JEST Syllabus 2021: The candidates, who are looking forward to sitting in the JEST are expected to prepare for the test as per the prescribed syllabus. Therefore, if the candidate prepares as per the syllabus, then it will help him/ her to score well in the examination. Furthermore, the aspirant must make sure that he/ she is clear with each and every topic that is involved in the JEST 2021 syllabus. However, in order to prepare, one should distribute his/ her time accordingly. Further, every doubt of the candidate must be cleared before the examination. In order to know more about JEST Syllabus 2021, read the article below.

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JEST Syllabus 2021

The detailed syllabus of JEST is mentioned below. However, the syllabus of JEST will be made available on the official website of the authority. Furthermore, make sure to prepare for the exam as per the below-mentioned syllabus:

Classical Mechanics

  • Constrained Motion
  • Lagrangian formulation
  • Hamilton’s formulation
  • Variation Principle
  • Canonical Transformations
  • Poisson Brackets
  • Rotational Motion
  • Central Force


  • Operational Applications of Operational Amplifiers
  • Active filters
  • Power Supply
  • Combinational Logic
  • Logic Identities
  • Minimization and Karnaugh map
  • Combinational functions available as ICs.
  • Sequential Logic
  • Special Function IC
  • Data Converter

Quantum Mechanics

  • Angular Momentum
  • Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
  • Application of Schrodinger Equation


  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Electromagnetic wave equations
  • Inhomogeneous wave equations
  • Relativistic Kinematics
  • Covariance and Relativistic Mechanics
  • Covariant formulation of electrodynamics

Statistical Mechanics

  • System of Particles
  • Statistical Thermodynamics
  • Classical Statistical Mechanics
  • Applications of Statistical Mechanics
  • Quantum Statistics of Ideal Gases
  • Ideal Bose System
  • Ideal Fermi System

Atomic & Molecular Physics Spectroscopy

  • Atomic Physics
  • Microwave and near Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Raman Spectra
  • Electronic Spectra
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy
  • X-rays and X-ray Spectra

JEST Exam Pattern 2021

The candidate must make sure to know completely about the JEST Exam Pattern. The exam pattern of JEST is tabulated below:

No. of Questions
  • Part-1:15
  • Part-2:10
  • Part-3:25
Duration of Examination3 Hours
Marking Scheme
  • Part-1:3 Marks (for each correct answer)
  • Part-2:3 Marks (for each correct answer)
  • Part-3:1 Mark (for each correct answer)
Language of ExaminationEnglish

Recommended Books for Preparation of JEST 2021

Doing hard work turns fruitful if one does it properly. Thereafter, the candidates, who want to sit in JEST 2021 should make sure that they prepare for the same from the recommended books which are mentioned below:

Name of SubjectRecommended BooksAuthor
  • Digital Principles and Applications
  • Op-amps and Linear Integrated circuits
  • Electronic Principles
  • Integrated circuits
  • Linear Integrated circuits
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Operational Amplifiers Applications
  • Power Electronics
  • SMPS Inverters Converters
  • Leach and Malvino
  • Gayakwad (Prentice Hall)
  • Malvino
  • Botkar
  • D.Roy Choudhury, Shail Jain
  • Subrahmanyam
  • G.B.Clayton
  • P.C.Sen
  • Gottlib
Classical Mechanics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • Introduction to Classical Mechanics
  • Classical Mechanics
  • H.Goldstein
  • Marion and Thomtron
  • P.V.Panat
  • N.C.Rana and P.S.Joag
  • R.G.Takawale and P.S.Puranik
  • J.C.Upadhyaya
Quantum Mechanics
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Modern Quantum mechanics
  • Quantum Physics
  • Introductory Quantum mechanics
  • David J.Griffiths
  • L.I.Schiff
  • A.Ghatak and S.Lokanathan
  • J.J.Sakurai
  • R. Eisberg and R.Resnick
  • Granier
  • Classical electricity & Magnetism
  • Foundations of Electromagnetic theory
  • Classical Electrodynamics
  • Special theory of Relativity
  • Electromagnetics
  • Matrices and Tensors in Physics
  • Introductory Quantum Mechanics
  • Panofsky and Phillips
  • Reitz & Milford
  • J.D.Jackson
  • B.B.Laud
  • A. W. Joshi
  • Li boff


Statistics Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • R.K.Pathria, Bufferworgh Heinemann
  • K.Huang
  • Satya Prakash
  • Loknathan and Gambhir
Atomic & Molecular Physics Spectroscopy
  • Introduction to Atomic Spectra
  • Fundamentals of Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Spectroscopy Vol.I, II, III
  • Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Elements of Spectroscopy
  • H.E. White
  • C.B. Banwell
  • Walker and Straughen
  • G.M. Barrow
  • Gupta, Kumar, Sharma

Preparation Tips for JEST 2021

The candidates should follow the following preparation tips:

  • While preparing, one should make sure that he/ she clears each and every doubt of him/ her regarding each chapter.
  • Quickly jot down all your weak and strong points. By doing the same, the candidates will be able to know what topics they should study in what amount.
  • Practice again and again by solving the Sample Papers as much as you can. By doing the same, you will be able to learn about the pattern, syllabus etc related to JEST 2021.


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