LPUNEST 2019 Exam Pattern, SyllabusLPUNEST 2019 Exam Pattern, Syllabus, Preparation: LPUNEST Exam Pattern 2019 is an important detail for candidates to be thoroughly aware of. This article will look into a detailed analysis of the LPUNEST 2019 Exam Pattern so students will know what to expect when appearing for the LPUNEST 2019 Examinations. LPUNEST 2019 Entrance for B Tech courses will begin its pre-admission processes from the first week of November. After applying for the LPUNEST 2019, preparation should proceed with an understanding of the LPUNEST 2019 Exam Pattern.

LPUNEST 2019 Exam Pattern

LPU NEST 2019 will generally follow the following pattern

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● LPUNEST 2019 will be Computer Based Test held in online mode.
● Total exam duration will be 150 minutes, i.e. 2 hours and 30 minutes.
● Questions will be Objective Multiple Choice Types
● Number of questions will be 110.
● Wrong or unanswered answers will not cost any negative markings.
● Questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology will carry 4 marks each.
● Questions from English will carry 2 marks each.
● Candidates can either opt for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English, or they can opt for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.

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Subjects No. of Questions Max. Marks 

Syllabus for LPUNEST 2019

LPUNEST 2019 Syllabus: An important part of preparation for LPUNEST 2019 includes awareness of LPUNEST Syllabus 2019. Candidates must make sure that they have a thorough understand of the Syllabus for LPUNEST 2019. This will help them schedule their study routine efficiently. Candidates who have applied for LPUNEST 2019 B Tech Courses will have to prepare Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics/Biology, and English. The following tables provide information about the topics that needs to read and prepared for the LPUNEST 2019.

LPUNEST 2019 Syllabus for Chemistry

Subject Units Topics  
ChemistryAtomic Structure, States of Matter & Thermodynamics


● Some basic concepts of Chemistry
● States of Matter
● Gaseous State
● Liquid State
● Solid State
● Atomic Structure
● Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
● Covalent Bonding
● Quantum Mechanical Approach to Covalent Bonding
● Molecular Orbital Theory
● Chemical Thermodynamics
● First law of Thermodynamics
● Second law of Thermodynamics
Solutions, Chemical Kinetics & Surface Chemistry● Solutions
● Equilibrium
● Equilibrium involving Physical Processes
● Equilibrium Involving Chemical Processes
● Ionic Equilibrium
● Redox Chemistry and Electrochemistry
● Electrochemical Cells
● Chemical Kinetics
● Surface Chemistry
● Colloidal Chemistry
Hydrogen & S-Block Elements● Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
● General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Metals
● Hydrogen
● S-Block Elements
P, D, & F Block Elements and Environmental Chemistry● P-Block Elements
● D-Block Elements
● F-Block Elements
● Inner Transition Elements
● Co-ordination Compounds
● Environmental Chemistry
● Troposphere Pollutants – Gaseous Pollutants
● Stratosphere Pollutants
Basic Concepts of Organic Chemistry● Purification
● Qualitative Analysis
● Quantitative Analysis
● Some Basic concepts of Organic Chemistry
● Nomenclature (trivial and IUPAC) Covalent Bond Fission
● Electronic Displacement in a covalent Bond
●Common Types of Organic Reactions
● Alkanes
● Alkenes
● Alkynes
● Aromatic Hydrocarbons
● Organic Compounds Containing Halogens
Oxygen, Nitrogen, Polymers, & Bio molecules● Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen
● Alcohols
● Phenols
● Ethers
● Aldehyde and Ketones
● Carboxylic Acids
● Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
● Amines
● Diazonium Salts
● Polymers
● Bio molecules
● Carbohydrates
● Proteins
● Vitamins
● Nucleic acids
● Chemistry in Everyday Life

LPUNEST Syllabus 2019 For Physics



● Laws of Motion
● Work, Energy & Power
● Rotational Motion
Kinematics, Gravitation, & Oscillations● Physics and Measurements
● Kinematics
● Gravitations
● Oscillations and waves
Thermal Physics● Properties of solids and Liquids
● Thermodynamics
● Kinetic theory of gases
Electricity & Magnetism● Electrostatics
● Current Electricity
● Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Atomic Structure & Optics● Atoms and Nuclei
● Dual nature of matter and radiation
● Optics
● Wave optics
Electricals & Electronics● Electromagnetic Induction and alternating currents
● Electromagnetic waves
● Electronic devices

