LPU NEST Sample Paper: Lovely Professional University conducts the National Eligibility Scholarship Test (NEST) every year. University has the exam at the national level for the selection of eligible and willing candidates from across the nation. They are of the view that money should not be the bar between the students and quality education. The article mainly focuses on B.Tech programs. LPU Nest is one of the largest private scholarship held in the country. Lakhs of students appear for the exam. Thus there is a high competition among the students for the scholarship. In the phase of preparation, the sample paper holds great importance for the students. It helps the children to know about the subject, topics, and subtopics, etc. One can easily download the lpu nest sample papers from the link given in the article. Read the article carefully to get more information relating to the sample papers.

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How To Access LPU NEST Sample Paper?

Candidates have to follow certain procedures in order to have the sample papers. It is available online on the website of LPU NEST. The steps they need to follow are:

  • Visit the LPU NEST site
  • Look for the ”Sample questions” in the “Information” section and click it
  • As per the subject go through the questions
  • This is just for the sample to go through some more questions to make practice even better

Importance of LPU NEST Sample Paper

The sample paper is of great importance for those who prepare for the exam. Some of the importance is given below:

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  • It gives a blueprint about the subjects and topics
  • Clarifies the questions which can come from the subject
  • Tells the importance of some chapters over the others
  • Some topics need more concentration than the other topic. The sample paper helps the students to analyze those topics and time needed as per the topic
  • It makes the students aware of the syllabus
  • Polishes the knowledge and helps the students to excel in the subject and topic
  • When students solve the sample paper, it teaches them about time management. It prepares the students in a very well manner
  • With the sample paper in hand, one can make the strategy as to how much time they require in each topic or question. Thus, helping in building the strategy
  • Having multiple sample paper gives a different approach to the same question. Hence, it is helpful in understanding the concepts behind the questions

How To Benefit From LPUNEST Sample Paper?

  • While solving the model test paper, students should be honest with themselves
  • Solve the test paper daily which will become a regular task and have a good command over the subjects and topics
  • Don’t make excuses while solving the question. If you don’t know the answer, at least give it a try but leave it
  • Don’t look into the solutions beforehand. First, solve the questions then look for solutions
  • Solve the question paper honestly, don’t cheat yourself

Download LPU NEST Previous Years’ Question Papers

Here are some of the PDFs provided for the students to make a preparation for the exam. Lakhs of students appear for the exam which makes the competition even tougher. Hence, the sample paper helps the students to boost up their preparation and knowledge. Here are a few practice papers.

  1. Sample Paper 1
  2. NEST (2014)
  3. Sample Paper  ( 2015)
  4. NEST 2016 Question Paper
  5. LPU Nest 2012.


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