NCVT ITI Time Table 2019: The NCVT Exam 2019 dates for the semester and Annual exams 2019 are changed. Find the Revised Schedule below. National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) under the guidelines of Government of India’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Directorate General of Training (DGT) will be conducting the examination for All India Trading Test (AITT) under the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) in June and July 2019. Candidates, in this article, will be informed all about the NCVT ITI 2019 Exam Dates. This will include Exam Time Table 2019 of NCVT ITI, Admit Card Details, and Results.

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Latest: NCVT ITI And MIS Admit Card Released

Check Out Latest Details on NCVT MIS Time Table 2019 – Exam Date Sheet – All Semesters – 1, 2 years. We have provided the Latest Update on the Timetable 2019 of NCVT ITI for the upcoming Exams to be held in 2019. NCVT MIS exam schedule with Engineering Trade Practical Paper which starts on 10 June. The Candidates who are a private or regular candidate of Madhya Pradesh NCVT MIS and looking for the Exam Schedule & Dates of NCVT MIS 2019. Candidates can check the Exam Date Sheet of NCVT MIS with Exam Date, Test Timing, Paper and Practical Name.

Latest Update

newd1The exam schedule of NCVT July Exam 2019 is changed. Check the available schedule below.

NCVT ITI Annual Time Table 2019

DayDateTimeYearTrade Duration (Years)Subject
Thursday01-Aug-201910:00AM12Engineering-Employability Skills-(Employability Skills)
Thursday01-Aug-20192:30PM11Engineering-Employability Skills-(Employability Skills)
Tuesday30-Jul-201910:00AM12Engineering-Engineering Drawing-(Engineering Drawing)
Tuesday30-Jul-20192:30PM11Engineering-Engineering Drawing-(Engineering Drawing)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM11Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM12Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Wednesday31-Jul-201910:00AM12Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)
Wednesday31-Jul-20192:30PM11Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)
Friday02-Aug-201910:00AM12Engineering-Workshop Calculation and Science-(Workshop Calculation and Science)
Friday02-Aug-20192:30PM11Engineering-Workshop Calculation and Science-(Workshop Calculation and Science)
Thursday01-Aug-201910:00AM12Non-Engineering-Employability Skills-(Employability Skills)
Thursday01-Aug-20192:30PM11Non-Engineering-Employability Skills-(Employability Skills)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM11Non-Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM12Non-Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Wednesday31-Jul-201910:00AM12Non-Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)
Wednesday31-Jul-20192:30PM11Non-Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)
Tuesday30-Jul-201910:00AM22Engineering-Engineering Drawing-(Engineering Drawing)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM22Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Wednesday31-Jul-201910:00AM22Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)
Friday02-Aug-201910:00AM22Engineering-Workshop Calculation and Science-(Workshop Calculation and Science)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM22Non-Engineering-Trade Practical-(Trade Practical)
Wednesday31-Jul-201910:00AM22Non-Engineering-Trade Theory-(Trade Theory)


NCVT ITI Semester Exam Time Table 2019

DayDateTimeSemesterTrade Duration (Years)Subject
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM11Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM12Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM11Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Monday22-Jul-20199:30AM12Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Tuesday23-Jul-20199:30AM21Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Tuesday23-Jul-20199:30AM22Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Tuesday23-Jul-20199:30AM21Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Tuesday23-Jul-20199:30AM22Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Wednesday24-Jul-20199:30AM32Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Wednesday24-Jul-20199:30AM32Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday25-Jul-20199:30AM42Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Thursday25-Jul-20199:30AM42Non Engineering-Practical- (Trade Practical)
Saturday03-Aug-201910:00AM21Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Saturday03-Aug-201910:00AM22Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Saturday03-Aug-20192:30PM32Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Monday05-Aug-201910:00AM42Engineering-Paper-III- (Engg. Drawing)
Tuesday06-Aug-20192:30PM32Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday06-Aug-20192:30PM32Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday06-Aug-201910:00AM42Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Tuesday06-Aug-201910:00AM42Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Wednesday07-Aug-20192:30PM32Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Cal. & Sci.)
Wednesday07-Aug-201910:00AM42Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Cal. & Sci.)
Thursday08-Aug-20192:30PM11Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Calculation & Science) (Part-B Engineering Drawing)
Thursday08-Aug-20192:30PM12Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Calculation & Science) (Part-B Engineering Drawing)
Thursday08-Aug-20192:30PM11Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Calculation & Science)
Thursday08-Aug-20192:30PM12Engineering-Paper-II- (Workshop Calculation & Science)
Thursday08-Aug-201910:00AM21Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Cal. & Sci.) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Thursday08-Aug-201910:00AM22Engineering-Paper-II- (Part-A Workshop Cal. & Sci.) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Thursday08-Aug-201910:00AM21Non Engineering-Paper-II- (Employability Skills)
Thursday08-Aug-201910:00AM22Non Engineering-Paper-II- (Employability Skills)
Friday09-Aug-20192:30PM11Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday09-Aug-20192:30PM12Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday09-Aug-20192:30PM11Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday09-Aug-20192:30PM12Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Part-A Trade Theory) (Part-B Employability Skills)
Friday09-Aug-201910:00AM21Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Friday09-Aug-201910:00AM22Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Friday09-Aug-201910:00AM21Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)
Friday09-Aug-201910:00AM22Non Engineering-Paper-I- (Trade Theory)

