GCET 2019 Exam Pattern: To take the GCET 2019, candidates must be thorough with the GCET 2019 exam pattern, exam syllabus and preparation tips. GCET 2019 will be conducted by DTE Goa. All appearing candidates who wish to take the exam can go through GCET exam pattern 2019 here. Details like mode and duration of the exam have been provided here. The GCET 2019 syllabus and GCET preparation tips 2019 have been detailed in this article.

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DTE, Goa is in charge of releasing the GCET 2019 exam pattern. The Exam pattern of the GCET includes information about the examination like the mode and duration as well as the details of the question paper like the number of questions, sections form which the questions have been taken, the marking scheme, etc.

GCET Exam Pattern 2019

The GCET 2019 exam pattern for all candidates has been given below:

  • MODE – GCET 2019 will be held in the offline (pen and paper) mode.
  • DURATION – The exam will be held for a duration of 120 minutes i.e. 2 hours.
  • TYPE OF QUESTIONS – It will contain objective type questions.
  • SUBJECTS – The Questions will be asked from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • TOTAL QUESTIONS – There will 75 questions from each subject.
  • TOTAL MARKS – GCET 2019 will be marked out of 225 marks.
  • MARKING SCHEME – 1 mark will be awarded for each correct answer and there will be no negative marking.

GCET 2019 Syllabus

The GCET 2019 Syllabus will be released by the exam conducting authority and contains all the topics from Physics, chemistry, and Mathematics studied in class 11th and 12th. GCET 2019 syllabus for each subject has been tabulated for you below.




Current electricity
Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents
Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
Electromagnetic waves
Dual nature of matter and radiation
Electronic devices
Atoms and nuclei
Communication systems


Solid state
Surface chemistry
Chemical kinetics
General principles and processes of isolation of elements
P-block elements
d and f block elements
Haloalkanes and haloarenes
Coordination compounds
Alcohols, phenols and ethers
Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids
Organic compounds containing nitrogen
Chemistry in everyday life


Relations and functions
Vectors and three-dimensional geometry
Linear programming

How to Prepare for GCET 2019 – GCET 2019 Preparation Tips

Candidates appearing for the examination must know how well they need to prepare for the GCET 2019 examination. For good results in the examination, candidates should follow the GCET 2019 Preparation tips given in the points below.

  1. Syllabus – The first step in exam preparation should be knowing the correct syllabus of GCET. The candidate must know the GCET 2019 topics of Physics, Chemistry, and mathematics. With this, they will be able to collect the right study material and prepare well for the exam.
  2. Time Table – Candidates must create a timetable every day or monthly in order to manage time. The timetable must also include breaks and an equal amount of time should be given to each topic.
  3. Pay attention in school – Earliest preparation can start by staying focused in school during class 11th and 12th during which most concepts that are a part of the GCET question paper are covered.
  4. Previous Years Question Papers – To prepare for any examination candidates must have a look at the previous year’s question papers. GCET question papers of previous years will help you prepare well for your exam. It will help you manage your time and check your level of preparation
  5. Stay healthy – The most vital step that candidates usually forget during the entire preparation is to maintain their health. You should avoid eating and sleeping at ungodly hours so that when you are actually taking the GCET 2019, you are perfectly healthy and take the examination without any panic.


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