Preparation Tips for UPSEE Exam 2020: Aspiring candidates sitting for UPSEE exam, should have a clear vision of the syllabus and exam pattern. They should make preparation notes for UPTU, in order to score good marks in the UPTU entrance exam. It is important that candidates clear all their doubts before appearing for the exam. They can do so, by taking UPSEE mock tests and solving UPTU previous years’ question paper with solution. While preparing for the exam, it is of vital importance, that candidates take care of their health as well. Therefore, sufficient rest, sleep and a healthy lifestyle will help candidates in retaining information. Candidates should consult the best UPTU entrance exam books while preparing for the exam. Therefore, to know more about UPSEE books, read the article below.

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UPSEE Preparation Tips

To know how to score good marks in UPTU entrance exam, candidates should primarily start with making UPTU preparation notes. Below, we have mentioned some useful preparation tips for UPSEE:

  1. Increase your speed.
  2. Refer to the syllabus and the exam pattern.
  3. Cover all important topics.
  4. Make a time table and follow the same.
  5. Prepare from the online mock test.
  6. Refer to the mentioned books.
  7. Solve previous years’ question paper.

Increase Speed Your Speed

Remember, this test is conducted to test how fast you can solve problems in less amount of time. Make sure you learn how to manage your time well in order to ace this exam. To do this you can practice with a timer set in your phone. See for yourself how long it takes you to solve a sum and try to outrun your last score.

Refer To The Syllabus And Observe The Exam Pattern

Before you start preparing for this exam make sure that you are well updated with the current syllabus prescribed for the test. It can be accessed from the official website. Apart from this, observe and judge the exam pattern and study accordingly in order to reap maximum benefit.

Cover All Important Topics

After you are thorough with the syllabus, try and find out which are the important topics in the syllabus. Focus on the important topics in order to get maximum marks. Make a separate list of topics which are recurrent in the latest paper pattern and devote more time to them.

Make A Time-Table And Follow UPSEE Preparation Tips

Before preparing for any exam, it is vital that you make and follow a time-table. A time-table instils in a candidate, discipline and the perseverance to execute the task on time. It also helps in managing time. With a time-table at your disposal, you need not worry about what task to do next. Your decision-making skills, also grow with a time table.

Prepare From Online Mock Test For The Preparation Of UPSEE

It is important to test how well your preparations are going, and mock tests help you with exactly that. Not only do they tell you about your shortcomings but also at the same time help you in assessing your preparation better. You get better with every mock test that you take. So, make sure to keep on taking mock tests, because the more you’ll practice, the better you will get.

Refer To The Mentioned Books For UPSEE Preparation

Whilst, preparing for any exam, there are certain books one should refer to. Make sure that you refer to the best books and do not get confused by buying a lot of books. So, take a few books, but the best books and prepare from them. That is how you will ace this exam.

Solve Previous Years’ Question Paper of UPSEE

Say goodbye to exam jitters by practising previous years’ question papers. This will not only instil confidence in you but also help you in assessing your own potential. You can work on your drawbacks after assessing your result and subsequently, ace this exam with this strategy in no time.

 Important Books For UPSEE Preparation

To clear UPSEE, you need access to the best books available in the market. We will provide you with the best references to the books you can buy, in order to ace this exam.

  • While preparing for Physics, it is imperative that you clear your basic concepts from NCERT first. Only after doing that, consider reference books like, “Concepts of Physics” by H.C. Verma, Vol 1 & 2. Another great book for clearing concepts of Physics, is, “Understanding Physics Series” by D.C. Pandey.
  • Same goes for Chemistry, Make sure you brush up your concepts from NCERT before approaching any reference books. Popular reference books for Chemistry are primarily, “Physical Chemistry” by P. Bahadur and “Organic Chemistry by Arihant(Theory and Paper)” by O.P. Tandon. Also, to practice previous years’ question paper, you can consult, “UPSEE Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, U.P. Chemistry Solved Papers”
  • Maths is definitely a scoring subject. After clearing your concepts from NCERT, you can take reference from Arihant Maths series by S.K. Goyal for in-depth understanding and practice. To practice previous years’ question paper, you can consult, UPSEE Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, U.P. Mathematics Solved Papers.

About UPSEE Exam

UPSEE is a state-level entrance exam which is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Technical University. It is better known as Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University(AKTU). Uttar Pradesh State Entrance Examination(UPSEE) is the entrance conducted to enrol candidates in the first year of UG and PG programmes. It offers courses mainly in the fields of engineering and management courses such as B.Tech, B.Pharm., B.Arch, B.Design, BHMCT, B.F.A, MBA, M.C.A, M.Pharm, M.Tech. The scores of candidates are accepted by colleges affiliated to A.K.T.U as well as other universities like I.I.T Kanpur, I.I.T Allahabad, Aligarh Muslim University(AMU). To get admission in these prestigious colleges/universities over one Lakh aspirants appear for this exam each year.


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