Bharathiar University Syllabus for UG/PG and SDE (School of Distance Education) courses is available here in pdf file download. The Academic Council of Bharathiar University (பாரதியார் பல்கலைக்கழக) offers a detailed Syllabus for BA, BSc, BCom, BBA, BCA, BE, BTech, MBA, MA, MSc, MCom, MCA and various other courses. Therefore, the students who have applied for Bharathiar University Admission must download the Bharathiar University Syllabus 2018 to 2020. It is very important to check the Syllabus of Bharathiar University before applying for admission to any degree course. Bharathiar University UG/PG Syllabus gives the idea of different courses and the important topics for the exam. The students can access the syllabus from the official website. However, they can also download the PDF of Bharathiar University Syllabus 2024 from the direct link given in this article. So, the interested students must read the article to get more details about Bharathiar University Entrance Exam Syllabus.

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Bharathiar University Syllabus 2024

The students who have filled the Application Form for admission to PG/Diploma courses must check the Bharathiar University Syllabus 2024. The university council has revised the Syllabus of Bharathiar University for Postgraduate and Diploma courses. Therefore, all the students must download the revised syllabus PDF from the official website. The students who have taken admission must download the Bharathiar University Entrance Exam Syllabus for various courses. Bharathiar University gives different courses, including a diversity of subjects, at the postgraduate and doctorate level. Many PG Diploma courses, and distance education courses, including UG programs, are also offered by the university. Interested candidates may apply online or offline mode, following the instructions given in the official admission notification.

Download Bharathiar University Syllabus- Download Direct Link

Syllabus (Type)Download PDF Link
Affiliated Colleges SyllabusPDF
MPhil. / Ph.D. Syllabus
CPP / COP Syllabus
CCII Syllabus
School of Distance Education Syllabus
BU-ICAI Syllabus
University Department Syllabus
Community College Syllabus
Affiliated Colleges- Board of Studies

Bharathiar University Syllabus PDF

In order to access the Bharathiyar University Syllabus, the candidates must visit the official website. Bharathiar University for B.Sc/M.Sc/MCA/M.Com and other Programmes. Students can also check Bharathiar University Distance Education Syllabus from the official web portal of the University. Candidates go through this article and download the Syllabus pdf from this article. Here are the PDF Links given for the students to Download the Bharathiar University Exam Syllabus from the direct links given in this article.

UG Courses Syllabus PDF

Part I Languages
1. Tamil
2. Hindi
3. Malayalam
4. Kannada
5. Telugu
6. Urdu
7. Sanskrit
8. Arabic
9. French
10. French language for B.Sc. Catering Science Students
Part – II : English

1. For 2007 – 2008 only

2.For 2008 – 2009 onwards

3.Revised Syllabi for Paper I, II, III & IV with effect from 2012-13

4.For 2015 – 2016 onwards

5.For 2016 – 2017 onwards

6.For 2018 – 2019 onwards


Core Subjects
1. B.Litt.
2. B.A. Tamil Literature
3. B.A. English Language & Literature
4. B.A. English Literature with Computer Applications
5. B.A. History / B.A. History and Tourism
6. B.A. History and Tourism
7. B.A. History with Civil Services
8. B.A. Tourism and Travel Management
9. B.A. Economics
10. B.A. Economics with Portfolio Management
11. B.A. Economics with Logistics & Freight Management
12. B.A. Economics with Insurance & Finance
13. B.A. Economics with Computer Application
14. B.A. Economics with Global Business
15. B.A. Economics with Retailing
21. B.Sc. Physics
22. B.Sc. Physics with Material Science
23. B.Sc. Physics with Nano-Technology
24. B.Sc. Physics with C.A.
25. B.Sc. Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology / B.Sc. Botany
26. B.Sc. Chemistry
27. B.Sc. Chemistry with Nanotechnology
28. B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
29. B.Sc. Biochemistry
30. B.Sc. Biochemistry with Nanotechnology
31. B.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
32. B.Sc. Polymer Technology
33. B.C.A.
34. B.Sc. Computer Science
35. B.Sc. Computer Science and Applications
36. B.Sc. Information Technology
37. B.Sc. Software Systems
38. B.Sc. Computer Technology
39. B.Sc. Multimedia & Web Technology
40. B.Sc. Clinical Laboratory Technology
41. B.Sc. Electronics
42. B.Sc. Electronics & Communication System
43. B.Sc. Biotechnology
44. B.Sc. Interior Design
45. B.Sc. Interior Design with Computer Applications

PG Courses Syllabus PDF

1. M.A. Tamil Literature
2. M.A. History
3. M.A. English Language & Literature
4. M.A. English Literature with Computer Applications
5. M.A. Business Economics / M.A. Economics
6. M.A. Mass Communication / MJMC
7. M.Com.
8. M.Com. C.A.
9. M.Com. Finance & Control
10. M.Com. Corporate Secretaryship

