evolution
4Structure and Function – Plants
5Structure and Function – Animals
6Reproduction, Growth and Movement in Plants
7Reproduction, Growth and Movement in Plants
8Ecology and Environment
9Biology and Human Welfare
10Biotechnology and its Applications

So, this was the KIITEE Syllabus 2020. The candidates can start their preparation according to the syllabus. And further, they can solve the KIITEE Question Paper.


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