NCVT ITI Result 2019: The National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) under the guidelines of the Directorate General of Training (DGT) releases the All India Trade Test (AITT). The result of NCVT ITI is released separately for every state. The DGT declares AITT exam results. The candidates who sat for the NCVT ITI Exam will be able to view the result of NCVT ITI. However, in order to view the ITI Result, one must provide their roll number and password through the NCVT MIS ITI Login.  Also, subsequently the candidate must choose the semester (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) for which they seek the result. Furthermore, after providing the credentials the candidates can check the result of NCVT ITI by clicking on the link provided below. The NCVT ITI result will determine if the candidate is eligible for the further round or not. However, only registered candidates will be able to access the result. Therefore, to know more about the NCVT ITI Semester(1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th) & annual exam result, keep on reading the article.

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new1The NCVT ITI Portal Is Open For Uploading Of Practical & Engg. Drg. Marks of AITT CTS Semester July/August 2019. However, Candidates Must Do It By 16th October 2019.

Tamil Nadu GNM 2019 Application formThe Result of NCVT ITI for all states will be declared on the official website soon. The candidates will be able to view their result by entering their Roll Number/ Registration Number and Semester in the login section.

NCVT ITI Result 2019 Date (Annual and Semester)

The candidates can check the ITI NCVT Result 2019 from the respective state websites of Directorate General of Training (DGT). The schedule of NCVT Results 2019 is provided below. Also, Get to know About NCVT ITI Time Table

Downloading NCVT ITI Hall TicketJuly 2019
NCT ITI Annual Exam 2019 ( 1st and 2nd Year)22 July to 1 August 2019
NCVT Semester Exam 2019 (1 to 4 Sem)22 July to 9 August 2019
NCVT ITI Semester and Annual Exam Result22 September 2019

Steps To Check The NCVT ITI 2019 Result

The candidates, in order to check the July and August Annual and Semester ITI NCVT Result examination, will have to check in to the official website of the NCVT MIS Apprenticeship Portal. The results will be available in the form of test scores, practical marks, and ranking.

Follow The Steps Given Below To Check The NCVT August Result  2019

  • Go to the official website (
  • Head to the verification Menu
  • Select the Mark sheet verification option
  • Locate the NCVT MIS Login console
  • Enter in the Roll Number or Application Number
  • Enter the exam Semester
  • The results will be displayed on the screen


  • candidates can take prints of the document for future reference.

NCVT ITI 2019 (July, August) Result Highlights

  • National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT) is the conducting body of the Industrial Training Institute (ITI)’s All India Trade Testing (AITT).
  • The event is called NCVT ITI Result 2019.
  • The practical and theoretical exams were from 22 July to 9 August 2019
  • Practical exams were in an offline mode.
  • The result was released by Regional Directorate of Apprenticeship Training (RDAT) and SAA

