Aakash NEST 2021: NEST is a scholarship examination for the candidates studying in class 8th-12th. However, the candidates, who qualify Aakash NEST exam 2021 will be able to take admission in Aakash Institute with a scholarship. Therefore, the candidates, in order to take the examination, will have to apply for the same. Furthermore, the NEST exam 2021 will be conducted in an offline (pen and paper) mode.

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However, in order to apply for the examination, the candidate will have to submit an application form which has been released in an online mode. Additionally, the Aakash NEST online registration will be including the procedure of paying the application fee. While preparing for the examination, the candidate must make sure that he/ she preparing as per the prescribed syllabus.

Aakash NEST 2021 Scholarship Overview

Conducting AuthorityAakash Institute
Name of the ScholarshipAakash NEST
Who can apply for the scholarshipCandidates studying in 8th-12th standard
Official Websitehttps://www.aakash.ac.in/

Aakash NEST Important Dates 2021

The candidates, who wish to sit in Aakash NEST 2021 must keep themselves updated about the important dates of the examination. Kindly note that the Aakash Institute has released the official dates. Therefore, go through the same:

Release of NEST Application Form 2021July 2021
Aakash NEST ExaminationApril 2021

  • Morning – 11 AM to 1 PM
  • Evening – 3 PM to 5 PM
Release of Aakash NEST ResultApril 2021

Eligibility Criteria For Aakash NEST 2021

The candidates, who look forward to sitting in the NEST must possess enough eligibility criteria. However, the candidates, who are not enough eligible cannot register themselves. However, the Aakash NEST eligibility criteria are mentioned below:

Educational Qualification:

  • Candidates studying in the 8th-12th standard are eligible to participate in the examination.
  • One, who has already taken admission in Aakash through ANTHE or ACST are not eligible to take part in the examination.

Aakash NEST 2021 Registration Application Form

The NEST 2021 Registration Form is released by the official authority. Therefore, the candidates can register themselves on the official website of the authority, Aakash Institute. Furthermore, the registration process will include providing many details in the login portal. Additionally, the candidates will be able to register only in an online mode. Therefore, no one will be able to avail the facility of offline application. However, while one fills the Aakash NEST application form 2021, he/ she will be asked to enter certain contact details.

Furthermore, the candidate must provide the correct contact details as the authority will send the OTP and other confirmation details on the mobile number and e-mail address. One, who is studying in the 8th-10th standard must fill up the application form with the help of their parents/ guardians.

After that one has submitted the Aakash NEST Application Form will have to pay the mandatory ANTHE Application Fee. However, the application fee will have to be paid in an online mode only. Furthermore, the fee can be paid through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ Paytm/ Mobikwik Wallet. Additionally, after all these formalities, the candidate will have to upload some documents. Furthermore, the documents, which are to be uploaded are the passport size photocopies and the scanned photo of the candidate.

How To Apply For Aakash NEST 2021?

The candidates, in order to apply online for Aakash NEST 2021, will have to follow the below-mentioned procedure:

  • Click on the link of the Aakash NEST application form mentioned in this article.
  • The following section will appear on the screen:

Aakash NEST Mobile Number Verification Section

  • Get your mobile number verified.
  • If you have already registered yourself with Aakash, then a section will appear holding all your credentials. The same will look like the image below:

Aakash NEST Enrollment Completion Section

  • If all the details are correct, then agree with the terms and conditions and click on Proceed.
  • The screen will reflect the following section.

Aakash NEST Payment Section

  • Fill in the required details. The details, which are to be filled are:
  1. Exam mode
  2. State of exam
  3. Centre of the test
  4. City
  • Click on Proceed for Payment.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Chose the mode of payment.
  • Pay the fee.
  • Submit the Aakash NEST form and print the same for future purposes.