LPUNEST 2019 Syllabus for Mathematics

MathematicsAlgebra● Sets, Relations, & Function
● Complex numbers and Quadratic Equations
● Sequences and series
Matrices, Vectors, & Reasoning● Matrices and Determinants
● Vector Algebra
● Mathematical Reasoning
Permutation, Combination, & Binomial Theorem● Permutation and Combination
● Mathematical Induction
● Binomial Theorem and its simple application
Limit, Integration, & Differentiation● Limit, Continuity, and differentiability
● Integral Calculus
Geometry● Coordinate Geometry
● Straight Lines
● Circles, Conic Sections
● Three Dimensional Geometry
Probability & Trigonometry● Statistics and Probability
● Probability
● Trigonometry

LPUNEST 2019 Syllabus for Biology

BiologyDiversity and Structural Organization


● Five Kingdom Classification
● Structural Organisation in Plants and Animals
●  Cell Structure and Function
● Cell Division
Plant Physiology● Transport in Plants
● Mineral Nutrition
● Photosynthesis
● Respiration
● Plant growth and Development
Human Physiology● Digestion and Absorption
● Breathing and Respiration
● Body Fluids and Circulation
● Excretory Products and their Elimination
● Locomotion and Movement
● Neural control and coordination
● Chemical coordination and Regulation
Reproduction, Genetics, & Evolution● Evolution in organisms
● Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants
● Human Reproduction
● Reproductive Health
● Generics and Evolution
● Molecular Basic of Inheritance
● Evolution
Biology, Biotechnology, & Human Welfare● Health and Disease
● Improvement in food Production
● Microbes in Human welfare
● Biotechnology and its application
● Application of Biotechnology in Health and Agriculture
Ecology and Environment● Organism and Environment
● Ecosystem
● Biodiversity and its conservation
● Environmental Issues

LPUNEST 2019 Syllabus for English

Subjects  Units  Topics 
EnglishGrammar● Parts of Speech
● Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Adverb, Verb, Preposition, Conjunction, and Interjection
● Tenses
● Present, Past, and Future Tenses in Passive and Active Voice.
● Modal Verbs – Can, Could, May, Might, Should, Will, Would
Associative Language Skills● Vocabulary
● Antonyms
● Synonyms
● One word Substitution
● Word Analogies
● Idioms
● Phrases
Common Errors● Sentence connection
● Error Finding
Comprehension Passages● Closed and Open Paragraphs
● Identifying key ideas and themes.

Recommended Books for LPUNEST 2019 Preparation

Applied candidates can refer the following books for preparation of LPUNEST 2019. Here are a few LPUNEST Recommended Books for 2019 exam Preparation.

SubjectsRecommended Books
Physics1. NCERT Physics 11th Class
2. NCERT Physics 12th Class
3. Concepts of Physics by H C Verma Vol-1 & Vol-2
4. Understanding Physics for Electricity & Magnetism by D C Pandey
5. Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Optics and Modern Physics by D C Pandey
6. Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced Waves and Thermodynamics by D C Pandey
7. Concepts of Modern Physics by Arthur, Shobhit Mahajan,
8. Problems in General Physics by I E Irodov
9. Physics by Resnik Halliday
10. New Pattern Physics book by D C Pandey
11. NCERT Exemplar Problems
Chemistry1. NCERT Chemistry Class 11th
2. NCERT Chemistry Class 12th
3. Arihant Problem Collection Objective for JEE Main
4. New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry
5. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R C Mukherjee
6. Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur
7. Organic Chemistry by R T Morrison
8. Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee
9. NCERT Exemplar Problems
Mathematics1. NCERT 11th Class
2. NCERT 12th Class
3. R D Sharma for Class 11th& 12th
4. Coordinate Geometry by S K Goyal
5. Differential Calculus for IIT JEE
6. Integral Calculus by Amit Aggarwal
7. Vectors and 3D Geometry by Arihant Publications
8.  NCERT Exemplar Problems
Biology1. NCERT 11th Class
2. NCERT 12th Class
3. Arihant Exploring Biology
4. Raven
5. Trueman’s Objective Biology
6. Trueman’s Elementary Biology
English1. English Grammar – Wren and Martin


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