NCVT ITI Programmes and Seat Matrix

Trade NameDurationITI CountSeat CountTrainee Count
280-Agro Processing2 sem/1 year25240
210-Architectural Assistant2 sem/1 year1261,8461,327
241-Architectural Draughtsman2 sem/1 year9208125
901-Architectural Draughtsman (NE)2 sem/1 year600
030-Attendant Operator (Chemical Plant)4 sem/2 year43924869
251-Baker and Confectioner2 sem/1 year53468351
283-Bamboo Works2 sem/1 year100
239-Basic Cosmetology2 sem/1 year46214,48211,428
094-Cane Willow and Bamboo Worker2 sem/1 year200
206-Carpenter2 sem/1 year43410,3228,305
095-Catering & Hospitality Assistant2 sem/1 year5126116
284-Civil Engineer Assistant4 sem/2 year25252
250-Computer Aided Embroidery And Designing2 sem/1 year29546343
264-Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance2 sem/1 year973,7703,183
096-Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (VI)2 sem/1 year511781
242-Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2 sem/1 year2,58390,84478,753
098-Craftsman Food Production (Vegetarian)2 sem/1 year82111
099-Cutting & Sewing (VI)2 sem/1 year53939
100-Dairying2 sem/1 year313272
911-Data Entry Operator1 sem100
133-Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician4 sem/2 year41390172
243-Desk Top Publishing Operator2 sem/1 year1012,2881,730
102-Digital Photographer2 sem/1 year9189163
948-Draftsman Civil2 year12113
217-Draughtsman (Civil)4 sem/2 year1,34226,28619,118
617-Draughtsman (Civil) (DA)4 sem/2 year100
224-Draughtsman (Mechanical)4 sem/2 year58710,4007,180
248-Dress Making2 sem/1 year61413,79710,968
076-Driver Cum Mechanic1 sem199798639
231-Electrician4 sem/2 year12,446522,102501,171
219-Electronics Mechanic4 sem/2 year1,87942,79635,637
233-Electroplater4 sem/2 year22294264
246-Fashion Design & Technology2 sem/1 year36110,1648,569
106-Finance Executive2 sem/1 year510464
107-Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management2 sem/1 year824,3943,742
919-Firemen1 sem200
227-Fitter4 sem/2 year9,761297,906269,949
108-Floriculture & Landscaping2 sem/1 year600
252-Food & Beverages Services Assistant2 sem/1 year35819630
279-Food Beverage2 sem/1 year1018285
253-Food Production (General)2 sem/1 year752,6782,085
109-Footwear maker2 sem/1 year7147112
214-Foundryman2 sem/1 year1472,5832,080
254-Front Office Assistant2 sem/1 year43962675
245-Fruit and Vegetable Processor2 sem/1 year103780534
110-Hair & Skin Care (VI)2 sem/1 year31313
111-Health Safety & Environment2 sem/1 year33624362
112-Health Sanitary Inspector2 sem/1 year55224,85621,228
113-Horticulture2 sem/1 year16156102
921-Horticulture (P)2 sem/1 year100
114-Hospital House Keeping2 sem/1 year48910756
255-House Keeper2 sem/1 year22338217
115-Human Resource Executive2 sem/1 year6156104
011-Industrial Painter2 sem/1 year9156114
220-Information Communication Technology System Maintenance4 sem/2 year4428,4247,051
277-Information Technology4 sem/2 year30624443
037-Instrument Mechanic4 sem/2 year2074,4463,840
038-Instrument Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4 sem/2 year24399390
926-Interior Decoration and Designing (P)2 sem/1 year200
208-Interior Design & Decoration2 sem/1 year871,6121,195
946-Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant)4 sem/2 year46351
040-Laboratory Assistant-Chemical Plant4 sem/2 year17294279
116-Leather Goods Maker2 sem/1 year11126121
234-Lift and Escalator Mechanic4 sem/2 year12189152
929-Lift Mechanic (P)4 sem/2 year100
117-Litho- Offset Machine Minder2 sem/1 year34222
222-Machinist4 sem/2 year49911,40810,992
223-Machinist (Grinder)4 sem/2 year1021,7121,588
044-Maintenance Mechanic (Chemical Plant)4 sem/2 year22504495
013-Marine Engine Fitter2 sem/1 year9273231
045-Marine Fitter4 sem/2 year48478
118-Marketing Executive2 sem/1 year11234177
211-Mason (Building Constructor)2 sem/1 year1111,5081,179
015-Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Heavy Vehicles2 sem/1 year34231
016-Mech. Repair & Maintenance of Light Vehicles2 sem/1 year2200
215-Mechanic (Motor Vehicle)4 sem/2 year1,41430,07227,811
218-Mechanic (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning)4 sem/2 year88422,17820,126
202-Mechanic (Tractor)2 sem/1 year2256,5736,158
216-Mechanic Agriculture Machinery4 sem/2 year31357350
267-Mechanic Auto Body Painting2 sem/1 year17567480
266-Mechanic Auto Body Repair2 sem/1 year20714653
203-Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics2 sem/1 year611,5541,468
019-Mechanic Communication Equipment Maintenance2 sem/1 year500
048-Mechanic Computer Hardware4 sem/2 year765238
049-Mechanic Consumer Electronics4 sem/2 year38182132
273-Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances4 sem/2 year821,9241,786
050-Mechanic Cum Operator Electronics Communication System4 sem/2 year21219
201-Mechanic Diesel2 sem/1 year1,95666,86459,176
051-Mechanic Industrial Electronics4 sem/2 year1200
020-Mechanic Lens/Prism Grinding2 sem/1 year13232
225-Mechanic Machine Tool Maintenance4 sem/2 year48840831
053-Mechanic Mechatronics4 sem/2 year8168167
054-Mechanic Medical Electronics4 sem/2 year11182137
046-Mechanic Mining Machinery4 sem/2 year12621
204-Mechanic Motor Cycle2 sem/1 year25504435
057-Mechanic Radio & T.V.4 sem/2 year100
230-Metal Cutting Attendant (VI)4 sem/2 year12611
278-Milk & Milk Products2 sem/1 year37850
244-Multimedia Animation & Special Effects2 sem/1 year9338271
120-Office Assitant cum Computer Operator2 sem/1 year700
947-Old Age Care2 sem/1 year1015665
226-Operator Advanced Machine Tools4 sem/2 year14176175
059-Painter General4 sem/2 year2714,0953,426
121-Photographer2 sem/1 year710565
021-Physiotherapy Technician2 sem/1 year581,9111,494
022-Plastic Processing Operator2 sem/1 year872,2471,941
122-Plate Maker-Cum-Impositor2 sem/1 year100
209-Plumber2 sem/1 year93327,61221,518
257-Pre/Preparatory School Management (Assistant)2 sem/1 year40286247
205-Pump Operator-Cum-Mechanic2 sem/1 year982,0161,878
060-Radiology Technician4 sem/2 year19357303
939-Sanitary Hardware Fitter1 sem200
258-Secretarial Practice (English)2 sem/1 year1361,7421,381
247-Sewing Technology2 sem/1 year1,22725,89319,605
213-Sheet Metal Worker2 sem/1 year2454,7044,307
613-Sheet Metal Worker (DA)2 sem/1 year100
240-Spa Therapy2 sem/1 year47830
235-Spinning Technician4 sem/2 year46356
259-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (English)2 sem/1 year4198,7627,625
260-Stenographer & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi)2 sem/1 year46517,57616,083
027-Stone Mining Machine Operator2 sem/1 year12615
028-Stone Processing Machine Operator2 sem/1 year12614
249-Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery)2 sem/1 year2925,3973,936
207-Surveyor2 sem/1 year3559,8027,711
265-Technician Power Electronics System4 sem/2 year531,3521,212
236-Textile Mechatronics4 sem/2 year2266
237-Textile Wet Processing Technician4 sem/2 year812685
228-Tool & Die Maker (Dies & Moulds)4 sem/2 year39567516
229-Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures)4 sem/2 year601,092985
261-Tourist Guide2 sem/1 year57859
262-Travel & Tour Assistant2 sem/1 year55223
221-Turner4 sem/2 year75316,08014,799
068-Vessel Navigator4 sem/2 year46358
131-Weaving of Woolen Fabrics2 sem/1 year400
238-Weaving Technician4 sem/2 year25242
263-Weaving Technician for Silk & Woolen Fabrics2 sem/1 year200
212-Welder2 sem/1 year2,48380,57767,088
612-Welder (DA)2 sem/1 year1218
272-Welder (Fabrication & Fitting)2 sem/1 year11399325
268-Welder (GMAW & GTAW)2 sem/1 year28882839
269-Welder (Pipe)2 sem/1 year9399384
270-Welder (Structural)2 sem/1 year5126109
271-Welder (Welding & Inspection)2 sem/1 year6252233
232-Wireman4 sem/2 year1,31624,54922,729

