The offline (pen-paper) mode of NEET UG 2018 Exam is going to held on 6th May 2018. Candidates who are preparing for the NEET UG 2018 must be aware of the syllabus, subject combination, important chapters of the subjects which have maximum weightage. Knowing all scoring chapters from which the question shall be prepared will give an edge to the applicants over those who don’t know the chapters. There are some chapters from which the number of questions asked in the exam is more than the other chapters.

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This article will prove to be helpful for the NEET UG 2018 aspirants who don’t know the important chapters or the chapters in which they have to put more effort. By reading this article, candidates will end up knowing all the significant chapters and weightage of each topic of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

NEET UG 2018 Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The very first thing that you need to know while preparing for the NEET 2018 is that exam pattern & syllabus of the exam. Without knowing syllabus, candidates cannot score good marks in the NEET UG 2018 Exam. The question is based on the chapters of the subjects Biology (botany and zoology), Physics and Chemistry of class 11 & 12. At first, applicants must know the NEET UG 2018 exam pattern and chapters of the subjects which are going to come in the exam. Click on NEET UG 2018 Exam pattern and Syllabus to get the information regarding the same.

NEET Subjects and Chapter Wise Weightage

Candidates can go through the topic wise weightage and the overall chapter wise weightage from each subject from the below-given tables. The below table is based on the previous year (2017) data. Once the official exam conducting authority issue the chapter wise weightage for this year, we will update this article as per the latest notification.

Also, check the important chapters that have more NEET chapter wise weightage and that cover number of questions. By preparing those chapters or units thoroughly, you will get the maximum number of marks in the exam which leads you to qualify the test easily. We have given all those details below and we advise you to refer them. Note that, you need to prepare short notes of each chapter of the subject which will help in your last minute preparation.

Botany Weightage in Previous Year NEET Question Paper

S. NoChapters and TopicsWeightage (%)Number of QuestionTotal Marks
1.Kingdom Monera4.00%312
Biological Classification6.00%416
3.Cell Division4.00%28
5.Prokaryotic Cell2.00%14
Cell Biology8.00%416
7.Biosphere Reverse2.00%14
9.Environmental Issues2.00%14
10.Population Growth Model2.00%14
12.Blood Grouping2.00%14
13.Genetic Disorders4.00%28
14.Mendal’s Biography2.00%14
15.Mendal’s Selected Characters2.00&14
16.Taxonomics Aids2.00%14
Living World2.00%14
17.DNA Packing2.00%14
18.DNA Replication4.00%28
19.Genetic Code2.00%14
20.Genetic Material2.00%14
21.RNA Processing2.00%14
Molecular Basis of Inheritance12.00%624
22.Root Modification2.00%14
Morphology of flowering plants2.00%14
24.Secondary Growth4.00%28
Plant Anatomy6.00%312
29.Life Cycles2.00%14
Plant Kingdom24.00%624
32.Steam Modification2.00%14
33.Cellular Respiration2.00%14
34.Mineral Nutrition-Biological Nitrogen Fixation2.00%14
36.Plant Growth and Development2.00%14
37.Water Transport2.00%14
38.Water Transport- Water Potential2.00%14
Plant Morphology4.00%28
39.Embryo Sac2.00%14
Reproduction in Flowering Plant10.00%520

Zoology Weightage in NEET Question Paper of Last Year (2017)

S. NoChapters and TopicsWeightage (%)Number of QuestionTotal Marks
1.Chordates and Hemichordates2.50%14
Animal Kingdom7.50%312
Animal Morphology2.50%14
5.Frog Reproductive System2.50%14
Animal Physiology2.50%14
9.RNA processing2.50%14
10.Artificial Vector2.50%14
12.Horse Evolution2.50%14
13.Immune System5.00%28
14.Infectious Disease2.50%14
Human Health and Disease2.50%14
15.Circulatory System2.50%14
16.Digestive System7.50%312
17.Endochrine System10.00%416
18.Excretory System5.00%28
19.Nervous System5.00%28
20.Respiratory System2.50%14
21.Sense Organs2.50%14
22.Skeleton System5.00%28
Human Physiology40.00%1664
23.Male Reproductive System2.50%14
Human Reproduction2.50%14
25.Industrial Products2.50%14
26.Sewage Treatment2.50%14
Microbes in Human Welfare7.50%312
27.Artificial Fertilization2.50%14
28.Contraceptives Method2.50%14
Reproductive Health5.00%28
29.Animal Husbandry2.50%14
30.Artificial Selection2.50%14
Strategies for Enhancement of Food Production5.00%28

