Kannur University Syllabus 2021: The Academic Council of Kannur University will publish the Schemes and Syllabus of UG CBCS BA/BSc/BCom/MA/MSc/MCom courses. Therefore, the students who are pursuing any degree course must download the Kannur University Syllabus from the links given in this article. Before preparing for the examination, candidates are suggested to go through the syllabus of Kannur University 2020. The university also conducts an entrance test for giving admission to various PG/MPhil/Ph.D. courses.

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Therefore, the students who have applied for Kannur University Admission 2020 must check the Kannur University BA English Syllabus. The students can also check Kannur University Application Form Last Date, Admit Card, Exam Pattern, Preparation Tips, Result, Merit List, etc.

Kannur University Syllabus Scheme 2021

The students must note that the Kannur University BCom Syllabus is different for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The Syllabus of Kannur University helps the students to prioritize their topics and subjects in a better way. The Kannur University Syllabus provides candidates with detailed insight into the question paper. The COE conducts the admission test for candidates who wish to get enrolled in various UG and PG programs. The Syllabus of Kannur University PDF also helps the students to focus on the important topics which they need to study before the exam. The students who are pursuing any degree course from this university must check the syllabus updates from the official website kannuruniversity.ac.in and download the PDF of Kannur University Syllabus.

How to Download Kannur University Syllabus?

The candidates who are going to give the entrance examination for various courses can download the Kannur University BSc. Physics Syllabus from the official website of the university. However, we have given direct links to download the syllabus for some courses. Now let us look at the procedure to download the syllabus for an entrance exam or semester exam of Kannur University. Candidates must follow the below-given steps to download the syllabus by following the below-given steps:

  • First of all the applicant must visit the official website of Kannur University
  • After that they need t go to the “Academics” section and click on the same icon.
  • From the options, one has to select “Course Syllabus”
  • In the new page, the candidates can see a list of courses and their syllabus in pdf format
  • Candidates have to click on a particular course and in this way they can download the pdf of the syllabus.
  • The pdf gets saved on the computer and the student can check the syllabus anytime he/she wants.
  • Keep the soft copy of the syllabus for future reference because the link to download gets deactivated at the end of each academic year.

Download Kannur University Syllabus PDF Links

The Conducting body prescribes the Syllabus of Kannur University. Therefore, the candidates appearing for the UG and PG entrance exam must refer to the exam pattern to understand the structure of the question paper. Candidates can download the Kannur University PG Entrance  Syllabus from the official website of the university/college. However, they can also download the same from the links given in the description box below. Here is the syllabus of various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered by Kannur University.

Scheme and Syllabus for UG Program

Scheme & Syllabus for U.G Programmes
English -(24.06.2020)
English (2019 Admn.)
English (for BSc(Honours)_mathematics_2016 admn.)
Malayalam( 2016 Admn.)
Malayalam (2019 Admn.)
Sanskrit(revised on 24-05-2017)
Sanskrit(Modified on 20-12-2017)
Sanskrit (2019 Admn.)
Arabic (Modified)
Arabic (2019 Admn.)
Hindi (2019 Admn.)
Urdu (modified on 02-06-2017)
Urdu (2019 Admn.)
Kannada (2019 Admn.)

Kannur University BSc. Syllabus

B.Sc Programmes
Statistics( Revised on 20_07_2017)
Statistics (2019 Admn.)
Zoology (2019 Admn.)
Zoology (2019 Admn.) modified on 11.10.2019
Zoology (2019 Admn.) modified on 17-02-2020
Botany (2019 Admn.)
Plant Science
Plant Science (2019 Admn.)
Home Science
Home Science (2019 Admn.)
Forestry(2019 Admn.)
Forestry (2019 Admn.) modified on 18.03.2020
Microbiology (2019 Admn.)
Chemistry (2019 Admn.)
Polymer Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry (2019 Admn.)
Biochemistry (2019 Admn.)
Biochemistry (2019 Admn.) modified on 17.02.2020
Biotechnology (2019 Admn.)
Biotechnology (2019 Admn.) modified on 14-02-20
Physics (2019 Admn.)
Revised Syllabus -Core Practical Paper -Physics
Psychology (2019 Admn.)
Psychology(Modified on 14_10_2016)
Geology (2019 Admn.)
Mathematics (Honours) Revised 2016 Admission
Mathematics (Honours) Revised 2016 Admission_Modified on 14_08_2017
Mathematics (2017 Admission) Revised on 23_5_2017
Mathematics (2019 Admn.)
Computer Science
Computer Science(Modified on 22-02-2017)
Computer Science (2019 Admn.)
Computer Science (2019 Admn. Erratum issued on 16/09/2019)
Computer Science (2019 Admn.) modified on 19.02.2020
BCA(Revised on 09-02-2017)
BCA (2019 Admn.)
BCA (2019 Admn.) Updated Syllabus.(11.06.2020)
Electronics (2019 Admn.)
Geography(Revised on 21_2_2017)
Geography (2019 Admn.)
Bioinformatics (2019 Admn.)
Bioinformatics (2019 Admn.) modified on 14.02.2020
Electronics & Communication
Aviation and Hospitality
Aviation and Hospitality(Revised on 07-12-2018)

