Chennai, February 4: India has capacity to offer potential solutions for the issues bothering Ecuador, said Hector Cueva Jacome. Ambassador of Ecuador to India was addressing the gathering at World Cancer Day celebration at SRM Institute of Science and Technology premises on Tuesday. Best technology comes from India, and it is easily adaptable, affordable and accessible for any country in the world.

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India can offer potential solutions

Effective solutions can come from India in the area of battling cancer, said Jacome. Indian professionals, Indian technology can be of good use to them to raise awareness with an objective of preventing cancer, and also finding effective treatment solutions to it. Cancer can become a disaster if nothing is done to prevent it, said the diplomat.

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Ecuador can prevent, treat Breast and Prostrate cancers with the technological, professional help that pours from India. These cancers are common in their nation, however not many go to seek help to treat the disease due to financial and social issues. These ailments are totally preventable, said the ambassador.

The solutions found in India are cost-effective. Glenza, the medicine used for prostrate cancer costs about 4,500 dollars per month in their country, while in India it is available for 700 dollars per month. The cost of using mammography is about 200 dollars in their nation, when it is not much in India, he reminded. We have the needs and you (India) have the solutions, there needs a bridge to be built to enable the solutions reach us.

Vice chancellor of SRMIST Sandeep Sancheti said celebration of World Cancer Day is in a way ensuring that we are raising awareness on the dreaded disease only to come out of its clutches. If the disease is not controlled it will spread like wild fire. We need to use the best of the technology, medication in treating cancer, he said.

Dean of SRM Dental College Dr N.Vivek said nearly about 80 percent of the population in the developing world will likely suffer from cancer by 2040, however, these numbers can be brought down by being instrumental in prevention. We all can be instrumental in fighting against factors like tobacco which are highly responsible for causing the problem of cancer, he said. A video clip on cancer prevention was also screened.


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