PBISE – Pre-Board International Scholarship Examination 2021: Sponsored by BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus, PBISE, is an online diagnostic and preparatory test based on the certification exams conducted by the major boards in the country. It has been conducted prior to the boards, this exam opens up opportunities to the students for scholarships and provisional admissions for reputed undergraduate programs. The authorities release the PBISE Merit List naming the selected candidates.

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Pre Board International Scholarship Exam BITS Pilani – PBISE 2021

PBISE is an online test that can be attempted via desktop/laptop computer, tablets and mobile phones via PBISE App. The test is of objective type with MCQs and Fill Up type questions with no negative marking. Duration: 3 hours (1 hour Physics + 1 hour Chemistry + 1 hour Mathematics/Biology)

PBISE Merit List (2021)

The Certificate of Excellence is being dispatched along with the details on PBISE Scholarship and admission via email. The felicitation ceremony was held in Dubai on 24th & 25th April, 2021.

PCM PBISE Merit List Ranks 1-100 :

Mr. Gollapalli Sairam (gsmr**[email protected])
Mr. Manas Badanikai (m*t**[email protected])
Ms. Kriti Malik (n*lm*l*[email protected])
Mr. Ritik Suhag (r*t*ks*h*[email protected])
Mr. Sourabh Kajla (kh*tr*[email protected])
Mr. Subodh Dhabalia (s*b*d*[email protected])
Mr. Tushar Singh (b*t*sh*rs*[email protected])
Mr. Gaurav Varma (v*rm*g**r*[email protected])
Mr. Achyut Mishra (*w*dh*shm*shr*[email protected])
Mr. Jai Kawar (r*th**ms*[email protected])

Mr. Ojas Dillikar (*j*s.d*ll*k*[email protected])
Mr. Debabrata Bera (d*b*br*t*b*r*[email protected])
Mr. Ronak Dhoot (r*n*kdh**[email protected])
Mr. Shivam Agrawal (s*ty*[email protected])
Mr. Chennu Ganesh T.V.M Sai (bkch*nn*@gmail.com)
Mr. Sandeep Yadav (s*nd**p314y*d*[email protected])
Ms. Simran Devi (s*nj*n*d*ndy*[email protected])
Mr. Devansh Gautam (g**t*m.d*[email protected])
Mr. Shivam Deswal (sh*v*md*sw*[email protected])
Mr. Sukhdeep Singh (s*khsr*[email protected])

Mr. Satish Kumar Kanojiya (y**rg*l*.c*@ail.com)
Mr. Siddhant Bhardwaj (s*ddh*nt.bh*rdw*[email protected])
Ms. Sumanpreet Kaur (g*rd**pm*ng*[email protected])
Mr. Nishant Vidhuri (n*sh*ntv*dh*r*[email protected])
Ms. Ekta Sangwan (s*ngh*mb*[email protected])
Ms. Navdeep Kaur (*rsh*[email protected])
Ms. Veda Rutvija (jv*d*v*g**sh*@gmail.com)
Mr. Bikramjeet Singh (v*ckynb*[email protected])
Mr. Deepanshu Sharma (d*v*nd*[email protected])
Mr. AK Gautam (c*pt**n*[email protected])

Mr. Aryan Singh (*ry*ns*nghcr**t**[email protected])
Mr. Jay Sethi (j*[email protected])
Mr. Kashish Jivani (k*sh*[email protected])
Mr. Kulbhushan Sharma (kbsh*rm*[email protected])
Mr. Manoj Shakthi Raj (msrl*[email protected])
Mr. Dinesh R (d*n*[email protected])
Mr. Hemanshu Soni (s*n*[email protected])
Mr. Tharaneswaran Velmurugan (th*r*n*sw*r*[email protected])
Mr. Gopinath M (g*p*s*sh*[email protected])
Mr. Jagadeesh. A (j*g*d**sh.n*n*[email protected])

Mr. Ritish Bansal (r*t*shb*ns*[email protected])
Ms. Vijaya Sundari A (*vsg*ng**@gmail.com)
Mr. Rishantraj R (r*sh*[email protected])
Mr. Vikramsingh Ghatage (v*kr*ms*nghgh*t*g*[email protected])
Mr. Bhavya Mehta (bh*vy*m*ht*[email protected])
Mr. Pakshal Secretry (n*l*shs*cr*[email protected])
Ms. Shruti NK (shr*t*[email protected])
Mr. Kanishk Tyagi (k*n*[email protected])
Mr. Sukhraj Singh (s*khr*[email protected])
Ms. Achal Ninawe (*mk*rp*[email protected])

