Indian Administrative Services is one of the most highly anticipated exams conducted by Union of Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates all over India apply for this exam with the hope of acquiring a place in the government services that are both enriching and respectful. The preparation of UPSC comes with an abundance of confusion and candidates often feeling lost within the range of the topics that are required to be covered. Getting into this job is something every Indian dream of. With the rising competition, there has been a growth of a variety of sources which are proving to be beneficial in strategizing the preparation of UPSC. For those not being able to afford the classes of various coaching institutes can find the sources available on the internet very much affordable and accessible. Various online channels and videos are being created with the lectures of competent faculties from various institutes, previous years toppers along with the notes and the interview tips.

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With the preparation tips of UPSC being so much approachable and affordable, candidates get an opportunity and benefit of preparing for this exam while also carrying on with their studies or jobs. Exploring the web content is becoming important and youtube is found to be one of the most beneficial modes for learning through graphics modes. One of the benefits of learning from the video mode is also the quantity of time in which few minutes video tries to explain the wide topics efficiently without going into much detail and only pointing out the important portions.

We have listed below few of the youtube channels that can be explored further by UPSC aspirants for preparation of the upcoming exam.

Best Youtube Channels for UPSC

Vision IAS: One of India’s foremost coaching institutes, Vision IAS is now aiming to reach the candidates through youtube. Various videos have been made available on their channel containing the important tips and lectures. The videos of the direct classroom lectures have also been uploaded associated with the civil services preparation. The videos can be accessed without any cost by the candidates easily with the availability of the Internet.

Unacademy: Acquiring its place among one of the topmost video channels for various exam preparation, Unacademy channel has been gaining trust by providing quality videos along with the tips of qualifying various exams. The regular updates of current affair videos have also made the things easier for the aspirants by helping them in minimizing the relevant issues that the candidates should make themselves aware of. The channel was started by ex IAS officer Roman Saini and his friend Gaurav Munjal with the purpose of providing guidance to the aspirants free of cost.

Rajya Sabha TV: Along with the deliverance of National and International News, this channel also provides with the current affairs all around the world that are helpful in the preparation of UPSC exam. Usually, the well-articulated pieces are made available by the end of every week. Candidates can also look for the live program of discussions on important and relevant subjects in the house. The channel also covers interviews with the ministers and top officials and programs on various government-sponsored policies and programs.

Jagran Josh: This has been started under a scheme of Jagran Prakashan Ltd to match the increasing requirements of the candidates preparing for IAS exam. Known for its articulated pieces on current affairs, this channel provides a thorough knowledge to the beginners by making and explaining the videos on relevant topics that are covered in the UPSC exam. The channel also makes available the exclusive videos of the previous toppers along with their tips and guidelines which is helpful for UPSC aspirants. The interview tips along with the useful notes are also made available here.

PIB India: This channel has been started by Press Information Bureau, an official agency of government responsible for the broadcasting of data provided by the Government of India. Details regarding the government policies and schemes, foreign trips by Prime Minister playing an important role in International relations are covered in the videos of this channel. The videos provide a detailed analysis regarding the functioning of the government in various stages.

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