LPU Grant

LPU disburses Study Grant worth Rs. 4 crores to 250 students

The grant will enable students to study at premium institutes like IITs, IIMs, NIDs and NLUs Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, the Union Minister for...
Shiv Nadar University

Shiv Nadar University: Latest News, Discovery, Facts

Shiv Nadar University is the private and only fifth research institution of its kind. Established by Shiv Nadar Foundation, is the private multidisciplinary research university located...

AARAMBH 2019 BY (VGU) Vivekananda Global University

Viveknanda Global University curated an special event to welcome new batch to inspire and show them the way to achieve their Dreams . With...
Mr. Anubhav Patrick

Making India AI literate to mitigate threats

 India is standing at the crossroads where it must embrace AI while trying to minimize its risks, writes Anubhav Patrick Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gravitated...

Decoding humanoid robots and their wide impact

Humanoid robot development is a multidisciplinary branch associated not only with science and engineering but also social, ethical and legal domains, writes Tapas Badal It...

Learning about Personalised Medicine

Though an emerging field, personalised medicine not only reduces the adverse side effects but also provides risk assessment and ensures better treatment, writes Vinayak...
Bennett Faculty Deepak Garg

Using AI to create future-ready workforce

 Higher educational institutions need to provide AI graduates experience of industry-centric real projects, writes Deepak Garg India has recently picked up the pace in terms...
Dr. Rajinder Singh Chauhan HOD and professor Department of Biotechnology

New Age Medical Technology

Changing trends in medical practice need tech trained bio-based professionals, writes Rajinder S Chauhan The Fourth Industrial Revolution is transforming health and medicine due to...
CSE Mr. Apoorva Mishra

Innovative learning systems to prepare future e software engineers

 Problem-based learning coupled with peer-to-peer brainstorming helps in collaborative teamwork, which is one of the key requisites in the software industry, writes Apoorva Mishra Computer Science...
Abhinav Chaturvedi

Dynamics of Entrepreneurship Education

New venture creation will provide personal freedom and job creation, thus making entrepreneurship an attractive career choice, writes- Abhinav Chaturvedi It is now well-accepted that...