This is Gaura Dhotre’s Story, who is currently working as a Registered Staff Nurse with a company. Well, you must be thinking that there are thousands or hundreds of staff nurses out there. Then what is so special about Gaura? The fact that at one point she had to drop out of school to becoming a staff nurse is what makes her special. The list of her struggles is pretty long.

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A Staff Nurse, Who had all the reasons to Quit

It all begin when she was only 6 years old. Her father passed away and now she was left with her mother and two younger brothers. One can recover from the pain if its left untouched for sometime. But their struggles were never ending. From financial crisis to her mother’s health. Everything was falling apart. But, their grandmother was always there to protect them. She even fought with a relative, who was advising her to sell Gaura for money.

Somehow, they were trying to get normal and move forward. But, sometimes god just want to test your strength. So, within a few months they lost their mother as well. Now, being the eldest one, Gaura had to give up her studies and find some work for money. So she started selling fish. Moreover, her brother worked as a cleaner for 100 bucks every day. Their childhood was now filled with responsibilities. It is rightfully said, that a person does not grow with age but with experiences. They knew that no one was there to help them out. Hence, they decided to help themselves. But, their world turned upside down, when their only support system also left them. Now, these three children had no one, whom they can call family. Thankfully, a neighbour told them about a NGO called Snehasadan. Their life completely changed after entering this place.

Story of Gaura DhotreAfter coming to Snehasadan:

All three of them went back to school. Further, they no more had to work for money. As soon as Gaura resumed studies, she knew that nursing is what she want to make a career in. Therefore, she sat for the staff nursing entrance exam and got selected. We got so inspired by her story that we contacted her and asked her a few questions. She would be the best person to advice nursing aspirants, how they should stay motivated and study. Therefore, if you are a nursing aspirant, then read further to know how against all odds she studied and became a Registered Staff Nurse.

A Short Interview with Gaura Dhotre:

Q1: Why did you choose Nursing only?

Gaura Says: Nursing is not Easy…as I had family history where I lost my family members one by one due to diseases, in which I could not help them at that time. So I decided to do Nursing, where I can serve them indirectly. The challenge was that I was a Arts student and at one point thought of becoming a Air Hostess. But it was a Gods call that I should be a Nurse. So, today with 5 years of experience, I am a Registered Staff Nurse working with Pfizer India Limited.

Q2: What all exams did you appear for?

Gaura Says: I appeared for Nursing Entrance Exam. After that, I got admission in St. Luke’s College of Nursing, Shrirampur. Further, I am grateful to the people who helped me to do RGNM course as I did not had any support in my life. Earlier, I couldn’t even imagine that one day I will be living such life.

Q3: What would you advice to all the students, who want to become a Staff Nurse?

Gaura Says: Before becoming a Nurse, I thought that nurse is a person who just gives medicine and helps Doctor. Actually it is a Divine calling not everyone can become a Nurse. Nursing is a Stressful job wherein traumatic situations are common. As a Nurse we should respect our own profession accept it, have courage, skills, Emotional stability, Empathy, Flexibility and good communication Skills. According to me, nursing is a profession, wherein you require a great balance in between your heart and mind.

Q4: How did you mentally prepare yourself to take studies seriously?Considering all the tragedies you went through.

Gaura Says: Yeah it was very difficult for me to complete my Nursing, as I had already faced a lot of problems. I was Arts student, so just imagine how I have completed my Nursing in Science that also with 1st class and twice I got 1st rank in practical exams in my College. When I started my studies in nursing, I payed more attention to patients care. I think students should focus more on how they can serve people better. Everything else will fall in place itself. Believe in your dreams and work hard to turn them into reality.

Q5: Where do you see yourself after 5 years? What are your future plans?

Gaura Says: Actually I want to do M.Sc Nursing. But, due to financial problems it is getting delayed every year. Furthermore, I want to be a Infection Control Nurse. So, I wish that within the next 5 years, I will be able to do that.

Gaura is extremely hard-working and is an inspiration for each one of us. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours. Moreover, we wish that she fulfils all her dreams. In addition, both her brothers are doing great in their careers as well. One of them is going to Dubai for further studies and the other one has done hotel management. They have also managed to buy a house for themselves. Further, with their courage and hard-work, they have managed to change their destiny. So, work hard and even you can achieve whatever you wish for.



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