GATE Question Paper 2022: After the completion of the GATE Exam, the concerned IIT will release the question papers. GATE conducts papers for several branches. The examination authority will upload the questions papers for all the branches on the official website. Moreover, it also releases the answer key for all the papers. Hence, candidates can calculate their probable scores in the exam using the answer key. GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) is a national-level exam. Therefore, competition is quite severe. With the help of GATE previous year question paper, candidates will become aware of the difficulty level of the exam.

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In this article, we will discuss the importance of question paper, download question paper, etc. So, keep on reading the article.

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GATE Previous Year Question Paper

In the table below, candidates can see the GATE paper-wise questions papers. Download the question papers by clicking on the link below. By practicing the previous years’ questions, you will become familiar with the paper pattern.

GATE 2021 Question Paper & Solution

Paper NameQuestion PaperAnswer KeyFinal Answer Key
AE: Aerospace EngineeringGATE2021_QP_AEAE-S2-KeysAE-S2-Keys
AG: Agricultural EngineeringGATE2021_QP_AGAG-S3-KeysAG-S3-Keys
AR: Architecture and PlanningGATE2021_QP_ARAR-S2-KeysAR-S2-Keys
BM: Biomedical EngineeringGATE2021_QP_BMBM-S2-KeysBM-S2-Keys
BT: BiotechnologyGATE2021_QP_BTBT-S5-KeysBT-S5-Keys
CE: Civil EngineeringView (CE-1)GATE2021_QP_CE-1
View (CE-2)GATE2021_QP_CE-2
CH: Chemical EngineeringGATE2021_QP_CHCH-S5-KeysCH-S5-Keys
CS: Computer Science and Information TechnologyView (CS-1)
View (CS-2)
CY: ChemistryGATE2021_QP_CYCY-S1-KeysCY-S1-Keys
EC: Electronics and Communication EngineeringGATE2021_QP_ECEC-S4-KeysEC-S4-Keys
EE: Electrical EngineeringGATE2021_QP_EEEE-S3-KeysEE-S3-Keys
ES: Environmental Science and EngineeringGATE2021_QP_ESES-S4-KeysES-S4-Keys
EY: Ecology and EvolutionGATE2021_QP_EYEY-S3-KeysEY-S3-Keys
GG: GeologyGATE2021_QP_GG-GeologyGG-G1-Geology-S3-KeysGG-G1-Geology-S3-Keys
GG: GeophysicsGATE2021_QP_GG-GeophysicsGG-G2-Geophysics-S3-KeysGG-G2-Geophysics-S3-Keys
IN: Instrumentation EngineeringGATE2021_QP_ININ-S1-KeysIN-S1-Keys
MA: MathematicsGATE2021_QP_MAMA-S5-KeysMA-S5-Keys
ME: Mechanical Engineering(ME-1)GATE2021_QP_ME-1
MN: Mining EngineeringGATE2021_QP_MNMN-S2-KeysMN-S2-Keys
MT: Metallurgical EngineeringGATE2021_QP_MTMT-S8-KeysMT-S8-Keys
PE: Petroleum EngineeringGATE2021_QP_PEPE-S4-KeysPE-S4-Keys
PH: PhysicsGATE2021_QP_PHPH-S2-KeysPH-S2-Keys
PI: Production and Industrial EngineeringGATE2021_QP_PIPI-S4-KeysPI-S4-Keys
ST: StatisticsGATE2021_QP_STST-S4-KeysST-S4-Keys
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceGATE2021_QP_TFTF-S5-KeysTF-S5-Keys
XE-A: Engineering MathematicsGATE2021_QP_XE_AXE-A-S6-KeysXE-A-S6-Keys
XE-B: Fluid MechanicsGATE2021_QP_XE_BXE-B-S6-KeysXE-B-S6-Keys
XE-C: Materials ScienceGATE2021_QP_XE_CXE-C-S6-KeysXE-C-S6-Keys
XE-D: Solid MechanicsGATE2021_QP_XE_DXE-D-S6-KeysXE-D-S6-Keys
XE-E: ThermodynamicsGATE2021_QP_XE_EXE-E-S6-KeysXE-E-S6-Keys
XE-F: Polymer Science and EngineeringGATE2021_QP_XE_FXE-F-S6-KeysXE-F-S6-Keys
XE-G: Food TechnologyGATE2021_QP_XE_GXE-G-S6-KeysXE-G-S6-Keys
XE-H: Atmospheric and Oceanic SciencesGATE2021_QP_XE_HXE-H-S6-KeysXE-H-S6-Keys
XH-C1: Humanities & Social Sciences – EconomicsGATE2021_QP_XH-C1XH-C1-S7-KeysXH-C1-S7-Keys
XH-C2: Humanities & Social Sciences – EnglishGATE2021_QP_XH-C2XH-C2-S7-KeysXH-C2-S7-Keys
XH-C3: Humanities & Social Sciences – LinguisticsGATE2021_QP_XH-C3XH-C3-S7-KeysXH-C3-S7-Keys
XH-C4: Humanities & Social Sciences – PhilosophyGATE2021_QP_XH-C4XH-C4-S7-KeysXH-C4-S7-Keys
XH-C5: Humanities & Social Sciences – PsychologyGATE2021_QP_XH-C5XH-C5-S7-KeysXH-C5-S7-Keys
XH-C6: Humanities & Social Sciences – SociologyGATE2021_QP_XH-C6XH-C6-S7-KeysXH-C6-S7-Keys
XL-P: ChemistryGATE2021_QP_XL-PXL-P-S6-KeysXL-P-S6-Keys
XL-Q: BiochemistryGATE2021_QP_XL-QXL-Q-S6-KeysXL-Q-S6-Keys
XL-R: BotanyGATE2021_QP_XL-RXL-R-S6-KeysXL-R-S6-Keys
XL-S: MicrobiologyGATE2021_QP_XL-SXL-S-S6-KeysXL-S-S6-Keys
XL-T: ZoologyGATE2021_QP_XL-TXL-T-S6-KeysXL-T-S6-Keys
XL-U: Food TechnologyGATE2021_QP_XL-UXL-U-S6-KeysXL-U-S6-Keys

