ITEP Full Form & Details 2021: Norms and Standards for Four Years Integrated Teacher Education Programme (Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) Sharing of Physical Resources with the other Departments of the University or College).

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ITEP 2021 – Integrated Teacher Education Programme

  • The four years Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP) Arts Stream and Science Stream is offered after Senior Secondary (+2) and aims at preparing committed, responsible and professional teachers. This program is intended to result in a paradigm shift in teacher preparation. The curriculum of this four years integrated program is designed to inculcate the world’s best practices in the field of the teacher education sector. This is a specialized course with intrinsic integration of pedagogy and content, along with sustained engagement with liberal disciplines of knowledge and field of education. The opportunity for vertical mobility of teachers is also visualized through this program.
  • This program integrates general studies comprising Mathematics and Science, Social Sciences and Humanities, and also professional studies comprising perspectives in education, other core education courses, curriculum and pedagogy of school subjects, and practicum related to the tasks and functions of a school teacher. It maintains a balance between theory and practice and ensures coherence and integration among the various components of the program. It is expected to equip the aspirant school teacher with the requisite attitude, skill, and knowledge to address the challenges of becoming an effective school teacher.
  • The program shall be offered in the institutions which are composite institutions as defined in Clause (b) of regulations 2 of the National Council for Teacher Education (Recognition, Norms, and Procedures) Regulation, 2014 (hereafter referred to as the principal regulation in this Appendix), on the date of making an application for this program.
  • The program shall permit the sharing of existing physical resources in other Departments of the University or College or Composite teacher education institution.
  • The time limits prescribed for inviting and processing of applications as provided in sub-regulations (5) and (6) of regulation 5 of the principal regulations shall be adhered to: if it is considered necessary that the time limits provided that sub-regulations (5) and (6) of regulation 5 may be relaxed after due consideration and after obtaining approval of the Central Government.

ITEP Full Form & Details 2021

The Integrated Teacher Education Programme ITEP (Arts and Science streams) shall be of four academic years comprising eight semesters, inclusive of field-based experiences, teaching practice, and internship. Any Student-teacher who is unable to complete any semester or appear in any semester-end examination shall be permitted to complete the program within a maximum period of six years from the date of admission to the program with the approval of the Managing Committee. Furthermore, in order to apply for the ITEP Course Admission, the candidates must visit the official website (

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