Mr. Adit Jindal (*d*tj*nd*[email protected])
Mr. Harsh Narayan (h*rshn*r*y*[email protected])
Mr. Usneek Singh (j*gr**p_k*w*@yahoo.com)
Ms. Vidushi Gupta (v*d*sh*[email protected])
Mr. Ayush Rana (*y*shr*n*.*[email protected])
Mr. Kalisytharth S.K (k*l*r*j*[email protected])
Mr. Sajag Swami (s*j*gsw*m*@gmail.com)
Mr. Toshant Narula (rkn*r*l*[email protected])
Mr. Pranav Pothapragada (p.pr*n*vn*r*y*[email protected])
Mr. Vishnu Priyan.R (sr*g*[email protected])

Mr. Shivam Patidar (sh*v*mp*t*d*[email protected])
Mr. Yash Kapoor (s.y*shk*p**[email protected])
Mr. Ankit Joon (j**nr*j*[email protected])
Mr. Rahul Chaudhary (r*h*l.*rz**@gmail.com)
Mr. Sukrit (cs*kr*[email protected])
Mr. Vaibhav Mahapatra (v**bh*v.m*h*p*tr*@outlook.com)
Ms. Anmol Kaur (v*l*nt*n*k**[email protected])
Ms. Lavanya Gupta (l*v*ny*g*pt*.*nd**[email protected])
Mr. Abhijeet Kumar (*bh*j**[email protected])
Mr. R Sumedhan (b*bb*r*d*[email protected])

Mr. Shubham Jadhav (sh*bh*m*[email protected])
Mr. Ameya Parekh (p*r*kh*m*y*@hotmail.com)
Mr. Vinay Kakkad (*mk*kk*[email protected])
Mr. Aditya Sawant (*d*ty*s*w*[email protected])
Mr. Saladi Vamsi Krishna (svsr*n*v*s*r**s*l*d*@gmail.com)
Mr. Sanchit Gupta (s*nch*tg*pt*[email protected])
Mr. Sougandh Krishna K S (s**g*ndhkr*shn*[email protected])
Mr. Srivatsan Rajmohan (n*g*s*[email protected])
Mr. Tanishq Midha (t*n*shq20*[email protected])
Ms. Nikita Sharma (sh*[email protected])

Ms. Shruti Singh (r*j*shch**dh*[email protected])
Mr. Muhammad Aqeel (n.m*h*mm*d*q**[email protected])
Mr. Skanda S Shastry (jy*th*.sk*nd*[email protected])
Mr. Arun D A (d*@lntecc.com)
Mr. R K Raj Surya (r*js*ry*[email protected])
Mr. Raja Veera Venkata Sai Dinesh (d*n*[email protected])
Mr. Ruchir Kumbhare (r*ch*rk*mbh*r*@outlook.com)
Mr. Shreyas Dodamani (dr*j*sh*kh*[email protected])
Mr. Ayan Gupta (g*pt*.*y*[email protected])
Mr. Harjot Singh Mayal (m*y*lh*rj*[email protected])

Mr. Luvya Nagpal (l*vy*n*gp*[email protected])
Mr. Om Pathak (*mp*tth*[email protected])
Mr. Amarpal Singh Basra (*m*rp*[email protected])
Mr. Chirag Hegde (h*gd*.ch*r*[email protected])
Mr. Shreyas Sajilal (shr*y*s.s*j*l*[email protected])
Mr. Siddharth Hattila (h*rshv_h*tt*l*@yahoo.com)
Mr. Vaasu Bhatnagar (v4v**s*@gmail.com)
Ms. Geethasree Velampalli (g**th*sr**[email protected])
Mr. Kishan Gupta ([email protected])
Mr. Neel Popat (n**lp*p*[email protected])
Mr. Yashovardhan Raniwala (y*sh*[email protected])

PCB PBISE Merit List Ranks 1-100 :