GATE 2020 Paper

Paper NameDownload Link
AE: Aerospace EngineeringClick here
AG: Agricultural EngineeringClick here
AR: Architecture and PlanningClick here
BM: Biomedical EngineeringClick here
BT: BiotechnologyClick here
CE1: Civil EngineeringClick here
CE2: Civil EngineeringClick here
CH: Chemical EngineeringClick here
CS: Computer Sc. and Information TechnologyClick here
CY: ChemistryClick here
EC: Electronics and Communication EnggClick here
EE: Electrical EngineeringClick here
EY: Ecology and EvolutionClick here
GG: Geology and GeophysicsClick here
IN: Instrumentation EngineeringClick here
MA: MathematicsClick here
ME1: Mechanical EngineeringClick here
ME2: Mechanical EngineeringClick here
MN: Mining EngineeringClick here
MT: Metallurgical EngineeringClick here
PE: Petroleum EngineeringClick here
PH: PhysicsClick here
PI: Production and Industrial EngineeringClick here
ST: StatisticsClick here
TF: Textile Engineering and Fibre ScienceClick here
XE-A: Engineering MathematicsClick here
XE-B: Fluid Mechanics
XE-C: Materials Science
XE-D: Solid Mechanics
XE-E: Thermodynamics
XE-F: Polymer Science and Engineering
XE-G: Food Technology
XE-H: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
XL-P: ChemistryClick here
XL-Q: Biochemistry
XL-R: Botany
XL-S: Microbiology
XL-T: Zoology
XL-U: Food Technology

Steps To Download GATE Question Paper 2022

In order to view the official GATE Question paper, candidates can follow the steps given below.

  • Go to the official website of GATE (conducting IIT).
  • On the homepage, you will find the ‘View Question Paper’ option.
  • Now, click on that option.
  • A new webpage will appear.
  • Paper-wise question papers will be given on the homepage.
  • Click on the desired paper.

Importance of GATE Question Paper 2022

The question paper of GATE carries enough importance. Candidates who are going to appear for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering 2022 must take the help of a question paper. It will help them in many ways. Check the benefits of the GATE exam question paper below.

  • GATE Question Paper will help the candidates to understand the exam pattern. The exam pattern contains points, such as marking scheme, total questions, the difficulty of questions, repetitive topics, etc. Candidates will become familiar with the whole question paper by solving them.
  • Another advantage of GATE Practice Papers is that it will help the students to revise the syllabus at once. You can solve the paper for which you are preparing.
  • By solving GATE Papers, the candidate will learn about time management. Try to solve the papers in the given time. This will help you to figure out how much time you will take to crack per question.
  • The candidate will be able to understand the weightage given to the topics in the question paper of GATE.

GATE Preparation Tips 2022

It is a dream of many to crack GATE entrance, hence, the preparation of the candidate should be really good. If you wish to score good marks in the GATE result 2022, then check the tips & tips below. GATE preparation for civil engineering, cse, mechanical engineering, etc. is written here.

  • Firstly, candidates must understand the syllabus of GATE. It is important to know the syllabus beforehand. Candidates must analyze each topic carefully to figure out their strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, they should plan out their further studies.
  • After proper analysis, candidates must plan their studies properly. Since you will become aware of the syllabus, it will be easier for you to design a study plan. Divide the topics and allot the necessary time to it.
  • Make notes, if necessary. This is said to be a very important step in the preparation process. Whenever you make notes, it remains in your memory. Hence, whenever you are studying, make short notes to remember the topic.
  • Solve GATE Question/ Sample Papers as many as possible. As we already discussed the importance of question paper, you might have become aware of the benefits of it.
  • Revision is another big tip to boost the preparation process. Leave enough time for revision. It will help you to have a quick glance over the entire syllabus.
  • Lastly, amidst the preparation, take care of your health. Eat properly and give enough rest to your body.

If you have any other queries or doubts, then comment down below. We will clear all your doubts.


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