The study under Anthropology as a discipline involves the broad research to study Human being and different aspects of Human experience by evaluating the situation of Past and present. It is defined as a science which involves the study of the origins, physical and cultural development, biological features, social customs as well as the human beliefs. The research and study involving this discipline evaluate the overall human development which is studied in detail under subfields such as Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology and Linguistic Anthropology.

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Anthropology as a discipline has seen a recent rise with the growing preference to the Social Science Discipline. There are various career opportunities which can take up if pursuing this discipline. From opting for the Academic field to working for the Government and Non-government organizations, the opportunities are plenty provided under this field.

We have mentioned all the required details in the below-mentioned article. Go through all the information if planning for pursuing your career in this field.

Career Opportunities:

There are a number of career opportunities that can be explored under this field if interested in establishing your career in this field. Go through the number of job opportunities that you can apply for and what will the work profile under every profession involving Anthropology:

Government Organizations: The work profile of Anthropologists under State and Central Government organization is to do planning and research. Anthropologists involved with the forensic department helps in identifying mysterious or unknown remains or also work in University or in the museum. The possible career path under government organization includes Cultural Resource Management, Forensic and Physical Anthropology, Natural Resource Management and defence and security sector.

Academic: Teaching is one of the most preferred profession for the candidates pursuing this discipline. You can teach at an undergraduate and Postgraduate level and can also continue the research. Anthropological Survey of India conducts fellowship programmes to carry out research to the young and promising scholars.

Corporate and Business Organizations: Anthropologists are also demanded in the corporate houses and business organizations. The work basically comprises the study of the consumer preference by using their research skills. Their work will help in finding out the pattern of the ways through which the products can be improved and services can be met as per the suitability and need of the consumer.

Non Governmental Organizations: NGO’s employ anthropologists to help in designing the programs and implement it in such a way that it can be reached to the masses. Many from this discipline get involved with local, community-based setting for non-profit agencies and also work for established organizations in a community like YMCA, local schools or environmental organizations. The work profile in these organizations is basically to understand the ways the program will be impactful as per the social and cultural structure of the inhabitants of that particular community.

Institutes offering Anthropology as a discipline:

There is a number of institutes and Universities which offer Anthropology as a full-fledged discipline. Candidates interested in this field can apply for the courses as per the eligibility and criteria decided by that particular institute. Go through the list of the Universities in the tabular format below providing this course both in India and abroad:

School of Social Sciences, the University of Hyderabad
  • M.A. in Anthropology
  • M.Phil. in Anthropology
  • PhD in Anthropology
Hansraj College (Delhi University), New DelhiB.Sc. (Hons.) Anthropology
University of Allahabad, AllahabadResearch in Anthropology
Faculty of Life Sciences, Chattisgarh
  • M.A./M.Sc. In Anthropology
  • M.Phil in Anthropology
  • Research Degree (Ph.D.) in Anthropology
Karnataka University, Dharwad
  • M.A./M.Sc. In Anthropology
  • Ph.D. course in Anthropology
University of Calcutta, Kolkata
  • M.Sc. In Anthropology
  • PhD in Anthropology
Vidyasagar University, West Bengal
  • M.Sc. In Anthropology (Two year semester programme)
  • Ph.D.

Institutes offering Anthropology Abroad:

London School of Economics and Political Science, United KingdomResearch in Anthropology
University of Chicago, United StatesDepartment of Anthropology

  • Undergraduate Programme
  • Doctoral Programme in Anthropology
University of Michigan, United StatesUndergraduate Studies

  • Anthropology Major
  • Anthropology Minor

Graduate Studies

  • PhD in Anthropology
University of Toronto, Canada
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Anthropology
  • B.A. (Hons.) in Anthropology
  • Specialist, Minor and Major in Anthropology

How to Pursue Anthropology:

Candidates who want to pursue their career in this discipline but are not able to find the way through which the career under this discipline can be established can go through the points mentioned below. The detailed information regarding the degrees and eligibility for pursuing Anthropology is mentioned here.

  • Candidates interested in pursuing this discipline are required to be from the Science stream in class 12th. After qualifying class 12th exam go for B.Sc. In Anthropology for 3 years and pursue M.Sc in Anthropology after that of 2 years from India or abroad. After PG you can also go for Post Graduate Diploma in Anthropology for 1 year.
  • If from Humanities Background in class 12th, you can get yourself enrolled to pursue B.A. (Hons.) in Anthropology for 3 years and apply for M.A. in Anthropology after that which will be of 2 years from India or Abroad. After Masters, if interested in Research, pursue PhD in Anthropology. You can also do a Post Graduate Diploma in Anthropology for 1 year.
  • After qualifying class 12th exam from any field pursues Bachelor’s Degree in History/ Anthropology and/or related fields such as Sociology/Psychology etc. After that pursue Masters Degree in Anthropology from India or Abroad.

Work Description:

As per the areas of jobs which are available under this department, the work profile varies under every profession. The candidates will be required to apply as per their skill and availability to the respective area of work. Go through the work description mentioned in the points below under Anthropology:

  • Explain origin, physical, social or cultural aspects of human beings which will also include their physical attributes, traditions, beliefs and settlement patterns.
  • Collaborating with economic developmental planners to decide the implementation of the proposed developmental policies.
  • Formulate general rules that describe and predict the development and behaviour of cultures and social institutions.
  • For analyzing, recording and cartographically representing the distribution of languages, cultural and Natural Resources, the job of the Anthropologist is to build Geographic Information System (GIS).
  • Planning and directing the research for characterizing and comparing the economic, demographic, health care, social, linguistic, political and religious institutions of distinct cultural groups, communities and organizations.
  • If in the field of academia, with the teaching opportunity in Colleges or opportunities, the detailed research on the origin and behaviour of the Human being or on any other social-political-cultural attributes can be done by the academician.


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