Mr. Chelson Lairenmayum (ch*ls*nl**r*nm*y*[email protected])
Ms. Asha Sherine A (n*wl*f**r*[email protected])
Ms. Satwinder Kaur (ch*t*nb*d*[email protected])
Ms. Sonia Aishdeep Kaur (g*rm**ts*[email protected])
Ms. Bhanu Kakria (v*r*nk*t*r**[email protected])
Ms. Jashanjot Kaur (j*ss*m**[email protected])
Ms. Hamita Preet Kaur (pr**th*m*t*[email protected])
Mr. Vobis Rani (v*b*sr*n*[email protected])
Mr. Nilay Agarwal (*g*rw*l.n*l*[email protected])
Mr. Sriram V (l*c*f*rsr*r*[email protected])

Ms. Swathika K (t*[email protected])
Mr. Anbuvanan Ambulinambi (*nb*v*n*[email protected])
Mr. Karan Udani (k*r*n.*d*n*[email protected])
Ms. Priyanka Pottigari (pr*y*nk*.p*tt*g*r*@gmail.com)
Mr. Navkar Mehta (n*p*m*ht*[email protected])
Mr. Saurav Shah (s**r*vsh*[email protected])
Mr. Samyak Bharwad (s*my*[email protected])
Mr. Taranpreet Singh (t*r*ngh*tr*[email protected])
Mr. Jaspal Singh (j*sp*ls*[email protected])
Ms. Keerthana Sudheer (k*th**ndn*nd*@gmail.com)

Mr. Hariprakash K J (l*th*[email protected])
Mr. Rashidul Azad (m*nn***[email protected])
Mr. Kalyan Venkata Anish Namburi (nkv*n*[email protected])
Mr. Shashank Basty (b*sty.sh*sh*[email protected])
Ms. Chandikha P V (v*jk*[email protected])
Mr. Kartikeya Lunawat (krl*n*w*[email protected])
Ms. Anchal Kumari (*nch*lr*[email protected])
Ms. Kashish Singla (v*r*nd*rs*ngl*[email protected])
Ms. Malavika Shivakumar (m*l*[email protected])
Ms. Yashvi Bansal (y*shv*b*ns*[email protected])

Ms. Diya Narang (n*r*ngd*y*[email protected])
Mr. K J Gautham Kumar (jkm**[email protected])
Mr. Arayaman Raghuwanshi (ds*[email protected])
Mr. Bhavya Ahuja (bh*vy*kr*shn*[email protected])
Mr. Pranav Singhai (p*rthpr*n*[email protected])
Mr. Satvik Yadav ([email protected])
Mr. Sahil Azad (m*ss**sgr**[email protected])
Mr. Honeyjot Singh (h*n*ybh*t**[email protected])
Mr. Urvish Jain (*rv*shj**[email protected])
Ms. Manjot Kaur (j*gs**rs*[email protected])

Ms. Subha Shree (*lg*n*shr*[email protected])
Mr. Bhavya Goel (bh*vy*g**[email protected])
Mr. Sarthak Meshram (s*rth*km*shr*[email protected])
Mr. Nayan Chugh (n*y*nch*[email protected])
Ms. Megha Srinidhy (sh*v*pr*y*m*r*@gmail.com)
Ms. Kamalnoor Kaur (ch*h*lb*lj**[email protected])
Mr. Ankan Pramanik (*nk*n2r*k*@gmail.com)
Mr. Harshiv Khanna (h*rsh*vkh*nn*[email protected])
Mr. Harshpreet Singh (h*rshpr**[email protected])
Ms. Monishaa P B (psb*l*r*[email protected])

Ms. Neha Sunil (snc*s*[email protected])
Mr. Yesh Kumar Gupta (y*sh*ff*c**[email protected])
Ms. Akkshaya Rajesh (r*j*shd*n*@gmail.com)
Ms. Kashish Mishra (1006k*sh*shm*shr*@gmail.com)
Ms. Swetha Raghavendran (r*gh*v*ndr*[email protected])
Ms. Tanaya Khanna (dkh*nn*[email protected])
Mr. Chinmay A V (sy*m*l*[email protected])
Ms. Astha Kumari (*sth*k*m*r*[email protected])
Ms. Sakshi Ghosarwade (s*ksh*gh*s*rw*d*[email protected])
Ms. Shruti Balachandar ([email protected])