PG Diploma Courses Syllabus PDF

1.PG Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management
2.PG Diploma in Garment Manufacturing Technology
3.PG Diploma in Costume Design and Beauty Care
4.PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Care Management
5.PG Diploma in E-Learning Technology
6.PG Diploma in Yoga Education
7.PG Diploma in Political Science & Public Administration
8.PG Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
9.PG Diploma in Exercise Therapy & Sports
10.PG Diploma in Fitness Management
11.Advanced PG Diploma in Manufacturing Management
12.PG Diploma in Human Resource Management
13.PG Diploma in Marketing Management
14.PG Diploma in International Business
15.PG Diploma in Banking Management
16.PG Diploma in Microbial Bio Technology
17.PG Diploma in Genomics
18.PG Diploma in Genetics Engineering
19.PG Diploma in Molecular Engineering
20.PG Diploma in Bioinformatics
21.PG Diploma in Imaging Technology
22.PG Diploma in Business Management
23.Compulsory PG Diploma Papers for Commerce Courses
24. PG Diploma in Hardware Maintenance
25. PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Data Management
26. PG Diploma in Apparel Merchandising & Management
27. PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development

Diploma Courses

1.Diploma in Communication Skills
2.Diploma in French
3.Diploma in Business Administration
4.Diploma in Office Administration
5.Diploma in Secretarial Practice
6.Diploma in Hospital Records Management
7.Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence
8.Diploma in Basic Quality Management
9.Diploma in Hospital Records Management
10.Diploma in Web Designing
11.Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Techniques
12.Diploma in Counselling and Guidance
12.Diploma in Apiculture
13.Diploma in eCommerce
14.Diploma in Cyber Security
15.Diploma in Food Production

Certificate Courses Syllabus PDF

1.Certificate course in Communicative English
2.Certificate course in French
3.Certificate course in Tally
3.Certificate course in Java

How to Download Bharathiar University Syllabus?

However, to sit for the entrance test, the candidates must fill the application form online. So, the students must visit the official website of Bharathiar University. Therefore, they can apply for admission. Furthermore, candidates need to see the syllabus of various courses from the official website. However, for more information on the admission process and eligibility. Also, the candidates can read our article Bharathiar University Admission 2024 and get all the details. So, after applying for admission, the applicants must prepare for the entrance test. Therefore, we are giving a few basic steps to help the candidates check the Syllabus of Bharathiar University. Therefore, follow the steps given below in order to check the syllabus of various courses:

  • First of all, a candidate has to visit the official website of Bharathiar University in order to access the syllabus of the entrance test.
  • Furthermore, the applicants have to click on the option “Syllabus” given under the category of “Information”.
  • After clicking on the Syllabus option, a new page opens in front of the candidate. Here, he can find a list of courses and the link to download the syllabus of these courses.
  • So, from here the candidate has to click on the pdf link of a particular course and get the pdf file of the syllabus.
  • Also, the candidates can download and save the printed copy of the syllabus for future reference.
  • However, keep the soft copy of the syllabus for future reference. Because the link to download gets deactivated at the end of each academic year.

Bharathiar University Entrance Exam Syllabus

The Examination Council of Bharathiar Hyderabad University conducts a written entrance test for admission into various UG and PG courses. Therefore, the applicants who have filled the Bharathiar University Application Form must check the Bharathiar University Entrance Exam Syllabus. The students can access the syllabus from the official website. However, they can also download the PDF of Bharathiar University Syllabus 2024 from the direct link given in this article. So, the interested students must read the article to get more details about Bharathiar University Entrance Test Syllabus.

School of Distance Education Syllabus

The university also offers a distance mode of education to the students who could not take admission in regular mode. Therefore, the candidates must check the Bharathiar University Distance Syllabus PDF from the official website. Or they can also Click Here to download the syllabus of the School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University. It is important to check the topics and course curriculum of the degree course in which a student has taken admission.

Bharathiar University Semester Exam Syllabus

The Academic Council of Bharathiar University conducts the semester/ backlog examination. However, exams take place at the end of each academic year. Therefore, the students who are already enrolled in some courses at the university must appear for the term-end theory exam. Also, the candidates can check the Bharathiar University MBA, B.Com., B.Ed., BBA, BSc., LLM, MA English Syllabus in order to prepare for the terminal examination. Therefore, we recommend the candidates to check the details of the syllabus from the official website of the university.

However, candidates can also access the hardcopy of the syllabus and question papers. So, they can get access from the library of any constituent colleges of OU Hyderabad. Also, the students can visit the college library and get the syllabus of the exam in the printed format. Moreover, they can get the photocopy of the Bharathiar University CBCS Syllabus from the library. So, they can prepare for the exam according to the trend of the important topics. Because this helps the students to prepare for the examination in an easy and efficient manner.

Importance of Syllabus of Bharathiar University

Because all kinds of examinations are stressful for the students. Therefore, the syllabus acts as a stress-reliever. So, it is important to go through the Syllabus of Bharathiar University. However, we cannot complete the entire syllabus in less time. Therefore, we can also take help from the model papers. Moreover, the syllabus helps candidates. Also in the understanding exam pattern. Also, they know the number of questions. However, we cannot solely depend on the syllabus. Therefore, we must study strategically. Also, try to manage the time. therefore, the syllabus is an important tool to do this. However, we have given the links to download the syllabus. Also, the students must check the timetable. Because it helps them to prepare well.

Other Important Links


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