Registration Form Fee Of Aakash NEST 2021

Candidates, wishing to register for Aaksh NEST will have to pay a mandatory fee. However, the Aakash NEST Registration Fee can be paid through online mode only. Furthermore, the candidate can pay the fee through Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ PayTM/ Mobikwik Wallet. The fee criterion is mentioned below:

General/ OBCINR 1000
SC/ ST/ Female/ PWDINR 500

Aakash NEST Admit Card 2021

The admit card of NEST was issued in the month of April 2021. However, the candidate can download the hall ticket of NEST from the official website of the authority. Furthermore, the admit card is an important document which shall be important at the time of the examination. Additionally, the NEST Admit Card 2021 will be containing really important details about the candidate and the examination. Thereafter, one must make sure that the details mentioned in the NEST Hall Ticket 2021 are correct. However, in case of any discrepancies, the candidate must immediately approach the examination authorities. Furthermore, the candidate can contact the authority on the following details:

  • Mobile number of ANTHE: +91-8800013123, 011 3945 4545
  • E-mail Address of the concerned authority- https://www.aakash.ac.in/nest/
  • Contact Address– Aakash Tower, Plot No-4, Sec-11, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi.

Exam Pattern of Aakash NEST 2021

The examination of AAKASH NEST is conducted on the basis of the prescribed exam pattern. However, the candidates must make sure to gaze carefully upon the NEST exam pattern. Furthermore, the same has been tabulated below:

Duration of the examination3 Hours
Mode of the examinationComputer-Based (Online Mode)
The language of the examinationEnglish
Sections of the examination5 Sections
Maximum Marks230 Marks
Marking Scheme
  • 1 mark shall be awarded for each correct answer.
  • There will be no negative marking

Exam Pattern For Aakash NEST-Junior

SectionName of the subjectNo. of Maximum MarksNo. of Questions
6Logical Reasoning & GK2525

Aakash NEST Exam Syllabus 2021

The candidates, while preparing for the examination, must do the same with the help of the prescribed NEST Syllabus 2021. The syllabus of Aakash NEST Exam is mentioned below:

General Ability:

  • History
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • General Knowledge
  • Current Affairs



  • Dimensional analysis
  • Units and dimensions
  • Significant figures
  • Least count
  • Measurement of length
  • Time
  • Mass
  • Temperature
  • Potential difference
  • Methods of measurement (Direct, Indirect, Null)
  • Current and resistance


  • Projectiles
  • Uniform circular motion
  • Relative velocity
  • Newton’s laws of motion
  • Inertial and uniformly accelerated (linear only) frames of reference
  • Kinetic and potential energy
  • Impulse, Systems of particles
  • Kinematics in one and two dimensions (Cartesian coordinates only)


  • Rigid body
  • Stoke’s and Poiseuille’s law
  • Reynolds number
  • Buoyancy
  • Surface energy and surface tension
  • The pressure in a fluid
  • Dynamics of rigid bodies with a fixed axis of rotation
  • Pascal’s law, capillary rise
  • Viscosity –Terminal velocity
  • Bernoulli’s theorem
  • A qualitative understanding of turbulence
  • Streamline flow
  • The equation of continuity.

Rotational Dynamics:-

  • Moment of inertia
  • Moment of inertia of uniform bodies with simple geometrical shapes
  • Angular momentum
  • Torque
  • Equilibrium of rigid bodies
  • Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems
  • Young’s modulus.


  • Longitudinal and transverse waves
  • Resonance (qualitative understanding)
  • Superposition of waves
  • Progressive and stationary waves
  • Plane-wave motion
  • Beats
  • The vibration of strings and air columns
  • The speed of sound in gases
  • Doppler Effect.

Thermal physics:-

  • Blackbody radiation – absorptive and emissive powers
  • Liquids and gases
  • Calorimetric Problems
  • Stefan’s law
  • Latent heat
  • Heat conduction in one dimension
  • Newton’s law of cooling.



  • Algebra of complex numbers
  • Addition
  • Multiplication
  • Conjugation
  • Polar representation
  • Properties of modulus and principal argument
  • Triangle inequality
  • Cube roots of unity
  • Geometric interpretations.

Quadratic equations with real coefficients:-

  • Logarithms and their properties
  • Computation of the probability of events using permutations and combination
  • Formation of quadratic equations with given roots
  • Relations between roots and coefficients solutions of simultaneous linear equations in two or three variables
  • Symmetric functions of roots.


  • Permutations and combinations
  • Geometric and harmonic progressions
  • Arithmetic
  • Geometric and harmonic means
  • Sums of finite arithmetic and geometric progressions
  • Infinite geometric series.


