IPU CET Cut off 2019: All students who are going to take the IPU CET will also be required to check the IPU CET cut off 2019. The cut off is the minimum qualifying marks that the candidate must obtain in order to appear for further admission procedure. The IPU CET cut off 2019 will be released with the declaration of results by the exam conducting body GGSIPU. The first IPU CET cut off 2019 for B. Tech will be published online in the 4th week of June 2019. The IP University will be releasing IPU CET cut off 2019 for various courses like B. Tech, LE-B. Tech (B.Sc graduates), LE-B.Tech (diploma), B.Com, BBA, BA, BCA, LLB, MBA & MCA.

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How is IPU CET Cut Off 2019 Decided?

The cut off for IPU CET 2019 is decided keeping in mind various factors listed below. Check the factors on which the IPU CET cut off 2019 will be decided.

  1. The difficulty level of the examination
  2. Number of candidates who have appeared for the exam
  3. Previous years cut off trends
  4. Number of seats available in each course/branch

IPU CET 2019 Cut-Off Highlights

  • IPU CET 2019 Cut-Off will be released by Indraprastha University (IPU).
  • Cut-Offs will include the rank class which will be considered for each B Tech course separately.
  • This Rank Class will be the basis of the seat allotment proceedings.
  • Candidates with higher ranks will be naturally considered over the ones with lower rankings.
  • Cut-off vary every year and are set based on analytics of current year’s question paper difficulty level, number of students appearing for the exam, number of seats offered, etc.

Expected IPU CET Cut off 2019

By having a look at the previous year IPU CET cut offs, candidates will be able to have an idea of the expected cut off for IPU CET 2019. This will also help them know how much is the minimum marks they need to obtain to qualify the Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test 2019. Check the previous years cut off below:

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IPU CET Cut Off 2018 For Different Regions

RegionCutoff List
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 1 – Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 1 – Outside Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 1 – All IndiaClick Here
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 2 – Delhi RegionAvailable soon
IPU CET 2019 cutoff Round 2 – Outside Delhi RegionAvailable soon
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 2 – All IndiaAvailable soon
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 3 – Delhi RegionAvailable soon
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 4 – Outside Delhi RegionAvailable soon
IPU CET 2018 cutoff Round 5 – All IndiaAvailable soon

IPU CET Cut off 2017 For different Regions

RegionB.Tech. Cutoff
IPU CET 2017 cutoff Round III – Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 cutoff Round III – Outside Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 cutoff Round III – All IndiaClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round II – Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round II – Outside Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round II – All IndiaClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round 1 – Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round 1 – Outside Delhi RegionClick Here
IPU CET 2017 Cutoff Round 1 – All IndiaClick Here 

