The job of Journalist is one of the most thrilling jobs which widely attract youngsters who like to move from place to place. The journalist’s profile includes the presentation of the event and gives the viewers the immediate report. The work profile of the journalist is also to investigate, analyze and report the crucial events happening in the country and around the world.

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Journalism is a professional course which is offered by many institutes. Candidates interested in pursuing journalism as a career are provided with plenty of choices. The profession itself offers a variety of areas under which the aspirant can pursue further. The areas of reporting range from providing the news of the glamour world to the social-political events. The working of a journalist is very much unstable in terms of working place as it can range from working in a comfortable office to actually be in dangerous field locations.

One of the most crucial parts of the Journalist’s job is to keep themselves well informed about the happenings around the world. If you are interested in this field, you should have the habit of creative writing regarding the topics which are socially valuable. The candidate is required to form objectivity which will help them in conveying an opinion about the events.

For more of the elaborate details regarding Journalism, go through the details of the institutes, job opportunities and other elaborate details regarding this field.

Career Opportunities:

There are a variety of platforms now available which can be explored under Journalism. The news portals keep looking for individuals who are analytical, opinionated and can present themselves well on the scene. Go through the number of channels which offer exciting job opportunities to the journalists:

Social Media: There are a number of social media portals who utilize this platform for conveying the various issues and events happening around the world. These platforms have become one of the most demanding places for good exposure and for reaching the masses. These social media portals hire journalists for interacting people around and conveying the message in a more effective manner.

Sports Journalism: With sports arena connecting and growing all around the world, candidates can opt for this field too. If you are a sports enthusiast, it will be adding more of the benefit as your own inputs will also be presented. The work profile of the sports journalist includes reporting game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, covering the live game, informing and predicting the possibility of the result. The analysis of the entire event at the end of the game is also a part of the work profile of Sports Journalist.

Public Relations Officer: The work under this profile is not exactly of the raw journalism but is mainly of the official management of the relations. The Public Relation officer is hired by the companies for public dealings under any circumstance. The idea of the job is to deal and influence the behaviour of the client for the benefit of the company. The priority will be to maintain relations with the clients and bring accomplishment to them and the company.

Freelance Writer: The work of the freelance writer is not for any particular publication or media house. Nowadays more and more individuals are opting for freelance writing. Sure they do get their work publish but the representation of their work is for any publication but solely for themselves. The reason behind why people are opting for this path is that it gives the freedom of writing style and the topic you want to write on.

Broadcast Journalism: Under this profile, the journalist conveys information to the audience through Radio or Television and not in the print form. The job is to provide accurate and concrete news which presents a summarized form of the entire event which can gather the attention of the public. The work area under broadcast journalism is in the field of war, politics and environment.

Investigative Journalist: The investigative journalist mainly works on the issues which needs to be dig up and which required the true and actual picture. The in depth investigation is their agenda and the motive is to present the picture which everyone is missing and the person concerned is trying to hide. Its a risky job as the hours are not certain and there is always a threat to life under this job profile.

Newspaper Reporter: Associated with print media, the newspaper reporter informs the event in a written form. Under this profession, an effortless writing is very much required and specifically one should know the way of presenting the vast information in minimal words where the main element of the news is not missed. The writing style of every newspaper journalist vary and the way news is presented also depends on how the event is being understood by the writer.

Foreign Correspondent: Their work is to report primarily form the foreign location if some event has happened there. They need to make themselves aware with the culture and history of that place so as to understand the background of the story. They need to present their perspective of the event and deliever the current situation. The maintainence of working hours differes for foreign correspondent as they have to manage the time zone of the country they are reporting from and the country they are reporting to.

Leading Institutes for Pursuing Journalism:

Candidates are provided with a variety of options for pursuing journalism from India or from abroad. The curriculum by the institute is framed in a way of providing better exposure towards the course with the competent faculty. The Central Universities have also started offering this course which attracts thousands of candidates every year. Many companies recruits eligible candidates from these Universities with the benefit of well established career and greater job opportunities in future.

We have provided here the list of Institutes both in India and in abroad in the table below. Take a look.

Institutes in India

Christ University, BangaloreBachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism
Indraprastha UniversityMaster of Journalism and Mass Communication
Kamla Nehru College, New delhiBachelor of Arts (Hons.) Journalism
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce, New DelhiBachelor of Arts (Hons.) Journalism
Lady Shri Ram College, New DelhiBachelor of Arts (Hons.) Journalism
Asian College of Jounalism, Chennai
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Financial Journalism
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism
Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New DelhiPost Graduate Diploma Programs

  • Radio and TV Jounalism
  • Journalism (Hindi)
  • Journalism (Odia)
  • Journalism (English)
  • Journalism (Urdu)

Diploma Course in Development Journalism

Xavier Institute of Communication, MumbaiDiploma Course

  • Journalism and Mass communication
Times School of Journalism, New Delhi
  • PG Diploma in Journalism (English)- Duration 1 year
  • Integrated Programme covering Print, TV and New Media
AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, New DelhiMaster of Arts in Convergent Journalism

Institutes abroad

San Francisco State University, College of Liberal and Creative Arts, Department of Journalism, United States
  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
  • Renaissance Jounalism
  • Centre for Integration and Improvemen of Journalism
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, United States
  • Master of Science in Journalism (Foundational Program)
  • Master of Science in Data Journalism
  • Master of Arts in Journalism

Dual Degree Options

  • Journalism and Computer Science
  • Journalism and International Public Affairs
  • Journalism and Law
  • Journalism and Business
  • Journalism and Religion
  • International Programs
University of Missouri, United States
  • Undergraduate Programs in Journalism
  • Master’s Program in Journalism and Strategic Communication

How to Pursue Jounalism:

The course of Journlaism is now being offered by many institutes around the country. Individuals who doesn’t want to opt for the conventional mode of profession can rightfully go for this one. As the bachelor’s degree course under jounalism are not very much known and people who want to pursue career under this field often feel confuse regarding which course to pursue for this profession, we are bringing you the modes and ways through which you can easily opt Journalism as a profession.

  • Candidates aiming for Journalism can go for Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism/Mass coummunication/ or BA (Hons.) in English/Mass communication for 3 years after passing the 12th standard exam from any stream. If you want to go for further exploring this career and meet better job opportunities then you can opt for Masters in Jounalism for 2 years.
  • Another option includes pursuing graduation from any of the stream for 3 years after the passing class 12th exam and opting for Master’s in Mass communication/Journalism or puruse diploma in media communication or Journalism being offered by plenty of institutes for 1-2 years.

Work Description:

  • To analyze and present the report of the incident.
  • Verification of the information from different places and then forming a conclusion.
  • The network should be formed with reliable sources.
  • Be aware of the events happening around.
  • Aptitude of analyzing things and having an objectivity while forming an opinion.
  • The details are to be handled and shared with a team of reporters, writers, editors, photograohers, technicians etc.
  • Should have the skill of communicating with people. The conduct of fluency should be in speaking as well as in writing skill.


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