KLUEEE Question Paper 2020: Those candidates who are going to appear for KLUEEE 2020 must not forget to practice the question paper. The candidates must realize the importance of the question paper, KLUEEE practice papers, and mock tests. It is quite beneficial to solve the practice papers. Therefore, it is advisable for the candidates to solve as many KLUEEE previous years’ question papers, mock tests, and sample papers. We will further discuss the importance of practice papers later in the article. Along with the importance, we will also tell the candidates about the exam pattern and syllabus.

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So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

KLUEEE Exam Date 2020

Look into the exam date for both the phase and start preparing for the exam as soon as possible.

Phase IPhase II
Exam Date of KLEEE-202016-Dec-2019 to 22-Dec-201913-Apr-2020 to 20-Apr-2020

KLUEEE Question Paper

  1. Question Paper of KLUEEE
  2. KLUEEE Model Question Paper

KLUEEE Exam Pattern 2020

Now that you are aware of the exam dates, let’s move on to understanding the KLUEEE Exam Pattern. It is beneficial to know the exam pattern beforehand as it helps the candidates to manage their time in the main exam. In addition to time management, there are many other benefits of knowing the exam pattern. Here are a few points in relation to the KLUEEE Exam Pattern that the candidate must know.

  1. The question paper will consist of 160 questions.
  2. The exam will take place in two modes: offline and online.
  3. Exam duration is 3 hours.
  4. The question paper will have multiple-choice type questions.
  5. The correct question will fetch 1 mark for the candidate.
  6. There is no provision for negative marking.
  7. The subjects are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology.

KLUEEE Syllabus 2020 Subject-Wise

In this section, we have written topics subject-wise that will come in the examination. Knowing the entire KLUEEE syllabus is very necessary in order to solve the practice papers.

Physics Syllabus

1Units and dimensions
2Elements of vectors
4Work, Power, and Energy
5Centre of Mass
7Rotatory motion
9Simple Harmonic motion
11Surface Tension
14Expansion of Solids- Liquids-Gases
16Thermal Radiations
18Geometrical Optics
19PhysicElectro Statics
21Electro Statics
22Current Electricity
23Thermo Electricity
24Electro Magnetics
25Atomic Physics
26Nuclear Physics
27Semiconductor Devices

Chemistry Syllabus

1Atomic Structure
2Nuclear Chemistry
3Periodic Classification of Elements
4Chemical Bonding
6Gaseous State
8Acids and Bases
9Electro Chemistry
10Chemical Equilibrium and Chemical Kinetics
11Chemical Energetics
12Surface Chemistry
13Hydrogen and its Compounds
14Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals
15Group elements
16IV Group elements
17V Group Elements
18VI Group Elements
19VII Group Elements
20Noble Gases
21Transition Elements (d-Block)
22Environmental Chemistry
23Hydrocarbons-I (Alkanes and Alkenes)
24Hydrocarbons II
25Alkyl Halides
28Aldehydes and Ketones
29Carboxylic Acids
30Nitrogen Compounds
31Chemistry in Biology and Medicine

Mathematics Syllabus

3Vector Algebra
5Coordinate Geometry

Biology Syllabus

1Zoology-The BasicsWorld of Plant Life
2Characters and Classification of Invertebrate Phyla up to the Level of Classes with ExamplesInstitutes & Botanists of India
3Animal OrganisationVegetative Morphology
4Locomotion and Reproduction in ProtozoaReproductive Morphology
5Animal AssociationsClassification of Flowering Plants
6PhylumEconomic Botany
7Phylum-ArthropodaCell Biology
8Man and BiosphereCell Division
9Phylum-ChordataInternal Organisation of Plants
10Functional anatomy of Rabbit-Digestive, Respiratory and Circulatory systemsBiotechnology
11Functional Anatomy of rabbit-Excretory, Musculoskeletal and Reproductive SystemsPlant Kingdom
13Organic evolutionPlant Pathology
14Applied ZoologyPlants and Environment
15Crop Improvement
16Plant physiology


So, this is the official syllabus of KLUEEE 2020. In case there any changes in the syllabus, we will update here. Also, if there are any queries or doubts, the students can write them in the comment section below. We will reply to the queries as soon as possible.


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