AEEE Question Paper 2020: All the candidates who are going to appear for AEEE 2020 are advised to solve the question paper, sample papers, and mock tests. It is quite helpful to prepare for the Amrita engineering entrance examination. There are several benefits of solving the AEEE question papers that are written further in the article. One of the best benefits of practicing mock papers is that the candidates will overcome the exam fear. Other than this, the candidates will also become familiar with the AEEE exam pattern and marking scheme.

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AEEE Question Paper/Mock Tests/Sample Papers

Here are a few AEEE questions paper and practice papers. The students can download the PDF papers and practice it.

YearPractice Papers/Question Papers
AEEE Question Paper 2017Question Paper (PCM) PDF
AEEE Question Paper 2016Question Paper (PCM) PDF
AEEE Question Paper 2015Question Paper (PCM) PDF
AEEE Question Paper 2014Question Paper (PCM) PDF

Importance Of AEEE Question Paper

As we all know, ‘Practice makes a man perfect,’ so it is a clear indication that constant practice and hard work can make anyone successful. Therefore, it is advisable for the candidates to solve as many AEEE Question Paper and Mock Tests as possible. This will benefit the candidates in multiple ways. Some of them are written below.

  1. In order to understand the AEEE Exam Pattern, there is no better way other than solving the practice papers. The candidates will get a clear idea of the exam pattern after solving the practice papers.
  2. Another benefit of solving the practice paper is that the candidates will become familiar with the standard of questions that come in the examination.
  3. In addition to this, practice papers will assist the candidates in understanding the weightage given to certain topics.
  4. The practice papers will increase the candidate’s speed and accuracy.
  5. Moreover, the candidates will come to know if they are well-read in every subject.

AEEE Exam Pattern 2020

Now that you have taken a look at the AEEE question paper, let us understand the AEEE exam pattern in more detail.

  • The AEEE takes place in two modes: offline and online.
  • English is the medium of language in the AEEE Sample paper.
  • The duration of the exam is 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • The exam will consist of multiple-choice questions.
  • There are a total of 100 questions in the AEEE Question Paper.
  • 3 marks will be given to the candidates for each correct answer.
  • 1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Hopefully, the candidates are now clear about the exam pattern and marking scheme.

AEEE Syllabus Subject-Wise

In case you are still unaware of the official AEEE syllabus, then do not skip this part. In this section, we have written about the units subject-wise. Therefore, the candidates will get an insight into the syllabus.

Physics Syllabus

1Units and dimensions
3Solids and Fluids
4Oscillations and Waves
5Heat and Thermodynamics
6Electrostatics, Current Electricity, and Magnetostatics
7Electromagnetic Induction and Electromagnetic Waves
8Ray and Wave Optics
9Modern Physics

Chemistry Syllabus

1Basic Chemical Calculations
2Atomic structure & Periodicity
3Chemical bonding
4S-block and Hydrogen
5P-block elements
6d and f block elements
8Coordination compounds
9Gaseous State & Surface chemistry
10Colligative properties
13Chemical and Ionic Equilibria
14Chemical Kinetics
15Basic Organic Chemistry
16Hydrocarbons & Polymers
17Organic halogen compounds
18Stereochemistry and Organic nitrogen compounds
19 Organic Functional Groups – Hydroxyl, Carbonyl Compounds, and Ethers
20Biomolecules and Environmental Chemistry

Mathematics Syllabus

1Complex Numbers
2Permutations And Combinations
3Binomial Theorem
4Matrices and Determinants
5Quadratic Equations
7Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion
9Three-Dimensional GeometryDifferential Calculus
10Integral Calculus
11Differential Equations
12Two-Dimensional Geometry
13The Straight Line and Pair of Straight Lines
14Circles and Family of Circles
15Conic Sections
16Vector Algebra
17Three-Dimensional Geometry

So, this was all about AEEE Question Paper, Exam Pattern, and Syllabus. Hopefully, this will assist the candidates in giving the exam with full confidence. In case there are any queries or doubts, you can write down in the comment section below. We will reply as soon as possible.


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