SRMJEEE Mock Test 2024: SRM University has started the mock test for all the candidates in April 2024. The Mock Test is available so that candidates can take the online exam of SRMJEEE 2024 easily. The exam dates of the SRM B.Tech and Mock Test will be released soon. With the help of the mock test, candidates can get acquainted with the exam pattern and the types of questions asked in the SRM University 2024. The candidates can access the SRMJEEE 2024 mock test on the official website. To attempt the test, the applicants have to provide their E-mail ID, Name, Mobile Number, etc. details.

Check Eligibility For SRMJEEE Exam

There are several benefits to solving the mock test. In this article, we have provided all the details regarding the mock test. So, keep on reading to get familiar with the SRM Mock Test.

SRMJEEE 2024 Mock Test- Highlights

  • The aspiring candidates must take the SRMJEE Mock test, which is available for all the candidates in the online mode on the official website. With the help of the mock tests, the candidates will be familiar with the Online SRMJEE Exam infrastructure. 
  • The link to the mock test and instruction manual will be available on the university website.
  • For the remote test, the candidates have to download the Safe Exam Browser and proceed as per the instructions.
  • The mock test can be taken for free. No fee is charged for taking the test.
  • Candidates who will take the mock test will be eligible to appear in the main exam.
  • To take the SRM Mock test, candidates have to log in to the mock test portal.
  • However, the candidate does not need to be a registered candidate in order to take the SRMJEEE Mock test.
  • Candidates can attempt the SRM University Mock Test free of cost.
  • The mock test contains one section. The duration to solve the mock test is 150 minutes.
  • A total of 120 questions are asked in the mock test.
  • With the help of the mock test, candidates can get to know the difficulty level of the paper.

How to Take the SRMJEEE 2024 B.Tech Mock Test?

To attempt the SRMJEE Mock Test, the candidates have to follow the steps that are mentioned below. Make sure to keep all the details such as email-id, contact details ready.

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  • Firstly, visit the official website of SRM- Then click on the mock test link. Enter the e-mail id. Candidates can check the image below.

srmjee mock test

  • To do the SRM B.Tech Mock Test Registration, candidates have to submit the details like candidate’s full name, course, mail-id, country, mobile number, state, and city. After entering the details click on the “Submit option”.

SRMJEE Mock test registration

  • Then select the subject and the section you want to take the test.

SRM JEE Mock Paper

  • Now, the candidates have to verify their name and question paper they have opted for.

SRM JEE Mock Test Registration

  • A list of instructions will appear on the screen. Read the details carefully and then proceed.

SRM University

  • A window will appear on the screen that shows various symbols used in the Mock test which is similar to that of the SRM University JEE Exam 2024. Go through the details and then proceed to the next step.

SRM 2021 Mock Test

  • Now click on “start the test” and take the test. The Sample of the SRMJEE Mock Exam is provided below.

SRM JEE Mock Exam

SRM B.Tech Mock Test

SRM JEE B.Tech Sample Papers

Candidates can download the SRMJEE Sample Papers of various years here. With the help of the sample papers, the applicants can get an idea of the type of questions asked in the exam. Just click on the link provided below to download-

Academic YearSample Paper Download
2020Download here

Important Points to Remember while taking SRM University B.Tech Mock Test 2024

While appearing in the Mock Examination of SRM University, the candidates have to keep the following things in mind-

  • The Mock Test will have only one section which carries a total of 125 questions.
  • Once the candidate clicks on the “Start button” the timer will start, and the candidate can take the exam.
  • The time is displayed on the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • The total time duration of the exam is 150 minutes.
  • The SRMJEE 2024 Mock Test is a replica of the SRMJEE B.Tech Exam.

Advantages Of Taking Mock Test 

  • Candidates can get handy for attempting the questions quickly.
  • It is completely free. There are no charges for taking the tests.
  • Candidates can take the mock test as many times as they can.
  • The Mock test helps the candidate to understand the exam pattern and type of questions that will be asked in the exam.
  • The test will enable the candidate to get familiar with the functionalities of the exam.
  • With the help of the mock test, candidates can get acquainted with time management and attempting the questions.
  • Lastly, taking regular mock tests can boost the candidate’s confidence.

Exam Pattern of SRM B.Tech

The examination pattern of the SRM Entrance Test is as follows-

  • SRMJEE is a computer-based entrance test with a time duration of 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Questions are asked from Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, English and aptitude.
  • The questions asked in the exam are multiple-choice questions (MCQ) based.
  • The questions are asked in the English language only.

SRMJEEE Syllabus 2024

Candidates can check the section-wise syllabus below. We advise the candidates to prepare each topic properly.

Physics SRMJEEE Syllabus

electronics and communicationsdual nature of matter and nuclear physics
atomic physics and relativityelectricity and magnetism
ray and wave optics and magnetismheat and thermodynamics
oscillations and wave motionsgravitation, mechanics of solids, and fluids
mechanicsunits of measurement

Chemistry Syllabus

chemistry in everyday lifebiomolecules
polymersorganic compounds containing nitrogen
organic compounds containing oxygenhydrocarbons
some basic principles of organic chemistrypurification and characterisations of organic compounds
surface chemistry, chemical kinetics, and catalysiselectro-chemistry
chemical equilibriumsolutions
chemical thermodynamicschemical bonding and molecular structure
chemical energeticsome basic concepts of chemistry
atomic structurestates of matter
chemical families- periodic properties

SRMJEE Mathematics syllabus

sets, relations, and functionscomplex numbers
matrices and determinantsapplications of matrices and determinants
quadratic equationspermutations and combinations
binomial theorem and its applicationsintegral calculus
sequences and seriesdifferential equations
circles in two dimensionstrigonometry
probabilitymeasures of central tendency and dispersion
vector algebraconic sections in two dimensions
straight lines in two dimensions

Biology SRMJEEE Syllabus

Diversity in Living Worldstructural organization in plants and animals
cell structure and functionplant and human physiology
reproductiongenetics and evolution
biology and human welfareecology and environment

English Syllabus

Comprehension type questionssynonyms and antonyms
passage writing

SRMJEEE Aptitude Syllabus

number systemsstatistics
percentageprofit and loss
quadratic equationsgeometry
arrangementdirections sense test
linear equationtrigonometry

Hopefully, the candidates are clear with the idea of the SRMJEEE B.Tech Mock Test. In case, there are any queries or doubts, feel free to comment down below. We will reply shortly.

SRMJEE Mock Test 2024- FAQs

Question- What is SRM JEE Mock Tests?
Ans- The mock tests are the sample test papers that are similar to that of the srmjee entrance paper.
Question- What is the importance of the SRMJEE Mock Paper?
Ans- The importance of the mock test is to make the candidate familiar with the exam pattern and format.
Question- What is the total time duration of the entrance test?
Ans- The exam time duration of SRMJEE is 120 minutes.
Question- Is there is any charge for appearing the SRM Mock Test?
Ans- No, the mock tests can be taken free of cost.


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