NCVT July 2019


Important Instructions For The NCVT ITI Exam

  • All the Practical Examination will be scheduled to begin on the said dates from 09:30 AM Sharp. Some exams are to begin from 09:00 AM and some from 10:00 AM Candidates are required to reach the venue well beforehand the exam commencement. Candidates must carry the admit cards and other important documents for verification.
  • There will a lunch break from 01:00 PM to 01:30 PM for all the practical papers.
  • Apprenticeship Exam Hall Ticket will be a mandatory document to be able to appear in the examination.
  • The timings and venue for the Online Examination of Theoretical Subjects will be mentioned in the NCVT AITT/ATS Hall Ticket.
  • Question Paper hard copies of Engineering Drawing and the Practical examinations will not be provided for candidates to take home.
  • However, candidates will be sent a password protected Softcopy of the Question Papers through the E-mail. Candidates will be required to send a request mail to the State Apprenticeship Advisor / RDAT
  • The Practical examination may extend up to 6 PM depending upon the Question Paper.

Academic Calendar for NCVT ITI Programmes 2019

Task NameDates
Generate Question Paper Indent01-May-2018
Record Attendance and Session Marks Quarter 201-Jun-2018
Record Trainees’ Exam Fee Status01-Jun-2018
Assign Bank/Police Station01-Jun-2018
Generate Hall Ticket01-Jun-2018
Print Hall Ticket01-Jun-2018
Assign Examination Center01-Jun-2018
AITT Exams24-Jul-2018
Record Admitted Trainee01-Aug-2018
Transfer of Trainee01-Aug-2018
OMR Collection17-Aug-2018
Capture Practical and Engineering Drawing Marks17-Aug-2018
OMR Check01-Sep-2018
OMR Upload01-Oct-2018
Record Attendance and Sessional Marks Quarter 101-Oct-2018
Result Declaration06-Oct-2018
Print Mark sheet01-Nov-2018
Generate Question Paper Indent01-Nov-2018
Record Attendance and Sessional Marks Quarter 119-Nov-2018
Record Attendance and Sessional Marks Quarter 219-Nov-2018
Record Trainees’ Exam Fee Status19-Nov-2018
Generate Hall Ticket17-Dec-2018
Print Hall Ticket17-Dec-2018
Assign Examination Center17-Dec-2018
AITT Exams15-Jan-2019
OMR Collection01-Feb-2019
Capture Practical and Engineering Drawing Marks01-Feb-2019
OMR Check05-Feb-2019
OMR Upload16-Feb-2019
Result Declaration01-Mar-2019
Print Mark sheet10-Mar-2019
Generate Certificate10-Mar-2019

