ICAR AIEEA question Paper 2022 – National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the ICAR AIEEA 2022 exam. The exam takes place for admission in UG and PG courses offered by various Agricultural Universities. The NTA ICAR Question Paper plays a vital role in the preparation for the exam. The availability of the ICAR AIEEA Sample Papers for the entrance exam of both UG and PG courses. Hence, in this article, we have provided complete details of the ICAR Question Paper pdf.

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Exam Pattern Of ICAR AIEEA 2022

The Examination patterns of UG and PG courses are different. The examination pattern comprises the structure, marking scheme, and mode of the exam.

ICAR AIEEA UG Exam Pattern 2022

  • The Mode of the Exam is Online (Computer-Based Test)
  • The total time duration of the exam is 2 hours and 30 Minutes.
  • The Question Paper is divided into three sections. Candidates will have to opt for the options.
  • All the questions will have equal weightage.
  • The combination of the subjects are as follows-
    1. PCB Group – Physics/Chemistry/Biology
    2. PCM Group- Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics
    3. PCA Group- Physics/Chemistry/Agriculture
    4. ACB Group- Agriculture/Biology/Chemistry
  • Total Marks- 720 marks
  • Each Correct Answer carries 4 marks. There is a negative marking of 1 mark for every wrong answer.

ICAR AIEEA Post Graduate Exam Pattern

  • The Time Duration of the exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • In the ICAR PG Question Paper pdf, there is one question for each of 20 major subject groups. This includes 150 MCQ Questions.
  • There will be also 10 cross-type matching questions, each having five sub-questions for every subject group paper.
  • Total Marks- 650 marks
  • Each Question carries 4 marks. There is a negative marking of 1 mark.
  • The matching question carries 5 marks (1 mark for each pairing). For incorrect matching type answers, 0.2 marks are deducted from the total score.

ICAR AIEEA Ph.D. Exam Pattern 2022

The examination pattern of NTA ICAR AIEEA is as follows-

  • The time duration of the exam is 3 Hours.
  • The total Marks of the Question Paper are 200 marks.
  • The Question Paper is divided into 2 sections –
    • Section A– is based on the General Knowledge
    • It contains 20 MCQs (objective type questions)
    • Each correct answer carries 1 mark.
    • Hence, the total marks for this section are 20 marks.
    • Subject Questions are based on – General Knowledge in Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, Dairying, Fisheries, and Allied Sciences, etc. including current events, etc.
    • Section B– comprises of 180 MCQs in the entrance exam.
    • Each Question carries 1 mark on a specific major subject.
    • There is a negative marking of 0.25 marks
    • No marks will be awarded for unattempted questions

How To Download ICAR AIEEA Question Paper PDF?

The Step-by-Step procedure to download ICAR AIEEA Question Paper 2022 is as follows-

  • Visit the website and go to the examination portal
  • The question papers are available on the website.
  • Click on the respective subject/year link and download the NTA ICAR Exam, Question Paper.
  • The question paper will appear on the screen. Candidates must go through each question paper very carefully. The Question Paper will be available in pdf format.
  • Click on the Save button and download the available question paper. The candidates must get photocopies of the question paper for future references.

ICAR Previous Year Question Paper download (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016)

Candidates, if they are seeking to get Admission, will first have to prepare themselves for the Entrance Examination. Practicing sample papers bring accuracy to the candidates. They understand the pattern of the type of paper set and it helps them to save time on the day of the Examination. The ICAR Previous Year Question Paper are available in Pdf format and candidates can download for their reference.

The ICAR AIEEA Question Papers links are:

ICAR AIEEA Question Paper PdF –  Click Here to View.NTA ICAR Previous year question paper Pdf – Click Here to View.ICAR AIEEA Biology Question paper PdF – Click Here to View.
ICAR Chemistry Paper Download Pdf – Click Here to View.NTA ICAR Physics Paper Download Pdf – Click Here to View.NTA ICAR AIEEA Mathematics Paper Download Pdf – Click Here to View.
NTA ICAR Question Paper 2017 Physics Pdf – Click Here to View.ICAR AIEEA Biology 2016 Question paper PdF – Click Here to View.AIEEA Biology 2015 Question paper PdF – Click Here to View.
ICAR AIEEA Mathematics 2014 Question paper PdF – Click Here to View.

Preparation Tips For ICAR AIEEA Exam 2022

The Preparation Tips for ICAR AIEEA Entrance Examination is as follows-

  • Make sure that you go through the exam pattern of the ICAR Agriculture Exam.
  • Follow a proper schedule. Prepare for the topics which are difficult.
  • Make short notes and practice each and every question properly.
  • Also, practice ICAR AIEEA Old Question Paper pdf.
  • Practice Online Mock tests as well.
  • Go through the Formulas & Equations carefully.


Biochemistry and MicrobiologyCalculusBotany and Human WelfareOrganic chemistryNuclear PhysicsAnatomy and Physiology
Livestock ProductionVectors and three-dimensional GeometryHistory Importance, Factors, and MechanismChemistry of Elements and ComponentsPhysics of the Atom: Thermodynamics: Work and heat, the first law of Thermodynamics.Developmental Biology
Crop ProductionLinear ProgrammingInternal and External regulators of growth and development in PlantsPhysical chemistryCircular MotionDiversity of Animal life
AgrometeorologyMathematical ReasoningAbsorption and Cell water relations, transport of water and mineralsChemical EquilibriumSolidsGenetics and Evolution
Genetics and Plant BreedingStatistics and ProbabilityAnatomy and Physiology of plantsEnergeticElectricityHistology
HorticultureSets and FunctionsThe internal structure of dicot and monocot leaves photosynthesisGeneral and Inorganic ChemistryElectromagnetic InductionReproductive System
AlgebraMolecule and Chemical bondElectronic Devices
Coordinate GeometryPeriodic Properties of elementsKinetic Theory of Gases
StaticsStructure of an AtomMeasurement
DynamicsThe State of MatterMotion

Importance Of ICAR AIEEA Question Paper 2022

The Question Paper plays a vital role in exam preparation. Hence, we are providing a few benefits of downloading the question paper of ICAR AIEEA 2022 in the points below:

  • With the help of the NTA ICAR 2022 Exam Question Paper pdf, candidates can prepare for the exam well.
  • ICAR AIEEA is a National level exam that is applied by candidates all over the country. Hence due to the increase in the competition every year, the candidates must be aware of the exam pattern.
  • Candidates must also be aware of the ICAR AIEEA Exam Syllabus.
  • One more benefit of the release of the ICAR AIEEA Model paper is that the candidates will be provided with an opportunity of practicing their speed of writing the exam and attempting the question paper which is a very important element of the written examination.



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