Kannur University-Commerce/ Management Studies BCom Syllabus

Commerce/Management Studies
BCom (2019 Admn.)
BCom(Model and Pattern of Question) for Open Courses_2015 Amdn
BCom(2014 revised scheme)
BCom(Model Question) Practical 2014 Admn.
BCom(revised syllabus Optional B-Computer Applications)
BCom(revised syllabus 0n 11_5_2017)
BCom(Finance_Modified_w.e.f. 2016 Admn 0n 01_01_2018)
BBA-RTM (2013)
BBA-RTM (2014)
BBA RTM (2019 Admn.)
BBA(2014) (Mdified on 26-12-2016)
BBA(2015) (Revised QP on 24-10-2017)
BBA (2019 Admn.)
BBA (AH) (2019 Admn.)
BBA(TTM) (2019 Admn.)
BTTM (2019 Admn.)

Kannur University BA Syllabus

B.A Program
B.A Sociology
B A Sociology (2019 Admn.)
B.A Music
B A Music (2019 Admn.)
B.A  Music (2019 Adm.) 5th Semester – modified-09-07-2020
B.A  Music (2019 Adm.) 2nd & 3rd semester modified-09-07-2020
B.A Economics/Development Economics
B A Economics/Development Economics (2019 Admn.)
B.A Hindi
B A Hindi (2019 Admn.)
B.A Functional Hindi
B A Functional Hindi (2019 Admn.)
B.A Sanskrit
B.A Sanskrit(Revised on 24-05-2017)
B. A Sanskrit (2019 Admn.)
B.A Arabic
B A Arabic (2019 Admn.)
B.A Afsal Ul Ulama
B. A Afsal Ul Ulama (2019 Admn.)
B.A English and Literature
B.A English
B.A English(Modified Scheme)
B.A English(Complementary Courses)
B.A English(2014 Admn Modified 0n 16_02_2017)
B.A English(2015 Admn Modified 0n 16_02_2017)
B A English (2019 Admn.)
B.A Malayalam
B.A Malayalam(2017 Admission)
B.A Malayalam(2015 Admission_Modified on 26_5_2017)
B. A Malayalam (2019 Admn.)
B.A Functional English
B.A Functional English(Modified-2016 Admission)
B.A Functional English(Modified-0n 29-11-2016)
B A Functional English (2019 Admn.)
B.A Philosophy
B A Philosophy (2019 Admn.)
B.A History
B.A History(modified -2014 Admn)
B A History (2019 Admn.)
B A History (2019 Admn. Erratum issued on 02/09/2019)
B.A Political Science
B.A Political Science(modified_2015 admn. on 03_10_2017)
B A Political Science (2019 Admn.)
Islamic History Core  for B A  Arabic & Islamic History / B. A Urdu & Islamic History Dual Core (2019 Admn.)
B.A Arabic & Islamic History, Urdu & Islamic History
B.A Arabic & Islamic History Dual Core(Arabic)
B.A Arabic & Islamic History Dual Core modified on 10-05-17
Arabic Core for B A Arabic and  Islamic History  (Dual Core) (2019 Admn.)
Urdu Core for  B.A Urdu & Islamic History (Dual Core) (2019 Admn.)
B.A Urdu & Islamic History Dual Core(Urdu)
B.A Urdu & Islamic History Dual Core(Urdu) modified on 29-05-2017
B.A Urdu & Islamic History Dual Core(Urdu) modified on 02-06-2017
B.A Journalism
B A Journalism and Mass Communication (2019 Admn.)
B.A Bharathanatyam
B A Bharathanatyam (2019 Admn.)
B.A Kannada
B A Kannada (2019 Admn.)
BSW ( modified Scheme)
BSW ( modified Scheme)
BSW 2014
B S W (2019 Admn.)
Physical Education (2019 Admn.)

