WBUT Syllabus 2019: West Bengal University of Technology now known as Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology releases the syllabus for the courses offered by the University. Candidates interested in taking admission are required to fill up the Application form and submit it before the due date. WBUT Syllabus 2019 of the various courses help in the preparation of the courses and the candidates who search for the particular format in which they want to continue their course can go through the syllabus thoroughly. The University keeps updating the syllabus on a regular level so that to keep up with the changing Researches of the courses. Candidates can easily access WBUT syllabus 2019 from the website and prepare themselves as per the contents in the syllabus is mentioned. The topics mentioned in detail will help in the understanding of the course and will help the candidates preparing themselves for the course that they wish to pursue. For more of the details regarding WBUT syllabus 2019 go through the details mentioned in the article below.

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Steps to Check WBUT Syllabus 2019:

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University makes the syllabus available on the official website. Candidates interested in downloading the syllabus can visit the official website as the updated information will available there. Candidates should also keep themselves aware of the changing examination pattern or the syllabus as introduced by the administrative body of the University. Go through the following mentioned steps for downloading the Syllabus:

  • Visit the Official website of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University or go through the detailed syllabus mentioned in the tabular format below.
  • The Link of the Curriculum & Syllabus is mentioned by the University on the left side of the Home Page of the University’s website.
  • Click on the link of the Curriculum & Syllabus and the syllabus of all the courses will appear on the screen in the tabular format.
  • Go through the syllabus of the courses and search for the PDF of the course for which you wish to apply.
  • Candidate will be able to download the syllabus and go through the contents mentioned thoroughly.
  • The Syllabus of Post Graduate Course, Under Graduate course and PG Diploma Level, will be provided in the tabular format on the University’s Website.

Advantages of WBUT Syllabus 2019:

The syllabus of various courses of WBUT is available on the official website of the University. Candidates who plan to pursue the UG, PG or Diploma courses will be required to go through the contents of the syllabus and plan their preparation as per. Since the syllabus of all the courses is vast, it is suggested that the candidate sort out the topics as per their interest that they want to prepare for. Few of the advantages of WBUT Syllabus is mentioned in the points below:

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  • The Syllabus of WBUT will help in the synchronization of the topics and will help in defining the topics in which the syllabus should be prepared by the candidate.
  • Under the vast series of topics, the mentioned syllabus will also help in sorting out the particular topics that are required to be studied by the candidate.
  • The Syllabus also provides with the references that can be followed by the candidate additionally while preparing for the particular topic.
  • WBUT Syllabus provide with the structure of the particular course and what important topics are to be mentioned under the particular course.

WBUT Syllabus 2019:

The Syllabus is provided in the tabular format below. Candidates interested can go through the detailed Revised and New Revised Syllabus of PhD, Post Graduate, Under Graduate and Diploma Level from the tabular format below:

New Revised SyllabusRevised SyllabusOld Syllabus
Ph.D Coursework RM Syllabus(Revised)NA

Post Graduate Level

M.Sc. Applied Mathematics Detail SyllabusM.Sc. Applied Mathematics Detail SyllabusAll Mathe Changed Codes & Detailed Syllabi
M Tech AEIE Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M Tech BT Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M Tech CHE Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M Tech Geotechnical Engineering Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M Tech in Production Technology & Management (Common Detailed Syllabus), [JGEC]NA
M Tech STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M.Pharma (Pharmaceutics) SyllabusNA
M.Pharma (Pharmacology) SyllabusNA
M.Pharma(Pharmaceutical Chemistry) SyllabusNA
M.Sc in Genetic Engineering Revised Structure 2015M.Sc in Genetic EngineeringNA
M.Sc in Information Science in Institute of Engineering & Management (Old)NA
M.Sc in Media Science Common Detailed Syllabus(Structure Updated)NA
M.Tech (CSE) Syllabus in JIS College of EngineeringNA
M.Tech in C.S.E In-HouseNA
M.Tech in Controle & Instrumentation Common SyllabusNA
M.Tech in E.E(Electrical Device & Power System) in JIS College of EngineeringNA
M.Tech in Industrial Engineering & Management In-HouseNA
M.Tech in Information Technology In-HouseNA
M.Tech in Microelectronics & VLSI Technology In-HouseNA
M.Tech in S.E In-HouseNA
M.Tech.CSE & IT Mathematics Syllabus Revised 2015M.Tech(CSE & IT) Common Syllabus Implemented From 2013(Updated on 18.02.16)NA
M.Tech(IT)in Software Engineering Syllabus in JIS College of EngineeringNA
Master of Hospital Administration SyllabusNA
Master of Management Revised SyllabusMaster of Management Administration’2008Master of Management Administration Syllabus’Old
MBA Curriculum (Evening) Structure;2008MBA Curriculum (Evening) Structure(Old)
MBA Revised Syllabus’2008MBA(old) Syllabus
MCA SyllabusNA
M.Tech Automotive Technology Syllabus Common SyllabusMTech (Mechanical_Engineering) Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTech ECE (Communication) Common Detailed SyllabusNA
M.Tech. ECE Mathematics Syllabus Revised 2015MTech ECE (Microelectronics & VLSI Designs) Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH EE Control & Automation Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH EE Control & Instrumentation Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH EE Electrical Devices & Power Systems Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH EE Power Electronics & Drives Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH EE Power System Common Detailed SyllabusNA
MTECH in Mecatronics Engineering Common Detailed Syllabus [NITTTR]NA
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Advanced Engineering Mathematics[Compulsory]
M.Sc BioTechnology 2015
M.Sc Genetics 2015
M.Sc Microbiology 2015
M.Sc. in Human Computing & Artificial Intelligence 2016
M.Sc. Information Science Common Syllabus 2015
M.Sc. Uniform Structure 2015
M.Sc(Clinical Psychology)
M.Sc(CSE) Common Syllabus 2015
M.Sc(Data Science)
M.Sc(Digital Films)
M.Sc(Visual Communication)
M.Tech Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech Information Technology
M.Tech Information Technology
M.Tech. in IEM Revised Syllabus 2016
Master of Optometry
Master of Tourism & Travel Management (MTTM)
MSc (Fashion Management)
MSc(Dietetics & Nutrition)
MSc(Hospitality Management)
MSc(Information & Cyber Security)
MSc(Public Health)
MTECH EE Power System Common Detailed Syllabus 2014
M.Pharm from academic session 2017-18 ( 1st year only)