  • Addition and multiplication rules of probability
  • Conditional probability
  • Bayes Theorem
  • Symmetric and skew-symmetric matrices and their properties
  • Independence of events.

Binomial theorem:-

  • Binomial Theorem for positive integral index
  • Properties of binomial coefficients.


  • Matrices as a rectangular array of real numbers
  • Equality of matrices
  • Addition
  • Multiplication by a scalar and product of matrices
  • Transpose of a matrix
  • The determinant of a square matrix of order up to three.


Organic Chemistry
  • Hybridisations of carbon
  • Hyperconjugation
  • Sigma and pi-bonds
  • Representation of organic compounds
  • Shapes of simple organic molecules
  • Electromeric effect
  • Resonance effect
  • Inductive effect
  • Determination of empirical and molecular formulae.

Reactive intermediates:-

  • Structure and stability of-carbocation
  • Carbanion and free radical
  • Formation
  • Homolytic and heterolytic bond cleavages.


  • Geometrical isomerism
  • Racemic mixture
  • Chirality Structural and stereoisomerism
  • Conformations of ethane and butane (Newman projections)
  • Optical isomerism of compounds.


  • IUPAC of only hydrocarbons
  • Monofunctional and bi-functional compounds
  • Including benzene derivatives
  • IUPAC nomenclature of simple organic compounds.


  • Wurtz reaction
  • Preparation
  • Combustion and halogenation of alkanes
  • Properties and reactions
  • Idea of homologous series
  • Mechanism of photo-halogenation.

Alkenes and Alkynes:-

  • Acid catalysed the hydration of alkenes and alkynes (excluding the stereochemistry)
  • Ozonolysis
  • Markownikoff rule
  • Reduction of alkenes and alkynes
  • Addition reactions of alkynes
  • Isomerization.

Aromatic compounds:

  • Friedel-Crafts alkylation and acylation (No mechanism) Huckel theory of aromaticity
  • Aromaticity
  • Structure of benzene
  • Isomerism in substituted benzenes.

Haloalkanes (Alkyl halides):-

  • Alcohols
  • Halogen exchange reaction
  • Olefins
  • Nucleophilic substitution reactions of alkyl halides with different nucleophilic species
  • Grignard reagent and its reaction.

Recommended Books for the Preparation of Aakash NEST 2021

The candidates, while preparing must make sure that they are preparing from the prescribed Aakash NEST books. Doing this will help one in achieving a good score. The list of the recommended books is tabulated below:


Classical Mechanics:

Name of the BookName of the Author
Introduction to Classical MechanicsR.G.Takawale and P.S. Puranik
Classical MechanicsJ.C.Upadhyaya
Classical MechanicsH.Goldstein
Classical Dynamics of Particles and SystemsMarion and Thomtron
Classical MechanicsP.V. Panat
Classical MechanicsN.C. Rana and P.S.Joag


Name of the BooksName of the Author
Op-amps and Linear Integrated circuitsGayakwad (Prentice Hall)
Power ElectronicsP.C. Sen
Operational Amplifiers ApplicationsG.B.Clayton
Electronic PrinciplesMalvino
Integrated circuitsBotkar
Operational AmplifiersSubrahmanyam
SMPS Inverters ConvertersGottlib
Linear Integrated circuitsD.Roy Choudhury, Shail Jain
Digital Principles and ApplicationsLeach and Malvino


Name of the BooksName of the Authors
Quantum MechanicsL.I.Schiff
Quantum PhysicsR. Eisberg and R.Resnick
Modern Quantum mechanicsJ.J.Sakurai
Quantum mechanicsA.Ghatak and S.Lokanathan
Introductory Quantum mechanicsGranier
Introduction to Quantum MechanicsDavid J.Griffiths

Atomic & Molecular Physics Spectroscopy

Name of the BooksName of the Authors
Introduction to Molecular SpectroscopyG.M. Barrow
Elements of SpectroscopyGupta, Kumar, Sharma
Introduction to Atomic SpectraH.E. White
Spectroscopy Vol. I, II, IIIWalker and Straughen
Fundamentals of Molecular SpectroscopyC.B. Banwell