Kannur University BA Program Syllabus

B.A Program
B.A Sociology
B.A Music
B.A Economics/Development Economics
B.A Hindi
B.A Functional Hindi
B.A Sanskrit
B.A Arabic
B.A Afsal Ul Ulama
B.A English
B.A English(Complementary Courses)
B.A Malayalam
B.A Functional English
B.A Functional English(Modified-2016 Admission)
B.A Philosophy
B.A History
B.A History(modified -2014 Admn)
B.A Political Science
B.A Arabic & Islamic History, Urdu & Islamic History
B.A Urdu & Islamic History Dual Core(Urdu)
B.A Journalism
B.A Arabic  & Islamic History Dual Core(Arabic)
B.A Bharatha Natyam

Kannur University Faculty of Engineering BTech. Syllabus

Syllabus- Engineering
S1 & S2
S3 & S4
S5 & S6
AEI Regular
CE Regular Part Time
CS Regular
EC Regular Part Time
EE Regular Part Time
IT Regular
ME Regular Part Time
S7 & S8
AEI Regular
CE Regular Part Time
CS Regular
EC Regular Part-Time
EE Regular Part-Time
IT Regular
ME Regular
Computer Science and Engineering (Networks and Security)
Structural Engineering and Construction Management
Power Electronics
Computer Aided Structural Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Communication Engineering & Signal Processing
Power Electronics & Drives
Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical Systems Design
Signal Processing & Embedded Systems
Thermal & Fluids Engineering
Thermal Engineering

Kannur University Computer Science & Engineering, Bachelor Of Technology (B.Tech) Exam Pattern

Semester I and II

CodeSubjectHrs/WeekSessional MarksUniversity Exam
2K6 EN101Engineering Mathematics I21503100
2K6 EN102Engineering Physics2503100
2K6 EN103Engineering Chemistry2503100
2K6 EN104Engineering Mechanics21503100
2K6 EN105Engineering Graphics13503100
2K6 EN106Basic Civil Engineering21503100
2K6 EN107Basic Mechanical Engineering21503100
2K6 EN108Basic Electrical Engineering21503100
2K6 EN109Basic Electronics and Computer Engineering21503100
2K6 EN110 PBasic Engineering Laboratory (Surveying, Fitting, Carpentry, Foundry, Smithy, Welding & Sheet Metal)250
2K6 EN111 PBasic Electrical & Electronics Work shop (Wiring, Soldering & Study of Basic Computer Hardware)250

Semester III and IV

CodeSubjectHrs/WeekSessional MarksUniversity Exam
2K6CS 301Engineering Mathematics II31503100
2K6CS 302Humanities31503100
2K6CS 303Discrete Computational Structures31503100
2K6CS 304Computer Programming31503100
2K6CS 305Switching Theory & Logic Design31503100
2K6CS 306Electronic Circuits & Systems31503100
2K6CS 307 (P)Programming Lab3503100
2K6CS 308 (P)Electronics Lab3

Kannur University PG Syllabus

Postgraduation Syllabus PDF
M.Sc Mathematics (2015)
M.Sc Mathematics (2016)
M.Sc Statistics
M.Sc Statistics (2015)
M.Sc Computer Science (2013 admn)
M.Sc Computer Science (2019 admn)
M.C.A (2013 Admn.)
M.C.A(2015 Admn.)
M.Sc Medical Microbiology (2015)
M.Sc Medical Biochemistry (2015)
M.Sc Medical Laboratory (2015)
M.Sc Medical Microbiology /Medical Biochemistry/Medical Laboratory Technology(Modified)
M.Sc Clinical and Counselling Psychology (2015)
BPEd (2015)
MPEd (2014) Modified
MPEd (2015)
Wood Science & Technology
Wood Science & Technology (2015)
Malayalam (2015 Admn.)
Malayalam (2015 Admn_Printing error Corrected.)
English 2010
English 2011
English 2013
English (2015 Admn.)
Hindi (2015 Admn.)
M.A. Music (2015)
M.A. History & Heritage Studies(2015)
M.A. History ( I and II Semester _ 2019)
M.A. Anthropology(2015)
M.A . Applied Economics(2015)
M.A .  Economics (2019)
M.A. Rural & Tribal Sociology(2015)
M.A. Tribal & Rural Studies (2017)
M.C.J (2015)
M.C.J (2015)-Modified (Elective)
M B A (2014)
M B A (2015)
L L M (2011)
L L M (2015)
L L M (2015)_Modified on 15-3-19
B A L L B(5 Year (2016 Admn.)

