KVPY Interview 2019: The KVPY Call Letter Is Now Available. The Link To Download Is Provided Below. Also, The KVPY Interview Schedule Has Released.  Candidates who will be shortlisted will be called for the KVPY Interview 2019. These candidates must be wondering about the kind of questions that will be coming for the exam as well as the preparation tips. This article will provide some of the common questions asked in the KVPY interview and the answers that the candidate must give to the interviewer.

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Latest Update

new1The KVPY Interview Call Letter Has Been Released! Download Now.

KVPY Interview Call Letter

The KVPY Interview Schedule Released

KVPY Interview Schedule

Once the results of the KVPY are announced, candidates are called for the final round of KVPY Interview. Those who are called for the interview are usually young candidates who have a little idea about the type of questions that are asked in the interview round. For such candidates, we have come with a few questions that are repeatedly asked in the KVPY interview every year. These questions will help prepare the candidate to appear for the interview with confidence and give him/her an idea of the topics on which the questions will be asked.

One of the most common questions that are asked in a KVPY interview is “Tell us something about you”. Most of the students fumble at this question and fail to answer it correctly. When asked this question, the candidate must give a clear answer and tell a little about every aspect of his/her life like personal, academic, interests, etc. The candidate must remember not to repeat anything said before or something that the interviewer already knows like the candidate’s test score. Another important key to answering any question is confidence. More than anything, the most important thing that strikes the interviewer is the confidence of the candidate in whatever he/she says.

Yet another recurring question that is asked of the candidates in an academic interview is usually related to the subjects that they are interested in. Questions like “Which is your favourite subject?” or “what is the most specific topic you like?” are usually asked. These questions are asked to check whether the candidate is really interested in the fellowship programme and whether he/she will be able to do the research work with determination. The answer which is most likely to be rewarded here should be related to science and the candidate must make sure that he/she is able to show his/her keen interest in the said subject.

Once the questions related to science subjects begin, the candidate should be ready for tricky questions from the interviewers. In most cases, candidates are asked questions dug out of the previous answer of the candidate. The interviewers probe deeper into the questions to check the candidate’s knowledge and practical skills. They also check the extent to which the candidate can answer the question. So, it is advisable that those appearing for the interview have a thorough knowledge of the important topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Apart from the technical questions, candidates can expect other questions like “Tell us something about your hobbies”. To answer such a question asked in the KVPY interview, one must be clever enough to give a crisp and good answer. Here the candidate must tell the interviewer about hobbies or interests that require a person to use his/her mind but also should be related to the environment. For instance, if the candidate says, “I like to play Sudoku” or I like taking different kinds of quiz, the next question asked will be “which is the last quiz that you took?” or “have you won any quiz competition?” The candidates can also say that he/she likes to watch Television but should also mention that he/she watches programmes like NAT Geo or Discovery Channel.

Points to Remember

  • The Candidates must remember not to exaggerate at any point of time in the KVPY interview. This will lead to the interviewers thinking that the candidate is lying about for mere selection.
  • There will be multiple professors that might take the interview. Candidates must not get nervous as the interviewers begin to cross-question. Remember that confidence is the key.
  • In case the candidate does not know an answer to the question asked, he/she must not spend time thinking and blabbering. A simple “No” will suffice.
  • The candidate should answer in full sentences wherever necessary. Irrespective of the selection/non-selection or how the interview goes, the candidate must respect the Board members.

KVPY is a prestigious fellowship programme. Those who are shortlisted must try and put their best foot forward in the KVPY interview round as well. One can expect a plethora of questions in the interview round but he/she must stay calm and answer the questions briefly and correctly.

If you have any questions, do ask us in the comments section below.


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