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MHT CET 2019 Exam Pattern: All candidates must know that the MHT CET syllabus 2019 has been released. Students who have started preparing for Maharashtra CET must make sure to first check the MHT CET 2019 exam pattern and syllabus. The exam pattern will contain information about MHT CET exam like duration and mode and other information about question paper like the number of questions, marking scheme, type of questions, etc. Candidate must check the official MHT CET Exam pattern and syllabus 2019 for better preparation of the MHCET examination.

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 The MHT CET syllabus and marking scheme for MHT CET proposed online exam has been released by the Maharashtra state cell. CLICK HERE to check. 

MHT CET 2019 Examination scores are necessary for the candidates aspiring for admissions in various courses in colleges in the Maharashtra state of India. Candidate applying for various B.Tech, B.Sc, Agricultural, Forestry or other Engineering courses must note the MHT CET exam pattern 2019 and syllabus of MHT CET 2019 for efficient preparation of the examination. MHT CET 2019 will be conducted in offline mode and therefore you must know how and what type of questions will appear MH CET 2019 exam.

MHT CET 2019 Application will be released in 3rd week February 2019. Click Here to check complete Application Procedure.

MHT CET 2019 Exam Pattern

If you are starting with the preparation of MHT CET 2019, then this is the correct section for you. You must start by checking the official brochure of MHCET 2019 which contains the exam pattern and syllabus incorporated as follows. Candidates must check the pattern given here for the better preparation of the examination. Have a look at the MHT CET 2019 exam pattern below.

  1. Exam Type: MHT CET 2019 will be held in the online mode now.
  2. Time Duration: Candidates will have a total of 90 minutes to take the examination.
  3. Question Type: Once the question paper is in your hands, you will see Multiple Choice Questions on it.
  4. Languages – The MHT CET 2019 question paper will be in English, Marathi and Urdu.
  5. Sections: There will be 3 sections in the exam, with each section/paper carrying 100 marks.
  6. Number of Papers – There will be 3 papers i.e. Paper 1 – Mathematics and Paper 2 – Physics and Chemistry and Paper 3 – Biology. Pharmacy students have to appear for Paper 2 and can choose between Paper 1 or 3.
  7. Marks: Questions in Paper 1 will be marked out of 2 marks each while questions asked in Paper 2 and Paper 3 will be marked out 1 marks each. There is no provision for negative marking.

 Marking Scheme of MHT CET

PaperSubjectNumber of MCQsMarks each questionTotal Number of QuestionsTotal MarksTime allowed
11th Class12th class
IMathematics10402 X 5010090
IIPhysics10401 X 5010090
Chemistry10401 X 50
IIIBiology (botany)10401 X 5010090
Biology (Zoology)10401 X 50

MHT CET Syllabus 2019

Once you have checked the full exam pattern, your next step should be to check the MHT CET 2019 syllabus. The Syllabus of MH CET 2019 contain topics from Physics, chemistry, and mathematics that the candidate has studied at 10+2 level. If you still haven’t noted down the full MHT CET syllabus, check the same below.

The entire syllabus of class 12th and selected topics of class 11th will form MHT CET syllabus 2019. Approximately 20% weightage will be given to class 11th syllabus whereas 80% weightage will be for the class 12th syllabus.


S.No.Class XII SyllabusClass XI Syllabus
1Circular MotionForce
2Rotational MotionMeasurements
3OscillationsFriction in Solids and Liquids
4GravitationScalars and Vectors
5ElasticityRay Optics
6ElectrostaticsRefraction of Light
7Wave MotionMagnetic Effect of Electric Current
9Surface Tension
10Wave Theory of Light
11Stationary Waves
12Kinetic Theory of Gases and Radiation
13Interference and Diffraction
14Current Electricity
15Magnetic Effects of Electric Current
16Electromagnetic Inductions
17Electrons and Photons
18Atoms, Molecules, and Nuclei
20Communication Systems


S.No.Class XII SyllabusClass XI Syllabus
1Solid StateStates of Matter: Gases and Liquids
2Chemical Thermodynamics and EnergeticSome Basic Concepts of Chemistry
3ElectrochemistrySurface Chemistry
4General Principles and Processes of IsolationRedox Reactions
5Solutions and Colligative PropertiesNature of Chemical Bond
7p-Block elements Group 15 elementss-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)
8d and f Block Elements d-Block ElementsBasic Principles and Techniques in Organic Chemistry
9Chemical KineticsAlkanes
10Coordination Compounds
11Halogen Derivatives of Alkanes (and arenes)
12Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
13Organic Compounds containing Nitrogen
14Alcohols, Phenols and Ether Alcohol
16Chemistry in Everyday Life
17Biomolecules Carbohydrates


S.No.Class XII SyllabusClass XI Syllabus
1Mathematical Logic StatementsTrigonometric Functions of Compound Angles
2MatricesFactorization Formulae
3Pair of Straight LinesTrigonometric Functions
4CircleStraight Line
5LineCircle and Cones
6ConesSets, Relations and Functions
7Trigonometric FunctionsSequences & Series
9Three Dimensional Geometry
11Linear Programming Problems
13Applications of Derivative
16Applications of Definite Integral
17Differential Equation
18Probability Distribution
20Bernoulli Trials and Binomial Distribution

Biology- Botany:

Sr. No. Syllabus
1Diversity in organisms
2Biochemistry of cells
3Plant water Relations and Mineral Nutrition
4 Plant Growth and Development

Biology- Zoology

Sr. No. Syllabus
1Organization of a cell
2Animal Tissues
3Human Nutrition
4Human respiration

Preparation Tips

Now that you have checked both the exam pattern and syllabus of MHT CE 2019, let us know how to utilize both the exam pattern as well as syllabus with effective preparation strategy. All you will be needing to prepare MHT CET 2019 is hard work and smart skills. Check MHT CET 2019 Preparation tips below:

  1. Check the official syllabus of MHT CET 2019 to know the correct topics that you will need to prepare for the exam.
  2. With the syllabus at hand, make sure to collect the right study material for preparation. Although there is a lot of study material available for MHT CET, you must pick only the reliable books. Remember to start with NCERT.
  3. Prepare a proper timetable so that you can manage the day according to the topics you have to cover.
  4. Practice sample papers to know what kind of questions will come in the exam. Sample papers will also help you know your strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Eat healthy food and have a normal sleeping pattern because your hard work won’t pay off if you faint on the day of the exam.

Important Po
MHT CET 2019 Application has been released on 1st January 2019. Click Here to Apply now.
ints Regarding MHT CET 2019

  • Candidates seeking admission to Engineering and technology courses must appear in both Papers I and Paper II.
  • Depending upon the stream on engineering the candidate is choosing they will be required to attempt Paper III too. (B.Tech in Biotechnology)
  • Candidates seeking admission in Pharmacy/ Pharm.D degree courses must appear in Paper II. The candidate may choose from Paper I or Paper III.
  • Candidates seeking admission in B.Sc. Agriculture, B.Sc. Horticulture, B.Sc. Community Service must appear in Paper II, whereas they may choose from Paper I or Paper III.
  • Those who are seeking admission in B.Tech Agricultural Engineering, Btech Food Technology, courses must appear in both Papers I and Paper II.
  • Candidates seeking admission in B.Sc. Forestry degree courses must appear in both Paper II and Paper III.
  • Separate OMR sheets will be there for each question paper. At end of each paper, the OMR sheet must be handed over by the candidate to the invigilator in the exam room.



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