Kannur University MPhil Syllabus

MPhil Syllabus
Kannada (2016_Admission)

Kannur University Distance Education Syllabus

Apart from the regular mode, there is also a provision of the Distance mode of Education at Kannur University. The School of Distance Education (SDE), Kannur University offers various UG/PG/Diploma programs for the students who could not take admission in regular mode. Therefore, the candidates who are interested in pursuing any degree course can apply for Kannur University Distance Education Admission. Also, the students must check the Kannur University Distance Education Syllabus for exam preparation. In this section, we have given the PDF links to download the Distance Education Syllabus of Kannur University. Students can go through the links and download the syllabus.

School of Distance Education (SDE)
UG Courses
B.A History
B.A  Malayalam
B.A  English
B.A  Economics
B.A  Political Science
B.A  Afsal_Ul_Ulama
PG Courses
M.A English
M.A History
M.A  Economics
M.A Arabic

Kannur University Other Courses Syllabus

Other Courses
PG Diploma in Yoga Education
Diploma Course in Kalarippayattu
Certificate  Course in Swimming Training
Certificate  Course in Fitness Management
Diploma in Tulu
PG Diploma in  Translation and Commercial Arabic
2 Year B.Ed. Degree Programme
2 Year M.Ed. Degree Programme
2 Year M.Ed. Degree Programme(Modified_2015 Admn.)
2 Year M.Ed. Degree Programme(Modified_2017 Admn.)
2 Year M.Ed. Degree Programme(Modified_on 15_03_2018_2015 Admn.)

Kannur University CBCS Syllabus 2021

The university offers a Three Year Degree Course (TDC) in various disciplines. Therefore, the students can pursue the degree course in the subject of their choice. The academic council uploads the Kannur University BEd. Syllabus on its official website. Candidates can download the syllabus from the official website of the university/college. However, they can also download the same from the links given in the description box below. Here is the syllabus of various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses offered by Kannur University.

The CBCS provides an opportunity for the students to choose courses from the prescribed
courses comprising a core, elective/minor, or skill-based courses. The courses can be evaluated following the grading system, which is considered to be better than the conventional marks system.

Kannur University UG (B.A/ BSc./ BCom.) Syllabus PDF

The students who are already enrolled in some courses at the university have to sit for the annual/semester exam. These exams are based on the Kannur University BSc. Syllabus PDF Download and the curriculum of course for a particular subject. Therefore, in order to prepare for the semester exams, the students must download the syllabus PDF from the official website of the university. However, we are also giving direct links to download the syllabus for each course in this article.

Kannur University PG (M.A/ MSc./ MCom.) Syllabus PDF

The university offers various courses under the Postgraduate degree program. Therefore, the students who are interested in pursuing a master’s course must download the Kannur University PG Syllabus from the links given in this article. The PG programs are run by various Schools under Kannur University. Each School has a number of courses under various disciplines. The admission to the Postgraduate program is on the basis of a written entrance test conducted by the Controller of Examinations. The COE conducts the minimum eligibility test in order to check the eligibility of the candidates.

Kannur University PG Entrance Exam Important Topics

Kannur University offers Postgraduate Degree level courses in various disciplines of Science, Arts, Commerce, and Management. Therefore, the students who are interested in pursuing these courses must apply for admission. Admission to Postgraduate courses is done on the basis of a written entrance test. Therefore, the students must be aware of the important topics and Kannur University PG Entrance Syllabus in order to score good marks in the entrance test.

It is very important for the aspirants to check the important questions, study material of Kannur University, and important textbooks for the entrance exam. Therefore, for the ease of the candidates, we are providing the syllabus links to various courses in the table given below.

Syllabus for BCOM 1st Semester
Management Concepts & Principles:
Management Concepts
Financial Accounting:
Final Accounts of Non- corporate Entities
Accounting for special transactions
Accounting for non trading concerns
Business Statistics:
Introduction to statistics
Measures of central tendency
Measures of dispersion
Index Numbers
Syllabus for BCOM IInd Semester
Principles of Marketing:
Introduction of Marketing
Marketing mix
Channels of distribution
Services Marketing
Human Resource Management:
Introduction to Human Resource Management
Performance Management
HR development
Human Resource problems
Quantitative Techniques for Business Decision:
Regression Analysis
Time Series Analysis

Importance of Kannur University Syllabus

The syllabus is like the backbone of any course which a candidate is pursuing. Therefore, one cannot neglect the importance of the syllabus of any course. The curriculum of any course is based on the syllabus of that particular course. The syllabus contains the details of the topics which a candidate has to study during the span of each semester. Therefore, it is very important for the candidates to download the English, history, political science, sociology, Bengali, Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Life Sciences, Economics, Commerce, LLB Law Syllabus of Kannur University. After downloading the syllabus from the official website of Kannuruniv.ac.in the students can score maximum marks in the exam.

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