Under Graduate Level

1st Year Curriculum Structure for B.Tech courses in Engineering & Technology session 2018-19B.Tech Syllabus of First Year ME, CE, BT, FT, CHE, PE, IT, CSE, BME, Marine, LT, TT,C eramic, AUEB.Tech First Year(old) Syllabus
Booklist of Indian Authors based on AICTEMath Lesson Plan for 1st Year
3-Year Part-Time MSc (Information & Cyber Security)
B.Sc(Behavioural Science & Applied Psychology)
BBA (Global Business)
BSc(Culinary Science)
BSc(Medical Lab Technology)
Apparel Production Management(Revised New Syllabus)Apparel Production Management SyllabusNA
Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering 2014Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering SyllabusApplied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus(old)
Automobile Engineering(Syllabus Revised)Automobile Engineering Revised Syllabus’2008Automobile Engineering Old Syllabus Syllabus
B.Optometry Syllabus(Proposed)B.Optometry (upto 8th Sem) SyllabusNA
B.Pharm (For the Batch Starting from 2008)Revised SyllabusB.Pharm (old) Syllabus
B.Sc in BioTechnology SyllabusNA
B.Sc in Fashion Design & Management Common Detailed Syllabus
B.Sc in Genetics SyllabusNA
B.Sc in Microbiology SyllabusNA
B.Sc in Molecular Biology SyllabusNA
Bachelor of Architecture SyllabusBachelor of Architecture Syllabus
BBA Syllabus (Proposed)BBA(H) SyllabusBBA (old) Syllabus
BCA Syllabus (Proposed)BCA SyllabusNA
Biomedical Engineering 2014Biomedical Engineering(Revised) SyllabusNA
Biotechnology 2013Biotechnology (Revised, 2006) SyllabusBiotechnology (old) Syllabus
Ceramic Technology Syllabus 2014Ceramic Technology SyllabusNA
Chemical Engineering 2014Chemical Engineering (Revised,2006) SyllabusNA
Civil Engineering (8th Semester)Civil Engineering (upto 8th Sem)2007Civil Engineering(old) Syllabus
Computer Science & Engineering 2014Computer Science & Engineering SyllabusNA
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (us:3rd Year Syllabus Introduced:Updated)Electrical & Electronics Engineering SyllabusNA
Electrical Engineering 2014 SyllabusElectrical Engineering Syllabus Revised (upto 8th Semester)Electrical Engineering(old) Syllabus
Electronics & Communication Engineering (Revised new syllabus Syllabus:Updated on 09.01.14)Electronics & Communication Engineering (Revised upto 8th Semester) SyllabusElectronics & Communication Engineering (old) Syllabus
Food Technology (Revised new syllabus:4th Year Syllabus Introduced) SyllabusFood Technology SyllabusNA
Hospital Management Syllabus 2018Hospital Mgmt SyllabusNA
Hospitality Mgmt 7th and 8th SemesterHospitality Mgmt (Revised,2007) StructureHospitality Mgmt (Revised,2006) Syllabus
Hotel Mgnt. Syllabus (New),2008Hotel Mgnt Syllabus(Old)
Information Technology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated)Information Technology SyllabusNA
Instrumentation & Control Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:4th Year Syllabus Introduced)Instrumentation & Control Engineering SyllabusNA
Insurance & Risk Management(upto 6th sem) SyllabusNA
Leather Technology Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:4th Year Syllabus Introduced)Leather Technology SyllabusNA
Marine Engineering Syllabus(Revised New Syllabus:Updated on”20.05.13)Marine Engineering SyllabusNA
Mechanical Engineering New Syllabus:Updated on 22.02.13(4th Year syllabus incorporated)Mechanical Engineering SyllabusNA
Bachelor of Media Science (Proposed Syllabus)Media Science(Revised,2006) SyllabusNA
B.Sc. in Nautical Science, August 1, 2017Nautical Science SyllabusNA
B.Pharm-Semester-IINew Syllabus for B.Pharm from academic session 2017-18 ( 1st year only)
Power Engineering New SyllabusPower Engineering SyllabusNA
Production Engineering New Syllabus(3rd Year Syllabus Introduced)Production Engineering SyllabusNA
School of ITNA
Bachelor of Sports Management2018 (Proposed)Sports Management Revised Syllabus’2008Sports Mgmt. Syllabus Old’2007
Supply Chain Management (6th semester) SyllabusNA
Textile Technology(Revised New Syllabus:Updated )Textile Technology SyllabusNA
Bachelor of Travel & Tourism Management2018 (Proposed)Travel & Tourism Management(New,2006) SyllabusTravel & Tourism management(old) Syllabus
B. Tech, 1st year Syllabus [Updated: 18.08.2010]
B.Sc. in Gaming & Mobile Application Development 2016
B.Tech CSE Final Year Syllabus New Elective CS-605D
B.Tech ECE Final Year Syllabus New Elective EC-604C
Bachelor of Management Studies 2015
Civil and Environmental Syllabus 2015

PG Diploma Level

PG Diploma in (Geoinformatics) Syllabus


PG Professional Diploma Syllabus 



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