Top Engineering Colleges in Meghalaya: Meghalaya is located in the northeastern part of India. It is the wettest region in India. The schools in Meghalaya are run by private organizations or state governments. Meghalaya is famous for receiving the maximum rainfall. However, in this article, we will talk about the top engineering colleges in the state of Meghalaya. So, let us begin.

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How to get Admission?

There are various ways to get admission to the colleges of Meghalaya. There are certain colleges that accept the national-level tests, such as JEE Main or any state-level entrance test. However, there are some colleges that offer admission on the basis of Class 12th Marks. You need to go through the official brochure of the college to understand the admission procedure. Also, check if the college is providing the course that you wish to study.

Top Engineering Colleges in Meghalaya

Below is a table with the college names in Meghalaya, their year of establishment, and ownership. So, go through the list of colleges carefully. Hopefully, this will guide you in picking the right college.

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Name of CollegeYear of EstablishmentAffiliation/ Ownership
National Institute of Technology, Meghalaya2010Government/ Public
North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong1973Government/ Public
Shillong Polytechnic, Shillong1965Government/ Public
William Carey University, Shillong2005Private University
Techno Global University, Shillong2008State University
Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Meghalaya2009Private University
University of Technology and Management, Shillong2011Private University
Shillong Engineering and Management College, Jorabat1999Private University

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Important Points to Remember

Read the points given below before choosing the right college for yourself. A College is a place where you shape your future. Therefore, the candidates must pick the right college for themselves after doing a lot of research. Read the points to know more.

  1. Look for a college that has a good faculty- on campus as well as visiting faculty.
  2. Make sure that the college conducts seminars, workshops, and campus placements. This will give exposure to the students, therefore, it is necessary.
  3. See if the college conducts cultural festivals to encourage the students to boost their morale and keep them relaxed.
  4. Moreover, check the reviews of colleges from different sources. Consult your parents and then take a decision to pick the college.

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Career in Engineering

The following list shows all the branches of Engineering. The candidates can choose the branch that they are interested in.

  1. Agricultural Engineering
  2. Automobile Engineering
  3. Broadcast Engineering
  4. Aeronautical Engineering
  5. Architecture Engineering
  6. Biomedical Engineering
  7. Biotechnology
  8. Communication Engineering
  9. Ceramic Technology
  10. Chemical Engineering
  11. Civil Engineering
  12. Computer Engineering
  13. Environmental Engineering
  14. Electrical Engineering
  15. Earthquake Engineering
  16. Electronics Engineering
  17. Fire Engineering
  18. Genetic Engineering
  19. Industrial & Production Engineering
  20. Instrumentation Engineering
  21. Marine Engineering
  22. Mining Engineering
  23. Material Engineering
  24. Nuclear Engineering
  25. Ocean Engineering
  26. Petroleum Engineering
  27. Plastic Technology
  28. Polymer Engineering
  29. Rubber Technology
  30. Space Technology
  31. Textile Industry

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So, this is the list of the best engineering colleges in Meghalaya. Hopefully, this will help the candidates in picking the right college for themselves. However, if you have any queries or doubts, feel free to comment down below. We will assist you as soon as possible.


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