Ms. Sowmya Meduru (g*v*nd*r**[email protected])
Ms. Mehakpreet Kaur (m*h*[email protected])
Mr. Bikramjeet Singh (b*kr*mg*[email protected])
Mr. Nishita Goyal (g*y*[email protected])
Ms. Mehak Kukreja (m*h*kk*kr*j*[email protected])
Ms. Nitika . (s*dh*rdh*w*[email protected])
Mr. Girish Chugh (g*r*shc.*nd**@gmail.com)
Mr. Sarthak Vats (mkv*[email protected])
Ms. Manmeet Kaur (p*mm*[email protected])
Ms. Priya Sharma (d*vr*[email protected])

Mr. Pragadeshwar A (w*rpr*g*d*[email protected])
Mr. Seshadri M P (v*j*y*l*kshm**ndc*@yahoo.com)
Ms. Priyanshi Shrivastava (s*nj**v_shr*v*st*v*[email protected])
Ms. Satyarini Mohanraj (s*ty*d*vy*[email protected])
Mr. Vaishnav Jayakrishnan (v**shn*[email protected])
Ms. Diya Ann Jose (j*s*.np*[email protected])
Mr. Mohit Kumar (r*mkm*[email protected])
Ms. Veena Venkataraman (vv**[email protected])
Ms. Mitanshi Aggarwal (m*th*nsh*@gmail.com)
Ms. R Soundarya (s**nd*ry*[email protected])

Ms. Sezal Dadwal (b*ngr*[email protected])
Mr. D.Santhosh Kumar (**thm*k*[email protected])
Mr. Mohammad Farmanullah (kmg**s*[email protected])
Mr. Purushottam Boro (p*r*b*r*@gmail.com)
Mr. Yugdeep Gautam (s**m*g**t*[email protected])
Ms. Jayvizshnavi A R Raja Jeyachandra Bose (*r*j*jcb*s*@yahoo.co.in)
Ms. Vrasti Mallya (vr*st*m*lly*[email protected])
Ms. Armanjot Kaur (*rm**ns*dh*[email protected])
Mr. Ganeshbaburao D.P (g*n*shb*b*r**[email protected])
Mr. S.Hari Haran (dr.h*m*m*l*th*@gmail.com)

Mr. Vishwa Kolappan (r*m*_k*l*pp*[email protected])
Ms. Ramanpreet Kaur (t*lw*nd*[email protected])
Mr. Muneeb Arsh Ansari (*rshm*n**[email protected])
Mr. Sameer . (s*m**[email protected])
Ms. Harneet Kaur (r*sh*sch**[email protected])
Ms. Hassrat Kaur Sran (j*st_*d*@ymail.com)
Ms. Thendral V (v*nk*td*vs*[email protected])
Mr. Puneet Matta (p*n**t.m*tt*[email protected])
Ms. Amy Deborah Rupavathy (*mypr*nc*[email protected])
Ms. Lakshika Juggal (l*ksh*k*[email protected])
Ms. Ruth Eunice Dalmeida (r*th.**n*c*[email protected])

How To Check PBISE 2021 Merit List?

To view the Merit List of PBISE 2021 Pre-Board International Scholarship Examination, BITS Pilani kindly follow the mentioned steps below.

  1. Go to the official website of BITS-Pilani Dubai Campus, PBISE through the URL www.phyzok.com/pbise
  2. Then click on the “Check Merit List” link in the home page.
  3. Enter your name in the relevant box to find your result.

PBISE Exam Dates 2021

Registrations OpenNov 24, 2021
Exam Window Opens for SchoolsDec 4, 2021
Exam Window Closes for SchoolsJan 31, 2021
Exam date for individual candidates (1)Jan 20, 2021
Exam date for individual candidates (2)Jan 27, 2021
Results announcedFeb 28, 2021
Felicitation in Dubai.April 24, 25, 2021

PBISE Eligibility Criteria 2021

To be eligible for PBISE, the student must be preparing for any of the following, or their equivalent examinations in a recognized institute with  Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology courses.

  1. Senior School Certificate Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE-12th Grade ), New Delhi, India.
  2. Indian School Certificate Examination of the Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations ( ISC – 12th Grade ), New Delhi, India.
  3. General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level ( A Level ) in 3 subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology) of British Examining Bodies like Edexcel
  4. International, Pearson or University of Cambridge International Examinations. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme ( IBDP )
  5. State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

PBISE Syllabus 2021

The syllabus for PBISE will be as dictated by the CBSE, ISC Grade 12 for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


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