Statistical Mechanics

Name of the BooksName of the Authors
Statistical MechanicsK.Huang
Statistical MechanicsR.K.Pathria, Bufferworgh Heinemann
Statistical MechanicsLoknathan and Gambhir
Statistical MechanicsSatya Prakash


Name of the BooksName of the Authors
The special theory of RelativityRobert Resnick
Matrices and Tensors in PhysicsA. W. Joshi
Introductory Quantum MechanicsLi boff
Classical electricity & MagnetismPanofsky and Phillips
ElectromagneticsB.B. Laud
Classical ElectrodynamicsJ.D. Jackson
Foundations of Electromagnetic theoryReitz & Milford


Name of the BooksName of the Authors
Fundamentals of Data StructuresEllis Horowitz and Sartaj Sahni
Elements of Discrete MathematicsC.L. Liu
Discrete Mathematical Structures with Applications to Computer ScienceJean-Paul Trembly and Ram P. Manohar
Compilers of Principles, Techniques and ToolsAlfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi and Jeffrey D. Ullman
An Introduction to Data Structures with ApplicationsJean-Paul Tremblay and P.G. Sorenson
The Design and Analysis of Computer AlgorithmsAlfred V. Aho, John E. Hopcroft and Jeffrey D. Ullman

Exam Centers of Aakash NEST 2021

Centres list of Aakash Nest

Scholarship Reward of Aakash NEST 2021

The candidate, who participate and qualify the examination of Aakash NEST shall be awarded scholarships. The details of the same are mentioned below:

Junior Scholarship I: (studying in 8th-9th standard)

  • There are a total number of 10 scholarships. Each scholarship is pronounced for Rs. 25000/-. One, who secures a rank in top-10 candidates gets this scholarship.
  • One, getting the first rank shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 40,000/-.

Junior Scholarship II: (studying in 10th-12th standard)

  • Candidate, who achieves the first rank shall be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 50,000/-.
  • One, who gets a rank in top-10 candidates gets a scholarship of Rs. 30, 000/- each.


  • The Certificate of Appreciation will be awarded to one who secured an aggregate of 40% in the examination. The candidate will be able to download the score-card and certificate from the official website, one month after the declaration of the result.

Aakash NEST 2021 Answer Key

  • The Aakash NEST Answer Key 2021 will be released after the release of the answer key.
  • Through the answer key, the candidate will be able to evaluate his/ her marks achieved in the examination.
  • The candidates will be able to know about their performance, they did the in the examination, with the help of the answer key.

Result of Aakash NEST 2021

The result of Aakash NEST is declared after the conduct of the examination. The candidates, who sat in the examination can access the NEST 2021 result. The Aakash NEST Result 2021 is available in an online mode. The candidates can access the result after providing certain details in the login section. The result, only, shall be justifying the qualifying status of the candidate.

Aakash NEST 2021 Counselling

After the conduct of the Aakash NEST Result 2021, the authority will conduct the Aakash NEST Counselling Session. The candidates, who have qualified the examination will have to attend the counselling session. One will be able to know, if he/ she is eligible to attend the counselling session, from the official website. the authority will release a list mentioning the names of the candidates who have been selected to attend the counselling session. The candidates will have to report to the counselling centre, once it is allotted to the candidate. One will have to attend the counselling session along with some documents. The documents, which are to be brought are:

  • Original and Photocopy mark sheet of 10th standard
  • Photocopied and Original mark sheet of 12th standard.
  • Original and Photocopy or the proof of Birth.
  • Photocopied and Original of Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Original and Photocopy of OBC Certificate of the candidates of Non-creamy layer (if applicable)
  • Photocopied and Original of Certificate of Disability (if applicable)
  • If the candidate belongs to Abroad, then he/ she has to show a certificate justifying his/ her Indian Nationality.
  • 4 passport size colour photographs
  • Demand Draft, which has to be drawn in favour of NESER, payable at Bhubaneswar/ in favour of CBS, payable at Mumbai (the place where one appears for counselling)

Aakash NEST Seat Intake 2021

The authority has decided a certain percentage/ number of seats of reservation for the depressed categories of the candidates. The details of Aakash NEST 2021 Seat Intake is mentioned below:

Supernumerary: J&K22
PD (Part of Other Categories)51

In case of any query related to Aakash NEST 2021, kindly write to us in the comment section.


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