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Disadvantages of CBSE improvement Exam 2019Disadvantages of CBSE Improvement 2019: CBSE Improvement Exam Form 2019 has been released on 24th October 2018. Central Board of Secondary Education Conducts Board exams of class 10th and 12th and evaluate the students on the basis of their performance in the exam. It becomes important that the students secure satisfactory marks in order to be able to proceed for the step further. It can be observed that candidates who gave the exams in their respective course and class are often not satisfied with the marks secured by them in their Board Exams. CBSE provides opportunities to the students who desire to increase their marks and improve their overall performance in aggregate.

LATEST –  CBSE Improvement exam Form 2019 has been released on 24th October 2018. Candidates can click here to fill the application form. 

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CBSE Improvement Exam 2019

CBSE Improvement Exams are conducted every year along with the Board exams and candidates are required to fill up the Application Form has been made available on the official website of CBSE. Applying for CBSE Improvement Exam 2019 becomes a matter of confusion for the candidates due to the Uncertainty regarding the question paper and the marks. Students, who opt to go for the Improvement Exam come up with the questions like, Will it be beneficial to appear for CBSE Improvement Exam or what if the marks aren’t increased even after giving the exam? It is true that appearing for CBSE Improvement Exam has both advantages and disadvantages. It is advised that the candidates give the Improvement Exam after evaluating the Merits and Demerits.

We have mentioned below few the points, that we think, will be beneficial for the candidates who are planning on appearing for CBSE Improvement exam 2019. The points will provide both the Advantages and Disadvantages to the candidates, which the candidates can go through and decide whether they should appear for the exam or not.

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Advantages of CBSE Improvement Exam 2019

We have mentioned below the Advantages of CBSE Improvement exam 2019. Candidates can go through the below-mentioned points and see whether it will be beneficial to appear for CBSE Improvement Exam 2019. It is advised that before filling up the Application Form, candidates see both the Merits and Demerits of the exam.

Find the points related to the Advantages of CBSE Improvement Exam 2019 from the points below:

  • CBSE Improvement 2019 exam provides an opportunity to those candidates who have appeared in the exam but have secured less marks. Candidates can give the exam and try to increase the marks which will increase the aggregate score.
  • Candidates get an opportunity for preparing for the exam as the Improvement exams are conducted with the next session. Whatever mistakes that took place the last time can be looked through.
  • Since the syllabus of the board exams remains the same, candidates appearing for the Improvement exams don’t have to prepare anything new and get a chance of preparing the topics well.
  • If the candidate is confident that the marks could have been increased in the exam, they get the second opportunity for increasing their scores.
  • If the candidate scored less for any of unavoidable reason, CBSE Improvement Exa is a second chance to them.

Disadvantages of CBSE Improvement Exam 2019

Candidates who will be appearing for the exam are also advised to go through the Disadvantages of CBSE Improvement exam 2019. It is often suggested for not giving CBSE Improvement Exam as it will be consuming time and there is no assurance that the marks will definitely be increased which will impact the admission of the candidates to the colleges in which they are planning on taking admission.

Go through the Disadvantages of CBSE Improvement Exam so that the candidate if planning on giving CBSE Improvement Exam 2019 from the points below:

  • Candidates planning on increasing their aggregate score will have to wait for a whole year in order to appear for the exam again as CBSE Improvement Exam will be held with the next session of CBSE exams.
  • There is no form of assurance that the marks will be increased for sure. It might happen that the candidate will secure less marks than the previous one.
  • It might happen that the candidate appearing for CBSE Improvement Exam 2019 might end up receiving the Difficult question paper.
  • The candidate might not get enough time for the preparation of the exam even after filling up the CBSE Improvement Form.
  • The examination board might introduce changes to the syllabus of the Board exam. Candidate appearing for CBSE Improvement Exam might have to prepare for the new topics as the question paper will be as per the current session.
  • In case the candidate secures less marks in the Improvement exam, she/he has to carry the statement of marks which will be mentioning the Improvement marks and the old mark sheet which will have the marks secured in the previous exam on the demand.

Important Points Regarding CBSE Improvement Exam 2019

Go through few of the points related to CBSE Improvement Exam 2019. Candidates are advised to go through the points mentioned very carefully and then proceed for the filling up the CBSE Improvement Form 2019. Go through the points mentioned below.

  • The Application Forms of Improvement exam has been released on the official website of CBSE. Go through the instructions carefully before filling up the Application forms.
  • Before filling CBSE Improvement Application 2019, it is advised to go through the eligibility as defined by the Board. In case the candidate is found not fulfilling the eligibility, they will not be permitted to sit for the exam.
  • Only those candidates can apply for CBSE Improvement 2019 who have passed the exam and wants to increase their score. Candidates who have failed in their board exam will not be allowed to apply for CBSE Improvement 2019.
  • Candidates appearing for CBSE Improvement exam are eligible to appear for one subject or more than one subject for the Improvement exam.
  • If the marks secured by the candidate in CBSE Improvement 2019 will be more than the secured marks, the new score will be on the mark sheet. If the Improvement marks remain less, the secured Board exam marks will remain on the mark sheet.
  • Candidates are advised to appear for the Improvement exam after evaluating both the positive and negative points and then fill up the Application which will be available in the first week of October 2019.
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  1. There is no option to give practical in improvement exam of cbse. There is only choice of subject to choose. So, there will be no practical for us?

    • “Candidate applying for Improvement of Performance in the subject(s) involving practical has to apply only for theory examination, if he/she has passed in practical. The old practical marks will be taken into account. However, if a candidate has passed in Theory but failed in practical, he/she should apply for theory and practical both. Such candidate who could not appear in practical examination due to medical reasons should also apply for both Theory and Practical examination.” – As stated in the official brochure of CBSE

  2. if my score decreases in improvement or in case i fail in improvement exam then what will be the scenerio . will my last score of board exam available or , i am declared fail in 12th class?? pls reply fast

    • Your last score or the Board Exam score will be given preference. Even if you fail in the Improvement Exam, your previous marks will be valid.