TS EAMCET Syllabus 2024: JNTU, Hyderabad will organize TS EAMCET 2024 for admission to various engineering, agriculture, and medical institutes in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana. TS EAMCET 2024 exam will be a 3-hour long offline exam. Aspirants can view the TS EAMCET 2024 Syllabus pdf download on its official site. The syllabus helps the candidates to be aware of the topics & subjects where the topic reveals the importance of other topics.

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The syllabus of TS EAMCET 2024 will comprise three subjects as Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics which is based on the stranded syllabus of class 12th. It aware the students of the topics and boost their preparation. The question paper will comprise multiple-choice questions which will be divided into 3 sections- Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. There will be 160 questions. There is no negative marking and for every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded.

TS EAMCET Syllabus Weightage 2024

Candidates must prepare for TS EAMCET 2024 by following the prescribed syllabus. All questions will be asked from the syllabus prescribed by JNTUH.

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Communication system.Organic compound.Algebra.Plant systematic.
Materials, devices, and simple circuits.Phenols, Ethers, Aldehydes, Ketones, and carboxylic acid.Trigonometry.Plant Psychology
Semiconductor electronics.Haloalkanes and Haloarenes.Vector Algebra.Plant morphology
Nuclei.Biomolecules.Probability.Cell structure and functions.
Dual nature of radiation and matter.P, d and f block elements.Coordinate geometry.Ecology.
Electromagnetic waves.MetallurgyGenetics.
Magnetism and matter.Surface chemistry.Reproduction in plants.
Moving charges and magnetism.Electrochemistry.Biotechnology.
Current electricity.Chemical kinetics.Molecular biology.
Electrostatic potential and capacitance.Solid-state.Microbes and human welfare.
Electric charges and fields.Solutions.Animal diversity.
Wave optics.Organic chemistry.Human anatomy.
Ray optics and optical instrumental.Environmental chemistry.Applied biology.
Alternating current.Boron family.Human reproduction.
Communication system.Carbon family.Genetics.
Gravitation.Alkali and alkaline earth metals.Organic evolution.
Oscillation.Hydrogen and its compounds.Locomotion and reproduction in Protozoa.
Work, energy and power.Thermodynamics.Type study of Periplaneta Americana.
Motion in a plane.Stoichiometry.Ecology and the environment.
Physical-worldGases and liquids.
Atomic structure.

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TS EAMCET Syllabus Subject Wise

Physics Syllabus

Chemistry Syllabus

Syllabus For Mathematics

Recommendation Of The Books  As Per The Subject

For preparing for the exam, knowing about the syllabus alone won’t help the students to prepare for the exam. Here is the list of the books as per the subjects.

Books For Physics

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
EAMCET Physics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)Arihant Experts
Key Notes Terms, Notes, FormuleArihant Experts
Concepts of Physics (Volume – 1)HC Verma
Concepts of Physics (Volume – 2)HC Verma

Chemistry Books

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
EAMCET Chemistry (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)Arihant Experts
EAMCET Chemistry Chapterwise 23 Years Solutions & 5 Mock Tests 3rd EditionArihant Experts
Organic Chemistry 7th EditionRobert Thornton Morrison, Robert Neilson Boyd, Saibal Kanti Bhattacharjee
Fundamentals of Inorganic ChemistryAnanya Ganguly

Books For Mathematics Section

Book NameAuthor/Publisher
EAMCET Mathematics (Andhra Pradesh & Telangana)Arihant Experts
Problems Plus In IIT MathematicsA. Das Gupta
Handbook of Mathematics – A Multipurpose Quick Revision ResourceArihant Experts
35 Years Chapterwise Solved Papers 2013Amit M. Agarwal

Subject Wise Exam Strategy For TS EAMCET 2024

Before sitting for an exam, it is important to adopt a strong strategy and study good books to crack the exam. The following subject wise strategy can be adopted to crack the exam:


  1. Try and understand the concepts. Understanding the concepts will actually help you memorize it rather than mugging it up.
  2. Emphasis should be given to modern physics, electrostatics, magnetic effect and earth magnetism, heat and thermodynamics, SHM and Oscillation, current electricity.
  3. If you find any question difficult, try to understand the question and visualize the probable answer for it.
  4. If you do not understand the question in one read, read it again to understand it.
  5. 87 % of the questions in these sections are based on easy concepts. So the stronger the conceptual base is, the better.


  1. 8 to 9 questions comes from organic chemistry. Thus a stronghold in this subject will help in getting more marks.
  2. Go through all the formulas.
  3. Practice the numerical from chapters like the atomic structure.
  4. Glance through the reactions.
  5. 12 to 14 questions will be asked from physical chemistry and 12 to 14 questions will be asked from Inorganic chemistry. General chemistry is also important as 7 to 8 questions will be asked from general chemistry.


  1. The more you practice maths the more you will able to complete a sum within a particular time frame.
  2. Identify the common question patterns from the past TS EAMCET question papers.
  3. Identify and set your priorities.
  4. It has been observed after analyzing past year question papers that more questions are asked from calculus, algebra, coordinate geometry.
  5. If you get tired studying over a stretch of time, divide your study into sessions.
  6. Other important chapters are cube root entity, modulus, complex numbers, locus and maxima, minima values.

How To Prepare For TS EAMCET 2024?

The TS EAMCET 2024 Syllabus will help the candidate to be aware of the examination. In order to prepare for the exam, candidates must come up with an effective study plan. Along with the topics, candidates must also know from which book they have to study in order to better knowledge about the subjects. Students must be well acquainted with the subjects and topics and start the preparation early.  After preparing for the exam, students must also test themselves by having an online test series. This helps a candidate in many different ways like weightage of the topics, time management, clarity about the subjects, etc. The candidates can prepare for the TS EAMCET from the study material available online for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

TS EAMCET Exam Pattern

Once the candidates are aware of the syllabus they must know about the exam pattern. This clears the idea about the exam preparation and TS EAMCET weightage. Here are the TS EAMCET Exam Pattern, check the official website or the table given below:

Total Marks160



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