IPU CET Cut off 2016 for Engineering Branches

InstituteCourseOutside Delhi GeneralDelhi General
Ambedkar Institute of Advanced Communication Technologies and ResearchCSEMin Rank:223 Max Rank:471Min Rank:109 Max Rank:1774
ECEMin Rank:672 Max Rank:1174Min Rank:849 Max Rank:4469
Amity School of Engg. & TechnologyCSEMin Rank:966 Max Rank:1362Min Rank:1588 Max Rank:6771
ECEMin Rank:1912 Max Rank:2484Min Rank:6111 Max Rank:10482
ITMin Rank:2419 Max Rank:2756MinRank:6680 Max Rank:10688
ICEMin Rank:3286 Max Rank:4124Min Rank:8294 Max Rank:14477
MAEMin Rank:976 Max Rank:2928Min Rank:3297 Max Rank:11492
Bhagwan Parshuram Institute of TechnologyCSEMin Rank:1064 Max Rank:1504Min Rank:1759 Max Rank:5747
EEEMin Rank:1630 Max Rank:1777Min Rank:4131 Max Rank:9060
ECEMin Rank:1604 Max Rank:2006Min Rank:5488 Max Rank:8331
ITMin Rank:1686 Max Rank:1967Min Rank:5898 Max Rank:7428
CSEMin Rank:253 Max Rank:375Min Rank:312 Max Rank:1056
EEEMin Rank:553 Max Rank:1008Min Rank:1539 Max Rank:4965
ECEMin Rank:516 Max Rank:914Min Rank:1394 Max Rank:3481
ITMin Rank:554 Max Rank:795Min Rank:1244 Max Rank:2831
ICEMin Rank:1028 Max Rank:1376Min Rank:895 Max Rank:6850
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM)CSEMin Rank:376 Max Rank:437Min Rank:669 Max Rank:2184
ECEMin Rank:984 Max Rank:1110Min Rank:3217 Max Rank:4723
ITMin Rank:824 Max Rank:994Min Rank:2182 Max Rank:4546
Ch. Brahm Prakash Govt. Engineering CollegeCivil Engg.Min Rank:1202 Max Rank:1618Min Rank:1636 Max Rank:8247
Enviro-ment EnggMin Rank:2241 Max Rank:2527Min Rank:8876 Max Rank:13567
ITMin Rank:1381 Max Rank:1808Min Rank:5665 Max Rank:9031
Delhi Institute of Tool EngineeringMecha-tronicsMin Rank:1382 Max Rank:1989Min Rank:2716 Max Rank:10672
Tool Engg.Min Rank:1798 Max Rank:2948Min Rank:6477 Max Rank:14236
Delhi Technical CampusCivil EnggMin Rank:1896 Max Rank:2945Min Rank:8522 Max Rank:15336
CSEMin Rank:1533 Max Rank:1891Min Rank:3449 Max Rank:9428
EEEMin Rank:2178 Max Rank:3318Min Rank:9323 Max Rank:15734
ECEMin Rank:2070 Max Rank:3321Min Rank:4203 Max Rank:13558
MAEMin Rank:2073 Max Rank:3006Min Rank:3939 Max Rank:15154
G. B. Pant Govt. Engineering CollegeCSEMin Rank:122 Max Rank:768Min Rank:1000 Max Rank:4067
ECEMin Rank:1176 Max Rank:1380Min Rank:3034 Max Rank:6046
ITMin Rank:801 Max Rank:1242Min Rank:2197 Max Rank:5226
Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of TechnologyCSEMin Rank:522 Max Rank:810Min Rank:2206 Max Rank:4286
EEEMin Rank:1221 Max Rank:1503Min Rank:5868 Max Rank:7230
ECEMin Rank:1321 Max Rank:1494Min Rank:4409 Max Rank:6986
ITMin Rank:1019 Max Rank:1383Min Rank:4329 Max Rank:6125
Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Technology (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM)CSEMin Rank:929 Max Rank:931Min Rank:3212 Max Rank:5288
ECEMin Rank:1683 Max Rank:2024Min Rank:6547 Max Rank:7335
ITMin Rank:1920 Max Rank:1932Min Rank:6144 Max Rank:6829
HMR Institute of Technology & ManagementCSEMin Rank:1716 Max Rank:2327Min Rank:6401 Max Rank:10777
EEEMin Rank:2838 Max Rank:4036Min Rank:10844 Max Rank:16311
ECEMin Rank:2695 Max Rank:3837Min Rank:9635 Max Rank:14359
ITMin Rank:301 Max Rank:3279Min Rank:10794 Max Rank:13052
MAEMin Rank:2453 Max Rank:3797Min Rank:7094 Max Rank:15860
HMR Institute of Technology & Management (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM)CSEMin Rank:2335 Max Rank:3029Min Rank:7105 Max Rank:12369
EEEMin Rank:4170 Max Rank:4264Min Rank:12250 Max Rank:17039
ECEMin Rank:3653 Max Rank:3944Min Rank:12817 Max Rank:15791
JIMS Engineering Management Technical CampusCivil EnggMin Rank:3182 Max Rank:3924Min Rank:4251 Max Rank:16345
CSEMin Rank:2040 Max Rank:2489Min Rank:6733 Max Rank:11532