Physics Weightage in NEET Previous Year Question Paper (2017)

S. NoChapters and TopicsWeightage (%)Number of QuestionTotal Marks
2.Current Electricity4.44%28
3.Electro Magnetic Field6.67%312
4.Electro Magnetic Induction4.44%28
6.Heat Transfer4.44%28
7.KTG & Thermodynamics6.67%312
Heat & Thermodynamics11.11%520
8.Circular Motion2.22%14
9.Elasticity & Viscosity2.22%14
10.Fluid Mechanics & Properties of Matter2.22%14
12.Newton’s Laws of Motion2.22%14
13.Rectilinear Motion & Vectors2.22%14
14.Relative Motion2.22%14
15.Rigid Body Dynamics6.67%312
16.Unit & Dimension2.22%14
17.Work, Power & Energy2.22%14
18.Modern Physics17.78%832
19.Electromagnetic waves & communication2.22%14
20.Nuclear Physics2.22%14
Modern Physics6.67%312
22.Geometrical Optics & Physical Optics4.44%28
23.Wave optics6.67%312
25.Sound Waves4.44%28
26.SHM & Waves8.89%416

Chemistry Weightage in NEET Question Paper of Last Year

S. NoChapters and TopicsWeightage (%)Number of QuestionTotal Marks
1.Chemical Bonding11.11%520
3.Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properities2.22%14
Inorganic Chemistry-I17.78%832
5.Coordination Compounds8.89%416
6.d-block & f-block Elements4.44%28
8.Qualitative Analysis2.22%14
Inorganic Chemistry-II17.78%832
9.General Organic Chemistry-II6.67%312
Organic Chemistry-I6.67%312
10.Alkyl Hallide, Alchol & Ether (Reaction Mechanism)4.44%28
11.Aromatic Compounds2.22%14
13.Carbonyl Compounds8.89%416
14.Chemistry in Every Life2.22%14
15.Environmental Chemistry2.22%14
16.IUPAC & Isomerism4.44%28
17.Practical Organic Chemistry2.22%14
Organic Chemistry-II28.89%1352
18.Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry Chemical Equilibrium2.22%14
19.Chemical Equilibrium4.44%28
20.Ionic Equilibrium2.22%14
21.Mole Concept2.22%14
22.Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry4.44%28
Physical Chemistry-I15.56%728
23.Chemical Kinetics4.44%28
25.Solid State2.22%14
26.Solution & Colligative Properties2.22%14
27.Surface Chemistry2.22%14
28.Physical Chemistry-II13.33%624

Do or Die Chapters for NEET UG 2018

There are some chapters in each subject of Physics, Chemistry and Biology that you cannot skip and need a lot of revision because they will fetch you more marks in comparison to other topics. Below table contains the important topics for NEET UG 2018 Exam.

S. NoSubjectsImportant Topics for NEET UG 2018
1.PhysicsMechanics, Electrodynamics, Heat & thermodynamics and Optics.
2.ChemistryOrganic Chemistry

NEET Marks Distribution for All Subjects with respect to Class XI and Class XII

Applicants can check out the Number of Questions along with the marks distributed for each subject from the syllabus of Class XI and Class XII below for NEET UG 2018. Based on this marks distribution, one can get the idea of giving more effort in the subjects from which the candidate can score more marks.

SubjectClass XIClass XII
No. of QuestionsTotal marksNo. of QuestionsTotal marks

Candidates appearing in NEET 2018 are advised to go through this NEET chapter wise weightage 2018 as mandatory and prepare accordingly for the exam. The details given here are based on the previous year weightage and we will try to update more information here once the official details are declared. Keep watching this page for latest updates.

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