Previous NCVT ITI Time Table 2018

First Semester
Trade Practical18-July-2017 to 19-July-20179:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory and Employability Skills) for 2 year Course31-July-201710:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory and Employability Skills) for 1 year Course31-July-201710:30 AM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science and Engineering Drawing )for 2 year Course01-Aug-201710:30 AM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science and Engineering Drawing )for 1 year Course01-Aug-201710:30 AM
Second Semester
Trade Practical20-July-2017 to 22-July-20179:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory) for 2 year Course03-Aug-201710:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory) for 1 year Course03-Aug-201702:30 PM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science and Employability Skills) for 2 year Course04-Aug-201710:30 AM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science and Employability Skills) for 1 year Course04-Aug-201702:30 PM
Paper-III (Engineering Drawing ) for 2 year Course05-Aug-201709:30 AM
Paper-III (Engineering Drawing) for 1 year Course05-Aug-201702:30 PM
Third Semester
Trade Practical24-July-2017 to 25-July-20179:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory)31-July-201702:30 PM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science)01-Aug-201702:30 PM
Paper-III (Engineering Drawing)02-Aug-201709:30 AM
Fourth Semester
Trade Practical26-July-2017 to 28-July-20179:30 AM
Paper-I (Trade Theory)08-Aug-201710:30 AM
Paper-II (Workshop Calculation & Science)09-Aug-201710:30 AM
Paper-III (Engineering Drawing )10-Aug-201709:30 AM

NCVT ITI Time Table 2019 State Wise

Industrial Training Institute (ITI) is a government set up for training students in the field of engineering and non-engineering technical fields. Candidates can opt for this training programme directly after their class X or Class XII without getting into conventional higher studies. After the conclusion of the ITI courses, candidates will have to undergo the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) to become eligible for the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) Certificate. The major objective of this initiative is to provide skilled labour and manpower to the fast-emerging industry of our economy.

The Organizations Associated With The Functioning Of The ITI’s Are As Follows:

  • Directorate of employment and training ministry and labour (DGT & T)
  • State Council of Vocational Training (SCVT)
  • National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT)

The exams are arranged state-wise, and Regional Directories of Apprenticeship Training (RDAT) and SAA. The state-wise notifications will be released on the official websites of the respective websites.

Given Below Is The List Of States And Their Official Websites.

S. No.State Name
1Andhra Pradesh NCVT Time Table 2019
2Bihar NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
3Dadra and Nagar Haveli NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
4Haryana NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
5Jharkhand NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
6Madhya Pradesh NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
7Mizoram NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
8Puducherry NCVT ITI/MIS Time Table 2019
9Tamil Nadu NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
10Uttarakhand NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
11Arunachal Pradesh NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
12Chandigarh NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
13Daman and Diu NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
14Goa NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
15Himachal Pradesh NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
16Karnataka ITI Time Table 2019
17Maharashtra NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
18Nagaland ITI Time Table 2019
19Punjab ITI Time Table 2019
20Tripura ITI Time Table 2019
21West Bengal NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
22Assam NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
23Chhattisgarh ITI Time Table 2019
24Delhi NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
25Gujarat NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
26Jammu and Kashmir NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
27Kerala NCVT ITI Time Table 2019
28Meghalaya ITI Time Table 2019
29Odisha ITI Time Table/date sheet 2019
30Rajasthan ITI Time Table 2019
31Uttar Pradesh ITI Time Table 2019

NCVT ITI Hall Ticket 2019

The Hall Ticket for All India Trade Test (AITT) are available, and candidates will have to download their NCVT MIS Admit Card from the official website of Apprentice Training Scheme (ATS), i.e. The Hall Ticket is an important document and candidates must bring them along during the examination.

Candidates Will Be Able To Download Their Admit Card By Following The Steps Given Below.

  • Go to the official website of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship / National Council of Vocation Training (NCVT).
  • The link will be updated in this article shortly.
  • Candidates, once inside the website, must locate the link that leads to the Admit Card Download portal.
  • Candidates will be asked to enter in their credentials
  • Upon entering the required information, the AITT (ATS) Hall Ticket will emerge on the screen
  • Candidates can take a number of required printouts for the same.

NCVT ITI Result 2019

NCVT MIS Result 2019: All India Trade Test (AITT) under the Apprenticeship Training Scheme (ATS) controlled by the National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) under the guidelines of Government of India’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Directorate General of Training (DGT) will be held from 19th January 2019 to 15th January 2019. The AITT 2019 will be held both online and offline depending on the nature of the exam. The Results of All India Trade Tests (AITT) will be released by the Establishments / SAA / RDAT in the official website of NCVT MIS Login and Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship in the month of April 2019.



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