CGPA to Percentage CalculatorCGPA to Percentage: For every session, the Central Board of Secondary Education conducts Board examinations for class 10th and class 12th students in order to evaluate and measure their knowledge in the subjects. From the past few years, the examination conducting body has been introducing various changes in order to make the procedure of Board exams student-friendly. The changing systems have also been introduced to ease the difficulty level which the students face during the calculation of the marks and the grading system. CBSE introduced Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the evaluation of the performance of the candidates in class 10th. Under this, the students are not be awarded the definite marks but are given the average Grade Points.

For some, this procedure can still be confusing. We are providing you with the detailed procedure of calculating your percentage from the given CGPA as well as how to calculate CGPA from a Percentage. Candidates can find the CGPA to Percentage Calculator online as well. Find all the important information from the article below.

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What is CGPA?

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the grade point system that is for the purpose of evaluating the performance of the candidates. CGPA is the average of grade points which the candidate has secured in all the main 5 subjects except for the 6th additional subject. It has been used by the examination conducting body where the students are not provided with the definite marks but average grading points are provided to the candidates. In order to calculate the average grade, candidates have to follow a certain system. CGPA calculator is useful for the calculation of the indicative candidate’s percentage. The calculation of the percentage out of the Grade points becomes easier if the candidate follows the steps.

CGPA Grade Points

CGPA to Percentage: The provided Grade and Grade Points to the candidates in their examinations are given as per the candidate’s marks in their exams. Instead of mentioning the marks, the grade points are given. Every Grade point comes under the particular Marks Range providing an idea to the candidate of a range of the marks under which they have secured. Go through the standard Grade Point procedure from the tabular format below that the CBSE Board follows.

Marks RangeGradeGrade Point

We have explained below all the required points of calculating Percentage out of your CGPA score as well as calculating CGPA out of the Percentage. Candidates can go through both the procedures in the points below:

How To Calculate CGPA From Percentage?

CGPA to Percentage Calculator: In order to calculate CGPA out of the Percentage, candidates have to reverse the above-mentioned procedure, which means

Step 1- Take the secured percentage i.e. 66.5%

Step 2-For finding the CGPA out of the Percentage, divide the percentage by 9.5

66.5 / 9.5= 7, the average CGPA would be 7.

How To Calculate Percentage From CGPA?

Percentage to CGPA: In order to calculate the Percentage out of CGPA, the candidate will have to do the total of the grades secured by them in their examination. The grades calculated will be of the 5 main subjects.

Let’s go through the example from below:

Suppose the candidate has secured 7+5+6+9+8 which will make the total to be 35.

To Find the Percentage from CGPA:

Step 1- Add the total number of grades i.e. 7+5+6+9+8=35. It means that 35 is CGPA.

Step 2- There are 5 subjects in total. If we divide 35 by 5, the result will be 7. Which means the student’s average CGPA is 7.

Step 3-  To Calculate Percentage out of Average CGPA, multiply average CGPA by 9.5.

7 x 9.5 =  66.5, the percentage secured is 66.5.

Check CGPA to Percentage Calculator for Engineering (JEE Main)

What is CGPA Calculator?

CGPA Calculator provides the Percentage score secured by the candidate from the average Grade Point. CBSE, as well as various Universities, follows the Grading system where the definite marks in each subject secured by the candidates are not provided instead the examination conducting body gives the grade points which present the certain Marks Range which the candidate has secured in each subject. Candidates will have to calculate the aggregate of the total grade points achieved in each subject and divide it with the number of subjects in total, it will give the average CGPA of the candidate. CGPA Calculator will bring you the Percentage out of the average CGPA that you calculated, by multiplying it by 9.5.

FAQ’s Regarding CGPA & Percentage

We have mentioned below a few of the questions that the candidates usually come up with. Go through it and get all your answers:

Ques: What is the Full Form of CGPA?

Ans: The Full form is Cumulative Grade Point Average.

Ques: What is the working of the CGPA Calculator?

Ans: CGPA calculator gives the percentage to the candidates by multiplying their Average CGPA to 9.5 It creates a Grade chart and presents the overall result of the candidate. The calculator already has the marks range defined under every Grade which is secured by the candidate.

Ques: Why multiply only with 9.5?

Ans: As per the CBSE regulations, the variable 9.5 is used because Board looked the result of the last five years and took the average marks of all those candidates who have scored between 91 and 100 and the average turned out to be close to 95 marks. The Grade point for Marks Range (91-100) is 10, then if divided the average result of 95 by 10 the answer will be 9.5.

But it should be noted by the candidate, that this procedure is followed by CBSE and some other Universities. It might happen that some Universities follow different procedures.

Ques: How to Covert CGPA to Percentage?

Ans: Candidates have to multiply their secured Average CGPA to 9.5 for knowing the percentage if calculating the score secured in CBSE Board.


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