EEMin Rank:2429 Max Rank:3952Min Rank:13439 Max Rank:16985
ECEMin Rank:2731 Max Rank:3947Min Rank:6502 Max Rank:14206
MEMin Rank:1650 Max Rank:3348Min Rank:4100 Max Rank:14627
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PMCSEMin Rank:149 Max Rank:322Min Rank:185 Max Rank:1472
EEEMin Rank:927 Max Rank:1030Min Rank:1720 Max Rank:5919
ECEMin Rank:685 Max Rank:854Min Rank:1020 Max Rank:3694
ITMin Rank:383 Max Rank:698Min Rank:1625 Max Rank:3819
MAEMin Rank:565 Max Rank:979Min Rank:845 Max Rank:4937
Maharaja Agrasen Institute of TechnologyCSEMin Rank:29 Max Rank:233Min Rank:174 Max Rank:815
EEEMin Rank:93 Max Rank:881Min Rank:943 Max Rank:4001
ECEMin Rank:449 Max Rank:613Min Rank:745 Max Rank:1931
ITMin Rank:238 Max Rank:505Min Rank:818 Max Rank:1913
MAEMin Rank:169 Max Rank:798Min Rank:58 Max Rank:3263
CSEMin Rank:398 Max Rank:757Min Rank:166 Max Rank:2234
EEEMin Rank:1115 Max Rank:1189Min Rank:2123 Max Rank:5634
ECEMin Rank:901 Max Rank:1209Min Rank:2085 Max Rank:4378
ITMin Rank:878 Max Rank:990Min Rank:2250 Max Rank:3582
Maharaja Surajmal Institute Technology (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM)CSEMin Rank:762 Max Rank:919Min Rank:1964 Max Rank:3200
ECEMin Rank:945 Max Rank:1448Min Rank:4738 Max Rank:5802
ITMin Rank:789 Max Rank:1363Min Rank:3884 Max Rank:5490
National Power Training InstitutePower Engg.Min Rank:34 Max Rank:977Min Rank:649 Max Rank:5930
Northern India Engineering CollegeCivil Engg.Min Rank:1142 Max Rank:3092Min Rank:1017 Max Rank:12522
CSEMin Rank:1041 Max Rank:1958Min Rank:2486 Max Rank:7069
EEEMin Rank:1361 Max Rank:3181Min Rank:7296 Max Rank:12220
ECEMin Rank:2069 Max Rank:2636Min Rank:6194 Max Rank:10085
ITMin Rank:1986 Max Rank:2848Min Rank:7125 Max Rank:10127
MAEMin Rank:1100 Max Rank:2780Min Rank:5535 Max Rank:11714
MEMin Rank:1583 Max Rank:2500Min Rank:1093 Max Rank:9991
Northern India Engineering College (2nd Shift 12:30 PM to 7:00 PM)CSEMin Rank:570 Max Rank:2060Min Rank:870 Max Rank:8523
EEEMin Rank:3065 Max Rank:3435Min Rank:11499 Max Rank:13586
ECEMin Rank:2269 Max Rank:3343Min Rank:9236 Max Rank:11809
ITMin Rank:2657 Max Rank:3106Min Rank:7913 Max Rank:11558
MAEMin Rank:1655 Max Rank:3333Min Rank:8909 Max Rank:13542
University School of Chemical TechnologyBio Ch.E (Dual Degree)Min Rank:1694 Max Rank:1782Min Rank:932 Max Rank:7147
Ch.E. (Dual Degree)Min Rank:168 Max Rank:539Min Rank:560 Max Rank:2939
University School of Information & Communication TechnologyCSE (Dual Degree)Min Rank:2 Max Rank:100Min Rank:12 Max Rank:162
ECE (Dual Degree)Min Rank:53 Max Rank:128Min Rank:115 Max Rank:526
IT (Dual Degree)Min Rank:131 Max Rank:186Min Rank:167 Max Rank:45

IPU CET Cut off 2015 For All Top Branches

College NameCourse NameClosing Rank
(Delhi Students)
Closing Rank
(Outside Delhi Students)
JIMS Engineering Management Technical Campus, Greater NoidaComputer Science & Engineering162886195
HMR Institute of Technology and Management, DelhiInformation Technology173495224
Delhi Technical Campus, Greater NoidaMechanical & Automation Engineering205365788
HMR Institute of Technology and Management, DelhiElectrical & Electronics Engineering206796022
Mahaveer Swami Institute of Technology, SonipatElectronics & Communication Engineering208376831
Mahaveer Swami Institute of Technology, SonipatCivil Engineering217516844
Mahaveer Swami Institute of Technology, SonipatElectrical Engineering222157185

Remaining IPU CET cut off 2018 and 2019 will be made available soon. Candidates can check all the cut offs provided here. If you have any query, feel free to comment down below!

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