The buzzing topic among the high school graduates these days is “Will I be getting admission to a top college”. The most common question asked by students after having taken any entrance examination is “how much should I score in order to get admission in a good college?” For candidates who have taken the national level examination like JEE Main, the answer to this question matters a lot. But guess what friends? The answer to this question is strangely surprising. “There are no qualifying marks for JEE Main because I Scored the last rank and still got into NIT”.

JEE Main is regarded as one of the most reputed and at the same time challenging examinations conducted by CBSE. Most engineering students aspire to take this exam and secure a seat in the participating IIITs, NITs and CFTIs. However, not getting admission into the Institute of their choice because of a rank as low as 1122351 stands as a problem. But every JEE Main aspirant must know that securing a good rank in JEE Main is simply not necessary.

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I met my friend Arun yesterday. I was discussing with him how it is a matter of concern that there are students who become hopeless after getting a very low rank and think there is no chance of getting admission into a good college. But to my surprise he told me that although he had obtained the last rank in an exam like JEE Main 2016, he had got admission in NIT, Calicut just because he had participated in the JEE Main counselling till the last round and had been patient all throughout.  

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Arun’s answer left me shocked and I went home to do all the research on this matter that I was capable of. And this is what I found. First, have a look at the statistics of JEE Main 2017 Given below.

JEE Main Paper I Details 
Last rank1122351
Marks obtained by Last rankPhysics -29, Maths – 25 and Chemistry -30
No. of candidates who got 0 marks14685
No. of candidates who got -ve marks81739

According to this table, around 11.34 lakh candidates applied for the JEE Main 2017 examination and 11.22 Lakh students got a rank each. Which actually means that all the candidates who had appeared for the JEE Main 2017 actually got a rank and eventually got admission in NIT, IIIT or CFTI. Apart from the candidates who were debarred from the examination, all the candidates who had appeared for the examination had got a rank. So actually there are no qualifying marks that a candidate needs to obtain in order to secure a seat through JEE Main!

How does this work?

The closing rank of various NITs like NIT Sikkim for Homes state quota candidates in the Civil engineering branch was 1044649, which means that the candidates who had obtained a rank as low as 10 lakh also ended up getting admission in NIT.

However, this is possible only if you are patient and participate in JEE Main counselling till the last round. Because of various national level examinations like JEE Advanced, NEET, GATE, etc, that have  qualifying marks that the candidates need to obtain in order to be eligible for counselling and seat allotment, JEE Main aspirants tend to think that they cannot take admission in JoSAA Counselling and lose out on the opportunity to get admission in NIT.

Know This!

You must remember that even if you score a negative mark or get zero marks in JEE Mains, you will still get a rank that will fall within the closing rank and will make you eligible for admission. In this case, one must not lose hope and participate in the counselling procedure till all the 7 rounds are complete. If you feel sceptical about not getting admission through JoSAA counselling, you can always take admission in Private engineering colleges to be on a safer side and after getting a seat in an NIT, IIIT or CFTI, withdraw Admission from state counselling.

I’ve just let the cat out of the bag for you! Now it is your turn to do it for others 🙂


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