State-Wise NCVT ITI Result 2019

S. No.State Name
1Andhra Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2019
2Bihar NCVT ITI Result 2019
3Dadra and Nagar Haveli NCVT ITI Result 2019
4Haryana NCVT ITI Result 2019
5Jharkhand NCVT ITI Result 2019
6Madhya Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2019
7Mizoram NCVT ITI Result 2019
8Puducherry NCVT ITI Result 2019
9Tamil Nadu NCVT ITI Result 2019
10Uttarakhand NCVT ITI Result 2019
11Arunachal Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2019
12Chandigarh NCVT ITI Result 2019
13Daman and Diu NCVT ITI Result 2019
14Goa NCVT ITI Result 2019
15Himachal Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2019
16Karnataka NCVT ITI Result 2019
17Maharashtra NCVT ITI Result 2019
18Nagaland NCVT ITI Result 2019
19Punjab NCVT ITI Result 2019
20Tripura NCVT ITI Result 2019
21West Bengal NCVT ITI Result 2019
22Assam NCVT ITI Result 2019
23Chhattisgarh NCVT ITI Result 2019
24Delhi NCVT ITI Result 2019
25Gujarat NCVT ITI Result 2019
26Jammu and Kashmir NCVT ITI Result 2019
27Kerala NCVT ITI Result 2019
28Meghalaya NCVT ITI Result 2019
29Orissa NCVT ITI Result 2019
30Rajasthan NCVT ITI Result 2019
31Uttar Pradesh NCVT ITI Result 2019

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